When does a Man start to miss you? 4 Things that determine everything

Some women claim that their man misses them so badly even if they leave them just for a few hours..

On the other hand, some women express their grief that their man doesn’t even care if they leave them no contact for weeks.

So, why is this happening? When does a man start to miss you actually? What is the psychology behind it? If so how long does it actually take for a man to realize that he misses you?

Digging deep into a man’s mind: The connection between emotions and a man missing you

Whenever you are talking with your man..

Whenever you are spending time with your man..

You are creating a particular series of emotions in him. when you psychologically study a man’s mind, you’ll understand that, whenever a man misses a woman, he is not missing the woman. In fact, he is actually missing the emotions the woman generated.

Yes, this is the biggest truth agreed by many relationship experts that many people don’t even know.

Whenever a person misses someone, it is actually the person missing the emotions generated by the other, but not actually the physical person.

when does a man start to miss you

If not why do you think, you’ll recover from a breakup as soon as you find out a new interesting partner? This is because the previous love emotions were again being generated by the new person. And thus, you no longer miss the emotions or your ex.

Let me explain. Imagine, You have a loyal friend. He generates certain unique emotions in your mind, whenever you spend time with him. So, when you move on to a new city, you will start to miss those unique emotions as you got used to them. Now, if you find a new loyal friend, with almost the same characteristics, shall i tell you what will happen? As time pass by, the same emotions will be generated in your mind and you will no longer miss your old friend at all. Contrary, if you did not find a new friend, you will tend to miss your old friend and feel that you are missing him as a person.

Thus, everything here boils down to a single core point.. “emotions”

Yes, if a man misses you, this clearly means that you created certain unique emotions in the past, which he is unable to get now. Thus emotions are the key to determine when a man will miss you or whether he is going to miss you or not

So, When does a Man start to miss you? 4 Things that determine everything:

Whether, if you want to generally know when a man misses a woman.. or even if you want to make your man miss you. You need to know 4 crucial things.

Additionally, even for your lingering inner doubt “how long does it take for a man to realize that he misses someone“, just ask these 4 crucial things yourself.

1. Are the triggered emotions positive or negative?

how long does it take a man to miss a woman

One of the important factors that determine, whether a man will miss you or not is the positivity of the emotions generated in him. I have already told, people miss emotions, not the humans. Thus you need to understand that, for the man to miss you, the emotions generated in him must be positive.

For example, if you are both in a relationship and spending a lot of time enjoying, you will be creating extreme positive emotions in him. On the other, if your relationship is filled with fights, it is nothing but creating negative vibes in him.

Thus the more positive emotions you triggered in your man, the more he is likely to miss you in your absence.

2. How strong are these emotions?

what makes a man miss a woman

Tell me will you have the same emotions when you went to a restaurant, and when you went on a speedy roller coaster. Definitely no, the emotions when you are in a roller coaster will be a lot strong. Thus, these strong emotions create deep impressions in one’s mind, making it hard for your man in your absence.

So, the more exciting things you did together, the more you will have a large impact on your man. And obviously, these strong emotions, as I said play a large role in your man miss you in your absence.

3. Is there any replacement for these emotions?

when does an ex start to miss you

This is another most important thing you need to know while determining when and how your man will start to miss you. For this, you need to understand that certain emotions are triggered by only certain people in our life. For example, the selfless love generated by parents are very much unique and cannot be found/replaced by other people in our life.

The same applies here too. For example, if you both spend time with just daily talks, he may not miss you that much when you leave you. This is because he can discuss these with anyone and thus the emotions you generated can be easily replaced. On the other hand, if you are in a serious relation, and you both get intimate whenever you meet, the chance of your man missing you is very high. So just evaluate whether your intimacy with your man is irreplaceable or not.

4. How important are these emotions in his life?

how long does it take a guy to realize he misses you

As a woman, you should not think that what applies to you.. applies to men also. Yes, unlike women, men give lesser value to relationships and love in his life when compared to women. For a normal man, he has a number of things in life like career, earning money, and also love.

So, let us imagine, You and a man have a mutual crush on each other. Now, whenever you are spending time with your man, you are creating 3 emotions, excitement (as a date), feeling understood (by sharing feelings), romantic feelings (as a future partner) etc etc.

Now, how important are these three emotions in your man’s life? One man, he might think that career is the most important thing in his life. On the other hand, another man, who had a bad relationship life, may feel these 3 emotions to be very important to him now.

Thus, your man’s mindset, do play a key role in knowing about a man’s psychology about missing you.

So, the next time, if at all you want your man to miss you, or know when he misses you.. just try analyzing and understanding the emotions that were created.


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When does a Man start to miss you? 4 Things that determine everything

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