9 Secret Things Guys say when they like you

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It almost seems like he has feelings for you..

Moreover, his behavior is making you feel that he likes you so much. But is this actually true? Or is it just your imagination?

Don’t worry. To clear all the things out, I’ve created a complex list of things guys say when they like you. So, hold your breath and Go through the entire list of things carefully. Remember the more number of them he says, the more it is clear that he likes you. See The Mirror Technique that will make him commit to you FAST.

9 Secret Things Guys say when they like you:

things guys say when they like you

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non-sense, which are in no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life

1. He says that you were in his dream last night:

We usually get dreams of people, whom we think most of the time. Thus if you are in his dream, this clearly means that he is thinking about you a lot. So, why does a man think about a particular woman all day? Yes, it is obvious when he likes the woman.

Moreover, it’s up to your imagination, what you both could have done in his dream. See This sends a man’s pulse racing and makes him obsess over you.

2. He says “*****” about the guys you talk to:

One of the strongest emotions created by love is jealousy. Yes, when a man has genuine feelings for you, you could clearly see his possessiveness for you. He doesn’t want you to be with other guys and the result is the following mentioned behavior.

He says some bullshit about the guys you talk to. He simply discards that the guy (with whom you talk/interested) is a useless, worthless person. So, the next time when your guy starts speaking badly about another guy (with whom you talk regularly), it is a clear sign that he likes you so much.

3. He regularly says he missed you:

A man doesn’t miss a friend or acquaintance, just because he did not talk to them for a few days. On the other hand, when the guy has heavy feelings for her, even though if the girl is not that close, he tends to miss her very often.

This is mainly because, even though the man is not with the girl, he is obsessively thinking about her all day. Thus when he is honestly claiming that he missed you, it is a clear-cut sign that he has feelings for you and is addicted to you.

So, the next time, when he says he misses you.. There could be only two reasons.. Either you both could be the closest friends ever or he has some extra feelings for you.

4. He subconsciously reminds all the hard things he has done for you:

When a man has love towards a girl, he feels like, he needs to express all those feelings in some or the other way. This is when most of the men subconsciously tell, all the things he has done for her.

For example, your guy may say to you “I’ve waited for you all day” “I spent almost 5 hours to find this gift for you” etc. So, when he tells you all the things he has done for you, he subconsciously gets the relief of expressing his interest in you.

5. He says that he is scared of something:

Men don’t accept their flaws easily. And when it comes to fears, they don’t even share them with anyone. Thus if your guy says that he is scared of something, then it clearly shows that he is emotionally connected to you.

Only when a man is emotionally connected with a girl, he desires to share his true fears with that girl.

6. He says “… because I care for you”:

Did he ever say “I’m telling you this because I care for you” or something in that lines? Then most probably it shows that he likes you a lot. We never force a person to do something, until we care for them a lot.

Thus when he is saying to do something whilst adding ‘because I care for you’ tag, it clearly shows that he likes you and wants you to be in the way he wants.

7. Right after the busy tone, He asks “with whom are you talking for so long?”:

You would be talking to someone on phone. Suddenly your guy calls you. Right, after a few minutes, he calls you again and again. Now, once you completed the call, and when you made a call back to your guy, the first thing he would ask is “With whom are you talking for so long?”

Is this situation resembling your guy’s behavior, then it is almost obvious that he likes you and wants to make sure that there is no other guy talking to you, just like him.

8. He says “Something *** reminded of you”:

Tell me, why would something remind of you? It is definitely when your guy is overthinking about you and your actions. So when your guy excessively thinks about your actions, behavior and etc, then obviously many things start reminding (him) of you.

9. He asks you “why are you dull?” more than many times:

When a man sees his woman being dull and depressed, he can’t take it easy. He feels the loss of your natural behavior and your showering love towards him. Thus he asks you the same question again and again.. “What happened? Why are you so dull?”

Although many people ask the same question when you are dull, the guy who has feelings for you asks repeatedly more than many times. And additionally, if you refuse to answer, he too gets irritated and depressed.

Always, Identify whether the words are his real feelings or not?

You need to understand that words are nothing but the expression of feelings in a person’s heart. But nowadays how many people are genuinely doing this? How many people are truly expressing their feelings, present in their hearts?

An employee always chooses the words that impresses his boss… Instead of his true feelings..

A Daughter/son always says the words that make their parents happy.. Even if he/she doesn’t feel loved.

This is the reason, you need to observe the emotions of the man instead of simply listening to his words. In every situation, think about why he is saying these words and what could be his real intention. And slowly you yourself will start seeing your man’s real emotions.

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9 Secret Things Guys say when they like you (Attraction Psychology)

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