6 Real Reasons Why Do Guys Pull Away Before they Commit

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Everything was as beautiful as a romantic tale..

You are sure that he is the soulmate who will never leave you forever..

But soon, things started to change quickly. All of a sudden he is acting weird and distant. He is trying to pull away from you, that too without any reason. Finally, you ended up confused and devastated.

The above instances are pieces of the same common story that happens in many relationships. And Yes, Many women do complain that their man is acting distant when things are getting serious.

But, why do many guys do the same thing? Why do guys pull away before they commit? What do they want actually? And finally, what should you do to stop your man from pulling away?

Why Men actually pull away?

21st-century dating rules have made it hard to find a man who commits. Women have to understand that not every man they meet will be looking for the same things as them. It becomes important to love yourself wholly and not compromise with your desires and values in such a situation. When you are more self-assured, it becomes easy for you to tell if a man really wants to be in a relationship with you or not. You notice the red flags early on.

Typically Men pull away in situations where they are playing the field and not ready to settle down. They also tend to pull away when they find a woman challenging. If you try to tie down such a man with the promise of a friends-with-benefits equation, you only make it easier for him to pull away when he wants.

In fact, it gets even more difficult to deal with a man who pulls away right before you were thinking of a more long-term relationship with him.

6 Reasons why do guys pull away before they commit:

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. He doesn’t want to give up his freedom:

why do Guys pull away Before they commit

There is a lot to gain from committing to a relationship. Similarly, there is a good amount to sacrifice as well. If a man has been single for a while and has gotten used to that lifestyle, the prospect of giving up on the same inadvertently makes him panic.

The freedom of being able to run around doing what they want is mostly psychological in nature. He may never have the intention of doing these things, but he would still like the option of being able to, shall he ever want to.

2. He is a player and wants to push your buttons:

why do men pull away when things start to get serious

Jack used to shower love on Jenny. He made her feel like a princess. They used to spend all the time together. When everything was fine, and when she started developing feelings for him, he disappeared. He started avoiding her and became cold, all of a sudden. In the fear of losing him, Jenny proposed to him. That’s it, he rejected her leaving her alone forever.

If the above story is somewhat similar to yours, beleive me, he is a player. One of the creepiest things many players do is pulling away at the right times, especially when you started developing feelings for him. Doing so he wants to make you go anxious and confused. Thus this stir of emotions finally forces any woman to propose the player, which is what, he wants.

So, if your man is pulling away right before he commits, it can be a sign that he could be a player and you are his target.

3. He needs to distance himself from all the Heavy emotions:

why is he pulling away all of a sudden

Most men are not very comfortable with the extreme emotional whirlpool that relationships bring upon. Since they cannot navigate emotions, as great as women, sometimes all they need is to take a step back and gather their wits about them.

All the emotional drama can easily overwhelm them, and thus they may head for a time-out. The only emotions men are still somewhat comfortable with are calmness and contentedness. Any other emotion can have them head straight for the “panic” button.

4. He wants to check how far you are serious about him:

what to do when he pulls away early in the relationship

One of the crucial things about any relationship is the validation from the partner. And this applies to men too. Often, a man expects a bit of validation/approval, if he wants to take a serious next step in the relationship. Thus, whenever the man wants to take the relationship to the next level, he may act distant and pull away, just to check how far the girl is serious about him and his love.

So, when he observes your feelings of sadness, anger, depression etc losing him, he gets the necessary validation and approval he was seeking. In fact, it can sometimes be considered as a man’s cross-check before he proposes his love (a cross check whether you care for him or not)

5. When things are moving at a lightning speed.. he’s still not sure about the serious commitment yet:

why do guys pull away and then come back

Relationships can sometimes progress too fast too soon. The chemistry is electric when an affair starts out. The emotions and dopamine get the best of you making it difficult to keep yourself away from your crush. Sure, this can mean excitement and exhilaration, but it isn’t always healthy or practical. Especially, if it’s early on in the relationship, it can get too much.

Thus during such times, he may want to step back only to reset things to a more natural pace. Especially, if he whiffs that a serious commitment is what you seek, but is himself unsure, then chances are high that he will pull back, just to slow the things. It is a natural male response to sorting through problems. It is completely possible that he doesn’t know if he wants to settle down yet and therefore would like time to figure out how he feels.

6. Man-specific pull factors:

do guys distance themselves when they like a girl

You need to understand that man’s relationship decisions are completely different from a woman’s relationship decisions. Most men feel the need to be settled in their life before they can settle down. It is the key difference between men and women in relationships. He not only wants to be emotionally ready but also seeks financial stability and to be on a career path of his choice.

If your guy is feeling lost, he definitely does not want to settle down or even be in a relationship. Guys are only ready to make a commitment when they know who they are and have figured out a plan for their life.

So, What should you do Now?

When your man pulls away right before making a commitment, let him be. There is not much you can do anyway, as these are problems that he has to figure out.

Us, women will be in overdrive in such situations, constantly wanting to devise ways to “fix” the situation. But the best bet is to back away and let him have his space. You will be doing more harm than good if you try to intervene needlessly… If he has pulled away, respect his need for space. He will appreciate you all the more for this and who knows the relationship can bounce back stronger!

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6 Psychological reasons why do Guys pull away Before they commit

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