Do Guys Care If You’re Fat? What Do Guys Really Think About Overweight Women?

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When we look at a potential partner, the first few characteristics that we notice are their physical characteristics. Eventually, we do consider their psychological traits as well.

Certainly, this pattern of giving first importance to physical characteristics is more prominent in men, as they are biologically more visual beings.

So, do guys care if you are fat? Do they use it as a primary filter to date you? What size woman does a man prefer? And, What do guys really think about overweight women? Well, let’s find out if being pretty or having a strong mind is enough to attract a potential man..

Do Guys Care If You’re Fat? Will they find a Woman Attractive if she has a belly?

Do Guys Care If You're Fat?

Many guys say that the weight of the girl is not as important as how they feel when someone sees them with her. Many men worry a lot about how other people view them, especially younger. This is generally common for young men entering college. Everyone wants to date the cheerleader, the popular girl, or the “beautiful” female. Although some guys might not even find thinner girls attractive, it can be difficult for them to acknowledge this to their peers.

When you are young, peer pressure and how other people see you are quite significant. Theoretically, as you get older and more mature, you should care less about what other people think and much more about what you desire. Some men might still be interested in a thin girl, while others would not be.

Each woman is different in her own way. Some girls have typical body types. Some females are not very toned. There are some girls that are overweight. Some women are curvy. Some girls have big frames. Every single one of those beauties is the type of girl that many men would like.

How much does a Guy care about a Girl’s weight while Dating Her? What the Studies say?

A survey conducted on 2,017 respondents tried to determine the preference of the body parts as the basis of attraction between men and women. No matter their sexual orientation, women generally wanted a mate with an average body type. Men weren’t quite as drawn to average-looking women, though. Straight males preferred a companion who was curvy.

do guys care if you have a belly
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Straight men agreed that the eyes are what they initially notice about a woman’s face. Before focusing on another body area, about 80% of straight men love their pupils, irises, corneas, and lenses. Straight guys then tend to focus on a woman’s mouth. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, men may not just focus on weight but other physical features as well.

Just tell me, Which would you prefer—toned arms with a little bit of a belly Or tiny arms with washboard abs? Men would prefer a woman with toned arms and a chubby belly.

In fact, dating a plus-size beauty may have long-term benefits. Researchers conducted a study and discovered that men in relationships with overweight women were 10 times happier than men in relationships with skinny women (Molares & Alvarado, 2018).

However, the stigma still persists. For some reasons, men still find it difficult to admit that they are attracted to a plus-size woman. They may opt for online dating, but may not be comfortable always doing so in real time. Like women, even men have been conditioned to believe that beauty lies in thinness. It is natural to feel worried when they feel that they are deviating from the norm.

What Size woman does a Man prefer? What Body shape do most Guys like and find Attractive?

What size woman does a Man prefer?

Unfortunately, even if we see images of body neutrality and movements around body positivity, a large portion of men do prefer a specific body type while dating.

If your physique doesn’t resemble the ideal feminine shape – an hourglass figure – it isn’t considered very attractive. Being overweight causes your body to become more pear – or oval-shaped, deviating from the ideal shapes that most people find beautiful.

This preference can also be explained by evolutionary psychology. Our secondary traits, which appear during puberty, serve as indicators of our sexual maturity. This causes women to have big hips, and lips (i.e., the hourglass shape). Because they promote one’s femininity, these are what evolutionary psychologists refer to as sexually chosen indicators.

Attraction to sexually chosen indicators ensures that one will mate with a fruitful partner. Therefore, being overweight deviates from your attractiveness, since it implies that you lack particular sexually desirable indications of completeness. As a result, you might need to make a concentrated effort to show the personality traits others might find desirable in a romantic relationship in order to somewhat make up for being overweight. Given this context, weight does affect who is willing to date us.


Preference is preference. Men prefer women of particular body types depending on their current preferences, lifestyle, upbringing, and other factors. Being interested in plus-size women is a preference, and you won’t instantly become fatphobic if that’s not what you are into.

However, there is a real societal pressure that keeps fat or overweight women believing they are unworthy. Maybe as a society, it is time for us to move on from the typical norms and build a dating space of acceptance.

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