11 Common Words A Guy Always Says When He Has A Crush On You

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Words are nothing but the reflection of your thoughts. Thus how hard you may try to hide your thoughts, sometimes they slip out of your tongue as words, revealing the true intentions of your mind.

Moreover love is one of the strongest emotions that can fill up a person’s entire mind and thoughts. As a result, he/she is sure to slip out the words thus unknowingly revealing their inner feelings they have for the other person.

So, What are the most common words a guy always says when he has a crush on you? What are some specific deep phrases a guy would constantly utter, that clearly proves that he has a huge crush on you? See This sends a man’s pulse racing and makes him obsess over you.

When a Guy has a Crush on You, He always says these 11 Words:

when a guy has a crush on you he always says these words
  1. “Can i Join you?”

If a guy has a crush on you, he wants to spend more and more time with you. He looks for ways and opportunities to be with you and do activities with you together. Thus if you observe him initiating or proposing ideas that invite you to spend time with him, then it is a clear sign that he has a strong crush on you.

So, words like “why won’t you come with me to the movie” “I’d love it if you join me with the work tonight” “I’ll join you for the tour, if you don’t mind” etc all prove his inner love interest on you.

  1.  “I miss you”

Missing someone is one of the strongest emotions that indicate that the other person has been thinking for you, even in your absence.

If a guy has a huge crush on you, he starts to think about you, fantasize about you all day. As a result, he starts to miss you, the very moment you leave him for a few days. So, if a guy says “I miss you”, then in all cases it can be a strong sign that he has an immense crush and passion for you.

  1. “You are my most important person”

When we start to develop feelings for someone, our priorities change. We feel like the other person is the most important person in our lives. This is even more intense during the initial stages of attraction. So, if your guy genuinely expresses and shows that you are the most important person for him, it is a clear sign that he has feelings for you. See The Mirror Technique that will make him commit to you FAST.

  1. “Are you okay? Tell me what happened”

When a guy has a crush on you, he waits to spend more and more happy times with you. He imagines and constantly looks forward to moments that you both can spend happily. This is the reason he can’t bear seeing you upset at any cost. So, if you are moody or dull at any point in time, it immediately disturbs him and thus he keeps on asking whether you are okay or not.

He may even ask you to tell him the reason for your bad mood, so that he can somehow fix it and make you happy again. Moreover, some men (when they have a crush on you), tend to believe that it is their responsibility to keep you happy, and only then will you be able to love them back. As a result, your guy may keep on asking you the story behind your bad mood on any day.

  1. “It’s a secret between us”, “I’ve never told this to anyone”

When you feel a closer bond with someone, we reveal our vulnerabilities and share our lesser-known secrets exclusively to them.. only them. Doing so, not only makes you feel more bonded but also puts you in a belief that you both are getting more closer to each other.

So if a guy says things like “I have never shared this with anyone else till now, except you” “It’s a secret only between us” “I feel like sharing everything with you” etc then it is a clear sign that he has a huge crush on you.

  1. “We are in perfect sync always”, “I feel like we understand each other like no one else”

When a guy has a crush on you, he subconsciously believes that you both are already made for each other. He even tries to project this same feeling on you, so that you too would start believing the same.

So, if a guy has a crush on you, it is obvious that you will start hearing words that project as if you both are truly soul mates made for each other.

  1. “You are soooo beautiful” (Compliments on your beauty)

Men are visual creatures. They adore women whom they feel are beautiful. If your man has a huge crush on you, it is obvious that he is already attracted to your physical beauty and looks too. As a result, you can clearly see this as a reflection in his words.

From time to time he keeps on complimenting your beauty and the way you look. So when such compliments on your beauty are coming from a guy regularly, then it can be considered a strong sign that he is crushing on you.

  1. “You look great today”, “Your dress is hot” (Compliments on visual appearance)

Although some guys who are confident enough, praise your beauty directly, there are still many guys out there, who still shy away and just keep complimenting in an indirect manner. However, they look for other things that constitute your visual appearance.

So compliments like “your dress is so nice” “your style is superb” Your expression is cute” are all words that are spilled over by guys who have a crush on you. So whenever a guy compliments you from time to time, think for a second.

  1. “Come sit beside me”, “Can I get a hug?”

Physical touch is one thing that every man craves for, if has feelings for someone. So, if a guy has a secret crush on you, he looks for excuses to touch you. He craves physical intimacy and loves being close to you.

So, is a guy trying to ask for hugs even in a friendly platonic way? Is a guy asking you to come and sit beside him more often? Then chances are that this guy could be having a secret crush on you.

  1. “Silly, Why don’t you date me? “, “I may hook up with you in future.. Haha” (Funny)

Sometimes jokes/puns are nothing but true intentions that come out in an indirect manner. Even though he may not be serious in his conversation, if a guy constantly keeps on joking about dating you, hooking up with you, then it is a strong sign that he somehow has the same inner intentions inside his head.

So, next time, he cracks romantic jokes on you, sense that it could be something more than just a joke.

  1.  “I am there for you.”

When we have feelings for someone, we feel a sense of satisfaction when we support them in hard times. Of course, this may not apply only in romantic relationships, but also in every human relationship around us. So, whenever you are facing hard times, if a guy is always putting that extra effort and offering words of support, then it can be a sign that he has a sincere crush on you.


Although a few words/phrases cannot confirm whether a guy has a crush on you or not, however, they do put some light and give strong signals regarding his inner intentions.

So, look for the above-said 11 words, in your interactions. The more a guy keeps saying them the more could be the probability that he has a huge crush on you.

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