How to make a Pisces man miss you – 5 Ways to make him crazy for you

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Making someone fall in love is easy. But, it is much easier when you factor the Zodiac signs into the equation.

Yes, Zodiac signs can tell you a lot about a person’s wants and desires. Each sign has its own set of unique traits, based on which their compatibility (with other signs) can be assessed.

So, what are the unique traits of a Pisces man? How to make a Pisces man miss you? How to use zodiac sign psychology to make him want you and literally go mad for you? See The simple ’12 Word text’ that will make your man obsess over you like crazy

Traits of a Pisces man:

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

how to make a pisces man miss you?

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Coming to the traits of a Pisces man..

Pisces is basically a water sign, which is assigned to people who are born between February 19th and March 21st. Being the twelfth zodiac sign, Pisces men somehow tend to have the following common traits:

1) Intuitive – The Pisces man possesses the intuition that propels him to go with his gut in a decision-making and character judgment. He is also able to see what a person or situation requires, and how to deliver it to them. It is appropriate to say that his default functioning mode is as per his intuition. However, to compensate, he may often overindulge by letting go and flowing with the current.

2) Romantic – A true romantic, a Pisces man enjoys showering his woman with affection and gifts. He will be the one to hold your hand in public without any diffidence. He is also generous, loyal and compassionate, and will give his time and energy unsparingly to his relationship.

3) Sensitive – Subtle cues given off by a person or from the environment are absorbed by a Pisces. He can turn happy or depressed easily because of his sensitive nature. A Pisces man has a broad emotional range and will likely know something is wrong, the minute you walk in the door after a hard day.

4) Artistic – Pisceans are souls with innate artistic talents and are also called as dreamers. Their worldview is not always rational and tends to resemble an imaginary or idealistic world more than the world at hand.

5 Psychological Ways to make a Pisces man miss you (like crazy):

Now that we know the characteristics of our Pisces man, let’s get into what it takes for him to fall head over heels in love with you.

The way to the heart of a Pisces man is simple, if you probe a little. And beleive me, once you get into his heart, no matter what he does, Pisces man is going to miss you each second, each minute and each hour all the day. This is especially due to the highly sensitive nature of the water sign (Pisces) people.

So in simple.. Making a Pisces man miss you = Truly getting into the heart of the Pisces man.

Pisces is a water sign and have a distinct set of traits they bring to a relationship. By understanding the traits and inner workings of a Pisces man, you can make him want you and miss you like crazy. See Say THIS To effect his psychological patterns and Make Him Miss You

1) Talk about him:

how to make a pisces man chase you

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Their sensitivity and intuitive nature can often result in them being treated like a doormat. These two character traits also result in them being great listeners and directing the conversation in the way of the other person.

They will welcome the offer to talk about themselves. Ask him questions, listen intently, and make a genuine effort to understand him, without looking for a point to jump in and talk about ourselves. So, the more your Pisces man shares his personal info, the more he starts getting attached to you.

2) Give him some space:

how to keep a pisces man wanting you

Emotions are part of the territory with a Pisces man. When he is upset or wants to keep something private, you should be approachable, but do not force him to reveal anything he is uncomfortable with.

Pisces men will often get emotional for reasons beyond their immediate awareness, due to their ability to assimilate cues from the environment. Assure your man that you are there for him if he needs a sounding board or a second opinion, but respect him enough to give him space.

3) Flirt and complement to your heart’s content:

how to know if a pisces man is interested

Pisces men enjoy the dance of flirting and seduction. Also, there is no such thing as too many compliments. Comment on how well he wears that shirt or how skillfully he handled a client. Bonus points if you can give him a genuine praise in front of his friends, or tell him how much you talk to your friends about him.

Thus by doing so, you are subconsciously triggering his ego, making him attracted to you, your words and especially that feeling of self-worth. See How to “activate” his male ego to make winning your love an irresistible challenge.

4) Show your substance at Right times:

how to get a pisces man attention

Your Pisces man is more attracted to your brain than your body. Your kindness, intelligence, and thoughtfulness are way more alluring to him than your clothes or hair.

So, be confident that you can develop and show this part of yourself to him, whenever possible. Thus doing so, can not only make him appreciate you but also creates a feeling that you are a person of high score and high worth.

And Yes, this feeling of your high worth plays a crucial role in a Pisces man missing you. In simple, the more he feels you as valuable, the more you become irreplaceable and the more he will miss you in your absence. In a sea of shallow vanity, he is sure to want you all the more for it.

5) Loyalty can be the key:

Pisces men have a strong sense of loyalty and it is important that their woman reflect this virtue as well. Communicate and be open with him. In any relationship, you should be in this state of openness anyway. However, even hiding your cell phone can be easily misconstrued by a Pisces man as you being untrustworthy.

This is why some people say, ‘With trust, you can do anything with the Pisces man’.

There, you have it. You do not have to wait for fate. The above tips and tricks keep in mind the inherent personality traits of Pisces men. Try them out and they will work to attract him and keep him wanting more.


You want to make your pisces man miss you..

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How to make a Pisces man miss you - 5 Ways to make him crazy for you

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