How to know if someone Misses you? (Based on 5 Important signs)

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I know it has been many days since you both met and spent time together.

Although your heart says that he/she is missing you deeply, your mind comes up with a number of doubts and fears.

So, What is the actual reality? Is your crush/partner really thinking and missing you? Or Is it just a waste of your feelings and emotions thinking about them? Practically, How to know if someone misses you?

The One Thing you must keep in mind to know if a person is really missing you or not:

I know how it feels when you have intense feelings for someone. But, more than your feelings, it’s your partner’s feelings which are more important.

So is he/she missing you.. amidst hundred of daily thoughts like career.. life.. office.. college etc. In order to know the truth, first of all, you need to keep one important thing in mind..

Observing and Understanding Psychological Behaviour Patterns:

‘A’ is a boy who has a girlfriend who texts him daily that she misses him. While she sends these messages daily, she ignores ‘A’ in many situations. On the other hand, there is another girl who has a deep crush on ‘A’. Although she never even talked to him, she gets mad even if she doesn’t see him for a day.

So, if one doesn’t observe behavioral patterns properly, they may simply conclude that the first woman misses A more than the second one. But in reality, it is completely the opposite. Thus, observation is always the key to understanding a person’s true feelings. Don’t believe the words, Don’t believe your friends, Just believe your observation.

how to know if someone misses you psychology

This observation boils down to one crucial thing.. i.e one’s psychological behavioral patterns.

Psychological behavioral patterns are the subconscious acts that are done by a person without even knowing to their conscious mind. Say THIS To effect his psychological patterns and Make Him Miss You

So, if your partner misses you, he/she subconsciously give out some crucial signs without even knowing. So, if you consciously start to observe these subconscious signs, it almost feels like reading the mind of the other person completely. And this is what gives you a clear-cut reality of how much is your crush/partner missing you.

How to know if someone misses you? The 5 Important signs

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. A lot of Drama for even small reasons:

how to know if someone misses you

Although many consider anger/drama a sign of disliking, it can also be triggered when the person feels that their feelings are being wasted. Whenever a loved one is constantly thinking about you and missing you, he/she is subconsciously giving you a top priority in their life.

So, when your girlfriend/boyfriend is giving such a priority, they unknowingly expect that they too must be your first priority in everything. So what happens if you ignore them or even slightly neglect them? It clearly strikes their self-esteem and makes them feel that they are unnecessarily wasting their feelings on you.

So, if your partner is getting angry and creating drama for many small issues, then it is a clear cut sign that he/she is deeply missing you.

2. Telling that something or someone reminded of you:

how to know if a girl is missing you?

According to psychology, if you are excessively thinking about a person very much.. if you are excessively missing a person a very much, chances are high that many people around you resemble the one, whom you are missing. This is because of the subconscious mind’s act on your eyes. The more you are missing a person, it means the more you want to see the person and feel the past memories again. Thus your subconscious mind automatically creates an illusion that makes everything remind the person. See Simple Phrases That Trigger His Subconscious mind and Makes Everything Remind of You

So, Did your sweetheart tell you that someone reminded of you? Did they tell you that someplace reminded of a past memory with you? Then it is a clear sign that he/she is missing you badly.

3. An emotional state when something happens unexpectedly:

signs he misses you

When a person deeply misses his/her partner, the person automatically builds up a lot of emotions in them. Thus these built up emotions are likely to burst up one or the other day. So try to give a surprise visit/call to your partner and observe their behavior patterns.

If he/she is missing you, your surprise might trigger a heavy emotional state in them. You can clearly sense this heavy emotional state (mixed with a stir of emotions) in their face and even in their body language. Moreover, you need to make sure that these emotions don’t fade away within seconds and last longer for even hours.

4. When you are in their Dream for more than once:

does dreaming means that she misses me

Every dream you get has a specific meaning embedded in it. I’m not telling those fortune telling about dreams, but the deep psychological feelings, that manifest into every dream you get. For example, if a person was the last thought before you got into the deep sleep, then it is most likely that person appears in your dream, as your subconscious mind is still thinking about them.

So, Tell me why would you come in a dream of a person? That too again and again. Yes, it is when he/she misses you very badly. So, with the dream, their subconscious mind is communicating with them to do something as they miss the other person.

So, next time, when your partner tells you that you are in their dream, it is a good thing to feel that he/she is missing you very badly.

5. Storing all the Gifts and things you have given them

how to know if someone misses you psychic

This is one of the strongest psychological signs, that clearly prove that your man/woman is missing you so much. We store things/memories when we beleive that they are very valuable and are vulnerable to go away from us. So, what does it mean if he/she is storing your gifts and every small thing you gave them?

It clearly proves the fact, that he/she is considering these memories very valuable as they represent your presence and memories. So, when your man/woman is missing you so much, he/she tends to store all the things you gave them, which makes their subconscious mind feel satisfied. So, the pain they are feeling in your absence is unknowingly relieved by these things which represent all your memories

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How to know if someone Misses you? (Based on 5 Psychological signs)
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