What Is Eminem’s Real Eye Color? Is It Blue Or Hazel?

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but what if they are wearing colored lenses? Would that make a difference? Marshall Bruce Mathers III, professionally known as Eminem is the real slim shady we all have heard of. As his popularity grew in the early 2000s, he was known for his distinct appearance – thin body, blonde hair and clean shaven face.

He is often credited with popularizing Hip-Hop in America, but have you ever looked at his eyes? If yes, what color are they? Since eyes exist in a variety of colors, people have long been attracted to eye colors.

So, What color are Eminem’s eyes? What is his real eye color? Does Eminem have blue eyes or Does he simply wear colored contact lenses? Well, let’s find out everything about Eminem’s eyes today…

What color are Eminem’s eyes?

Well, if we look at recent photos or videos, Eminem’s eyes would more likely be brown or hazel. Also, many people say that his eye color is hazel and he doesn’t wear contact lenses.

While the source is not clear, a photo of Eminem’s official identity card also revealed that he has hazel eyes.

However, let’s explore the various instances where that may or may not have been the case.

Although some claim that he has brown or hazel eyes, the majority of instances and pieces of evidence suggest the opposite, including that he has blue eyes in several of his childhood pictures.

His blue eyes can be seen in a number of his music videos, including “Without Me” and “Cleanin’ Out My Closet.” Some have also reported that during his live performances, Eminem’s blue eyes may be seen, especially when he is not sporting sunglasses. He even occasionally posts private images to his social media platforms that feature his blue eyes. Although, this may also be in light that his image of the 90s and early 2000 has to be maintained.

So, what is the real eye color of Eminem? Why is there a confusion among fans with respect to his eye color?

What is Eminem’s real eye color? Various instances that showcase his Real eye color

Well, Eminem has acknowledged in a few interviews about the color of his eyes.

Yes, I do agree that Eminem hasn’t talked much about his eye color because he doesn’t bring it up often in interviews or in public settings. He has, however, occasionally made a casual reference to it or cracked jokes about it.

For instance, when asked if he had ever worn contact lenses during an interview with Rolling Stone, Eminem responded, “I gave them a try once, but I just couldn’t adjust. They gave me the impression that a fork was being used to poke me in the eye.”

Then he joked, “I also appreciate my dark eyes. They have poop color. I don’t mind my poop eyes at all.” Similar to this, his hazel eye color is also mentioned in a lyric in the song “Rhyme Or Reason.”

DOD News Features via Wikimedia commons cc2.0

But, now comes the big question.

If evidences indicate that Eminem has hazel-colored eyes, then why do people say that Eminem has blue and sometimes even green colored eyes?

Well, people do come out with various conclusions for this. However, one also needs to remember that Hazel eyes are usually a mix of brown and green. In fact, hazel eyes appear to contain hues of green, amber, and even blue. Thus, hazel-coloured eyes seems to change the shade/color of it, depending on what one wears and the type of lighting he/she is in.

So Eminem’s hazel eyes may seem pale blue or gray while wearing light clothing and hair, and dark blue or even black/brown when wearing dark clothing and hair.

Maybe this is the reason behind the lyrics of “white america” (Eminem’s album) where he mentions of changing eye colors. The song’s lyrics mentions “Look at these eyes, baby blue, baby just like yourself. If they were brown, Shady’d lose, Shady sits on the shelf.”

Some people on the other hand also say that Eminem’s eyes may appear any color depending on what is reflected into them because of his unusual pigment dispersion.

Does Eminem wear colored contact lenses?

It is not uncommon for singers and pop stars to sport colored lenses. Eminem has never publicly acknowledged or denied wearing colored contact lenses (except in the one interview I mentioned before), thus there is no clear answer to the question. Fans and the media, however, have speculated and spread rumors that he may use blue or green contacts to highlight his natural eye color. In the end, it’s impossible to know for sure whether Eminem wears colored contacts or not without direct confirmation from him.

However, during certain music videos or concerts, he has been known to use different colored contact lenses to improve his image or fit a particular style. For instance, in the music video for the Rihanna-featuring song “Love the Way You Lie,” people say that he donned blue contact lenses.


Well, Eminem’s hair or eye color doesn’t significantly affect how many records he sells. The popularity of an artist’s music is influenced by a variety of factors, including their talent, marketing strategies, and contemporary musical trends.

Regardless of his eye color, Eminem has achieved success thanks to his own style and lyrics.

Janvi Kapur