6 Real Reasons Why Do Guys Take So Long to Text Back

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In this digital age, most relationships begin with right swipes and meet their sad demise with a text over the phone.

That said, it is becoming increasingly difficult for both men and women to handle such sudden superfluous alliances. In fact, they are even unable to understand and find out what the true intentions of their partner are.

One of the biggest problem, that millions of women around the world face, is that of delayed textual responses from the men in their lives. So why do guys take so long to text you back? Is it something to do with you or is it their inherent nature to procrastinate. To help you get an insight into the minds of the man in your life, we have compiled a list of few honest reasons. why guys don’t text us back immediately.

6 Real Reasons why do Guys take so long to Text Back

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. Sometimes it’s all about not being in the moment:

what to do when a guy texts you after a long time

Timing is the key when you are expecting a guy to respond to your text messages. The guy just might be busy somewhere in the city. Or he probably might have just returned from the gym and doesn’t feel like replying right away. Else, he might be not feeling very social and doesn’t wish to engage with anyone at the moment.

Thus in such cases, the guy might even take hours to text back, simply because he is no mood for having a full-fledged conversation or series of texts from you. This is the reason why you must keep your timing always right. If possible, make sure your guy is in a happy social mood whenever you are sending your texts. Else you can follow general rules like texting in the evening (or late nights) as most of the men tend to give quicker replies in the evening when compared to morning times.

2. He is just not ready yet:

why guys don't text back right away

One of the most agonizing yet honest truths about not receiving immediate texts from the guy is that he is probably not interested in you (or losing interest in you). Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about him not being able to imagine his entire life being tied to you. Who knows, maybe, he is not ready for absolutely any girl in his life.

On the other hand, If a guy is giving late replies right after your first date, the chances are that he doesn’t want to confront you again. It could be that he didn’t enjoy going out with you and realized that maybe you’re not the one for him. Thus he might try to find the easy way out, by ghosting on you. Some Guys are just not comfortable with dragging on a meaningless relationship with repeated texts, especially if he sees no future with you.

Whatever may be the case, it is best to let go of this guy and move on.

3. He wants to act less needy:

why guys don't text back for days

Thanks to tons of relationship advice online, Many men now beleive that they must definitely act busy and cocky, in order to get the attention of the girl. If you don’t beleive me, just try searching for men dating advice on google. You’ll find tons and tons of useless and cheap tricks, telling that replying to girls texts immediately will make the man look needy.

As a result, many guys are in a wrong belief that giving immediate replies make them look needy. Thus these guys intentionally give late replies, acting as though they don’t care for you.

So, in this new age of information overload, this can be a major reason why many guys are starting to give late replies, especially to girls.

4. He hates all the drama:

why do guys take so long to text back

One of the most basic things about men is that their minds are just not as complicated as that of their female counterparts. For them, texting is just that, a series of messages you send to have a conversation with someone.

On the flipside, women are more likely to take messaging too seriously and analyze upon every single word that a guy texts her. Men just do not like being in a situation where something they typed ends up triggering a massive explosion.

5. He actually forgot!

he takes days to reply to my texts

Life can be hectic for a lot of us. And it is natural to have important things slip out of our minds when we are engaged elsewhere. That said, if he leaves you on ‘read’ for a couple of hours or even an entire day, it is advisable to give him the benefit of the doubt and wait for him to get back to you, once he is done with whatever is at hand.

6. He finds it hard to express himself on text:

why do men take so long to text back

For some people, texting is just not meant for them. They are more of a phone call person. Some guys find it hard to express their true emotions through messaging and are more comfortable having conversations in person or over the phone. Also, he might not understand as to when you are being genuine or plain sarcastic.

So in such a case, if he is afraid of you interpreting his text in the wrong sense, he might choose to give late replies showing his disinterest in texting.

Getting immediate text responses from a guy:

See, If you are considering a serious relationship with a guy and want him to respond to your text messages right away, you just need to follow simple rules of texting.

A majority of the conversations fizzle out when there is nothing left to talk. So, Try to keep your conversations alive by asking questions. You can also ask him for his advice on certain matters.

If the guy is always replying late, telling him that you don’t like it will provide him a gentle reminder that you are waiting for his response.

On the other hand, avoid being pushy and let your relationship flourish at its own pace. If a guy is meant to be with you, your destiny will find a way of uniting you with him, no matter what.

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