10 Sure Signs She Is Pretending To Love You

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Being in love makes you feel secure, happy, and complete. However, there is no hard-wire rule that your partner too feels the same positive emotions and loves you back genuinely.

In fact, many relationships nowadays, are just moving forward with partners who are simply faking love. So, if your girlfriend or wife is just pretending to love you, how would you know?

“I don’t feel the bond anymore” “Our relationship seems artificial” “I feel like she would leave me one day”.. These are the thoughts that would constantly run in your mind. However, we can’t simply trust our gut feeling or random thoughts, before coming to a conclusion that she is faking love.

So, How do you know when a girl is faking love? What are the clear-cut signs she is pretending to love you? How do you actually test her and find out whether she is really loving you or just pretending/faking feelings? Let us see..

10 Sure Signs She Is Pretending To Love You:

Signs She Is Pretending To Love You
  1. No Interest from her:

If you love someone, you automatically desire to know about the other person more and more. Your partner’s behaviors, their past incidents, their friends, their past relationships, their hobbies what not everything seems important, as you want to deeply understand your lover.

On the flip side, if your girlfriend/wife seems uninterested in anything about you & your life, then it is a clear sign that she is pretending to love you. So, her lack of interest in knowing deep about you can be an indication of her lack of love for you.

  1. She keeps options open:

Keeping possible new dating options open, is one thing many women in unsatisfactory relationships commonly do. Since they are just pretending to love their partners, they always keep an open door for new dating options for the future.

So, is your girl constantly talking with guys who are interested in her? Is your girl trying to flirt with guys around her? Is your girl telling new people that she is single? Then they are clear warning signs, that she is pretending to love you and strongly seeing for new better options.

  1. Constant communication is not necessary for her:

“She rarely texts you first” “She won’t ask you to stay longer” “She can go days without even talking to you” “You are the one often searching for topics to talk, while she just listens”

Do the above statements reflect your relationship, then chances are that she is just pretending to love you. More probably she may not even have any feelings for you.

Whether it is a long-distance relationship or a live-in relationship, constant communication and spending time together is one of the key signs of a great romantic relationship. Yes, if we love someone, then it is common for us to crave constant communication and assurance from our partner. Contrary, if she doesn’t care about spending time together, and if she is always ready to go silent for days without any communication, then this could be a sign proving that she doesn’t love you.

  1. She always has an excuse:

Excuse.. Excuse.. Excuse.. That’s what you’ll keep on hearing from her all the time. If a woman is pretending to love you, then obviously she comes up with an excuse for everything she couldn’t make up for.

If she isn’t spending time with you, she comes up with an excuse. If she isn’t there for you when needed, she just tells an excuse for her lack of availability. If she isn’t loving you like others, she again comes up with an excuse for her lack of love. Thus the more excuses she comes up with for filling the void of real love, the more it is clear that she is just pretending of loving you.

  1. She doesn’t discuss future with you:

We see the future with the things that we feel as forever. However, if you feel someone/something is temporary, then it is hard, that you can or will be able to see future with them.

So, if your girl is pretending to love you, then it is probably impossible for her to see future with you. As a result, she hardly discusses the future with you. You won’t hear marriage discussions, moving together discussions, or any other future plans (as a couple), from her.

Additionally, you can even test her by seeing her reaction, while telling your future plans together. If she doesn’t vibe with your plans and seems uninterested in those future discussions, it is a sure sign that she is faking love with you.

  1. She won’t put efforts to solve fights:

The strength of your relationship becomes visible only during the big fights. If your girl truly loves you, she does put an effort to solve issues between you, whenever there is a fight. With strong love in her heart, she won’t be able to bear the distance caused by the fight, and thus quickly tries to solve the quarrel and get back together.

Now, tell me what does it mean when she isn’t putting minimum efforts to solve the bad argument that happened between you and herself? What does it mean if she doesn’t care to solve the quarrels in your relationship? What does it mean if she never says sorry to calm you down? Then it is a clear sign that she doesn’t care for your relationship too, and is obviously just pretending to love you.

  1. You are not her priority:

If you want to know your place in someone’s life, just see how much the other person prioritizes you, when others are around. Truly loving someone means obviously putting our partner in one of our top priorities even when others are around.

So, next time observe the priority your girl gives you in each and every situation. Does your girlfriend prefer to spend time with her friends, more than spending time with you? Does it feel like she chooses others over you in many circumstances? Does she treat you as a second option? Then it could be that she is just pretending to love you.

  1. She looks for alternatives during your absence:

We will miss a person, only when we feel attached to them. So, if your girl truly loves you, she will start to miss you as soon as you leave her. She thinks about you, misses you, and surely feels bad for your absence.

On the other hand, rather than missing you, if your girl is simply looking for alternatives to replace you, then it is a clear sign that she is just pretending to love you. She won’t miss you if your presence never actually mattered to her. So, next time if your girl is simply looking for alternative men for spending time during your absence, then note it down as a warning sign.

  1. She is Preoccupied always:

Does she pay attention to your words? Does she carefully listen and remember your actions? If no, then it could be considered as one of the signs that she is pretending love for you.

When a girl is simply faking love, you can see that she is always preoccupied with some or the other random thoughts. Even when you both are spending some romantic time together, she may still be filled with other thoughts thus proving her lack of attention for you. This lack of attention for your words, actions, and presence can clearly show her false love indeed.

  1. She makes no sacrifices or compromises:

Love and sacrifices go hand in hand. If you love someone, you will be ready to make compromises for the happiness of both. Only when both of you are ready to make compromises for each other, will you be able to feel true love in your relationship.

Now, what if your girl is in no way ready to adjust or change things for your sake? What if she is not open to making compromises for the good of the relationship? Then such an attitude of not compromising is a clear evidence of her lack of efforts for the relationship. This in-turn proves her lack of interest in the relationship and for you.

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