Does Silence make a man Miss you? 5 Sure Reasons he definitely does

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The more you want to make your man miss you..

The more you want to make your man love you..

The more you need to understand the deep emotions of your man.

Many think that silence is a woman’s biggest weapon to make a man miss them. So, what is the reality? Does silence make a man miss you? How to use it properly?

The Emotions of Men:

Men tend to get attracted to those things/people who are less available. This is not only applicable to just men, but also to every living being. If not why do you think the scarcely available diamond is so valuable while the commonly available coal is so cheap, even though both of them are minerals of the same earth.

In general, when a woman starts to talk with a man regularly, or if they are in a relationship, the man tends to take everything for granted. He believes that she will be there for him always and thus slowly start to care less.

At this point in time, the secret weapon of silence strikes the chord. It not only erases your man’s feeling of taking you for granted but also makes him feel that you are valuable. See The Mirror Technique that will make your man miss you like crazy

As a result he starts to think about you, miss you, and feel that you are more important than anything in his life..

5 Sure Reasons why Silence makes a man Miss you:

See, you may have already seen many websites that bombard you with some absolute non-sense, which are in no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. It creates a Fear that you may be lost:

does silence make a man miss you

Out of all the emotions, fear is the strongest emotion that makes a person constantly worry. Also fear is the first emotion that is evoked in your man’s mind whenever you become silent. Yes, your silence evokes a number of fears that start to haunt him. He even starts to worry about losing you permanently.

So, this constant fear in your man can create a strong trigger making him miss you constantly. So the more fearful your man is, the more he may start to miss you. See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s pulling away from you

2. This breaks his patterns:

give a man space to fall in love

Knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to follow some patterns in life. The patterns include all your daily practices to your rare occasional practices. For example, if a man got used to texting you every night, the moment this breaks, this disturbs his patterns making him feel irritated.

So, as a woman who talks to him every day, if you go silent all of a sudden, this completely breaks his patterns. This is what makes him feel irritated and he ends up missing you so much.

3. Starts evaluating all the past incidents:

give a man time to miss you

Tell me what will you do when something wrong happens suddenly? You will evaluate all the things you have done and try to correct them. The same goes with relationships too.

Here your man tends to think that your silence is a response to something wrong he has done. Thus he starts to evaluate all the things he had done, and obviously all your interactions, meeting, talks, and everything. Thus this evaluation process strongly prints the intimacy, interest, love he has for you in his mind. And soon, he will end up missing you, especially the happy times he spent with you.

4. Creates confusion (strongest factor of attraction, making him overthink):

Does no contact make a man miss you?

Image:Mic445 via Flickr cc2.0

Attraction and confusion are two things that go on with each other together. So maintaining your silence can create a lot of confusion and frustration in your man. A hundred thoughts start to haunt his mind like “why is she silent?” “Does she like me?” “Did she lost interest in me?”.

Thus he tends to overthink, again and again, remembering you all the time. And It is a known truth that the more you think about a person, again and again, the more you tend to miss that person. See The simple ’12 Word text’ that will make your man obsess over you like crazy

5. He gets some time to realize that he got addicted to you:

cut him off he will miss you

Whoever it may be, we humans only know the value of a thing, unless it is lost. So, now your silence makes your man realize some hard facts. In fact, this gives some gap and time for him to understand his feelings and emotions.

So, when you give the silent treatment, he realizes that he is addicted to you and cannot be 100% happy without you. This even can make him understand that he loves you and misses you so much.

How to use this technique properly?

Remember, Before using this technique (to make your man miss you), you need to understand that this works only on one condition. Yes, for this technique to work, your man must have at least a little bit of attraction for you. Many women wrongly use this technique even when the man is not interested and fail badly. They end up increasing the distance between them and losing the man completely.

So make sure your man has at least a recognizable attraction for you..


You are about to start the silent treatment..

But just imagine what if this technique fails and he gets even more distant.

If at all any such thing happens, this will become your scary nightmare and a deadly pre-stage of an excruciating separation forever.


If you want to get your man with a surefire strategy that has never resulted in failed (ever). If you want to make him miss you so strongly, that he will love you again and again forever.

Here is what to do..

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Does silence make a man Miss you? 5 Psychological Reasons he definitely does

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