What is an Ample Body Type? A Full Guide to Ample Figures

Last Updated on November 19, 2023 by Team CrazyJackz

When it comes to body shape, there are a couple of “types” that people generally tend to use. It helps them understand what they want and how they want to look.

Quite recently, you might have heard of the “ample” body type, but don’t really see it in charts when trying to determine where your body currently lies. Well, today we’ll explore this so-called “Ample body type” that is trending lately.

So, what exactly is an ample body type, what does it mean, and what it actually looks like? That’s what we’ll find out in this post.

A Brief Intro on Body Shapes and Body Types

First, let’s talk a bit about body shapes and types. When you talk about women’s body shapes, you’ll notice that a lot of them aim for an hourglass figure. Apart from this one, there is also the top hourglass, focusing on a larger upper body compared to the lower body. The rectangle, triangle, and spoon body shapes are also quite common among women.

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In terms of male bodies, there are also the classic rectangles and triangles. Apart from these, men can also have an oval, an inverted triangle, or a trapezoid shape.

While these are body shapes, there are also different types. It’s something that people often overlook, but you are actually born with a specific body type, and that will determine some elements of your physical appearance in the future. The three main body types include ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs.

What is an Ample Body Type? It’s Meaning & Definition

We’ve talked about different body types and shapes. However, sometimes, you may notice that people refer to a body type that doesn’t fit the regular charts. Ample body type is one of these and usually refers to someone’s body that feels like it is more than enough. That’s basically the exact definition, which implies that it’s also something that largely depends on personal preference.

There are different ways in which people tend to describe an “ample” body type. Some individuals may consider the ‘ample body type’ to be just enough or “perfect”. Nevertheless, many people would describe it as a little bit chubby, but otherwise healthy body. However, it’s not associated with an overweight body. Instead, think of it more in the line of a healthy physique with a “little more” than what you’d expect.

A definition from the dictionary explains it really well: “If there is an ample amount of something, there is enough of it and usually some extra.”

We can really take a lot from this type of definition. However, this also means that fitting into the category of “ample” would be largely dependent on the individual – and varies not only based on one’s own perspective, but also on someone who is assessing your body type.

A Guide to Understanding the “Ample” Body Type on Dating Sites: For Male Vs Female

The truth is, that the “Ample Body Type” is a term that has been surfacing and even trending in recent years.

One area where you might have seen this body type pop up sometimes is on dating sites. They often ask you about your body shape, size, or type – and ‘ample’ will now sometimes be listed amongst the options. It has caused some confusion among people signing up, and can actually mean different things, depending on where you are asked about it and the context.

Some have explained it as an hourglass shape with “ample” buttocks and “bosom”, accompanied by a thin waist.

However, it’s still important to reflect on what you expect from yourself. Then, once you’ve reached it and if you go just the extra mile, it could be that “ample” body type that people are talking about.

For women, this might include working on your bust and waist, for example. On the other hand, for men, an ample body type might include a large upper chest, big biceps, a six pack abs, and toned legs – but, once again, this is a norm that people go by, and everyone should really take personal opinions and preferences into consideration.

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