How to be a Scorpio man’s ideal Woman? Here are the 15 Traits

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Due to their secretive nature of hiding emotions…

or Maybe due to their, excess manipulative nature…

Scorpio is considered one of the most intense signs among all the zodiac signs.

So, if your man said his zodiac sign is “Scorpio”, hold your guns tight because everything with him will be a roller coaster ride of emotions.

What makes you a Scorpio Man’s ideal Woman?

It doesn’t take a lot to attract a Scorpio man, but making him stay is a different ballgame altogether. Scorpio is an intense water sign and very few women can handle a Scorpio man’s depth. Compatibility between your personalities is a prerequisite for dating a Scorpio man.

So, if you want to attract a Scorpio man or even if you want to keep him hooked up, the only key is to understand the Scorpio man’s likes and dislikes (in a woman). Thus by understanding the personality traits that attract a Scorpio man, you are becoming the ideal woman he cannot even dare to miss..

So Brace yourself while I reveal the Unique personality traits that can instantly appeal to any Scorpio man. In fact, these are traits which psychologically trigger a Scorpio man’s attraction chemicals even without him knowing – See Use this little-known sequences of words to make a Scorpio man obsess over you.

15 Characteristic Traits to become a Scorpio Man’s ideal Woman:

what kind of woman attracts a scorpio man

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. Intelligence

You are wrong if you think a Scorpio man is simply driven by lust. He loves to brood over ideas and feelings. If you can hold an intellectually stimulating conversation with him on a date, beleive me, he will begin to warm up to you.

2. Even-headedness

You cannot counter your Scorpio’s man’s intensity. So it is best to keep a rational head about you when he is unable to control his emotions. Scorpio men are also slow in opening up to their partners and need ample time before they can begin to trust them enough to do so. So, be patient with him and try to understand his point-of-view without spurring on a blame game.

3. Sensitivity

A Scorpio man can appear all macho on the outside, but this tough exterior hides immense emotional vulnerability. If you can navigate your way around his emotional fragility and respect his emotions for what they are, you can make him feel safe.

4. Individuality –

Scorpio men gravitate towards strong-headed women who can hold their own. Women who have their own distinctive personality and are not afraid to speak their mind win the Scorpio man’s, true heart.

5. Transparency –

It is common knowledge that Scorpios are deeply investigative and the Scorpio man is no different. They will want to probe into your life and know your deepest darkest secrets. Don’t feel overwhelmed by his curiosity. Allow him a glimpse into your past and be as truthful as you can be. Tell him about your dreams and ambitions. If you are reluctant to share this information, he will feel put off and think that you have something to hide.

6. Understanding –

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio man, you already know how guarded he is with his feelings. He can become extremely possessive and jealous if he feels insecure about your relationship. Thus, don’t misunderstand him and let him know that he has nothing to worry about (from time to time).

7. Commitment –

While the Scorpio man may take forever to commit himself, he expects his partner to stand by him through thick and thin. If you gave him your word, be sure to stand by it, or you may tick him off with what he will assume to be your flippancy. Be consistent in your thoughts and actions when dealing with a Scorpio man. See The Mirror Technique that will make a Scorpio man commit to you FAST.

8. Class –

You can aid a Scorpio man to transform into a better version of himself if you hold him to high standards.

9. Challenging –

Play hard-to-get. Scorpio men lose respect and tend to get easily bored with women who are too sexually eager. They like the chase more than the kill. So let them have at it. Let them know that you want the same thing as them but don’t give it too easily. They love a good challenge.

10. Affectionate –

Show a Scorpio man you care for him using physical affection. Hug him, peck him and just be close to him. It will reassure him of the connection you both share.

11. Encouraging –

A Scorpio man is not especially ambitious. However, if you inspire him adequately, you can nurture his productivity so he can strive to achieve his professional goals.

12. Receptive to his humor –

Sarcasm and dark humor are a Scorpio man’s forte. While it can mostly come off as offensive, try to find the humor in it. A Scorpio man wants nothing more than a woman who can laugh at his jokes.

13. Cleanliness –

You may think this silly, but Hygiene is a number one priority for all Scorpio men. If you’re going to sleep over, don’t subject him to your morning breath the morning after. Clean up your apartment before you invite him over, you don’t want to turn him off by that half-eaten pizza lying around your sofa.

14. Strength –

Scorpio men appreciate their partner to be strong and self-reliant. They would like to lean on them for support, if need be. If you are a confident, strong woman, you have already won brownie points in his book.

15. Modernity –

A Scorpio man can have a strong affinity towards tradition, but this does not mean that he is not forward-thinking. He is keen to have an equal partner in his woman, who won’t necessarily depend on him for emotional or financial stability.


Scorpio men loathe to settle down and are known to be natural Casanovas. However, if you carefully implant the above-mentioned traits, and become his ideal woman (at least in his eyes), you will definitely stand a strong chance to win over his affections forever…

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How to be a Scorpio man's ideal Woman? Here are the 15 Traits

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