When A Man Wants A Woman He Can’t Have

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You must have seen people chasing something out of their reach rather than cherishing what they have. Well, that has been a human tendency forever. However, when it comes to men and their chasing patterns, you must have noticed that they always run behind a woman they can’t have.

Many times you just keep asking a man for a bare minimum, but they fail to provide that as well. This happens when you are way too accessible and too engrossed in him that you fail to make him aware of your value.

In case you have such a man in your life, this article is for you. So, do men want what they can’t have? Why does a man want a woman he can’t have? What does this mean and show about is personality? And lastly, how to be the girl he can’t have and drive him crazy?

Remember that women are powerful and valuable, and so are you. Don’t let him treat you like a bar of silver when you are a diamond. YES, GIRL! You heard it right. Go on and become a woman he can’t have, and watch him chase you like never before. 

When A Man Wants A Woman He Can’t Have..

You must have seen popular people and gone crazy about them. The person can be as simple as your school crush or even a celebrity. When you see them from a distance, you end up fascinated. However, what do you think would happen if that same school crush become your friend or boyfriend? Here’s what would happen.

You will go gaga over him for a few days, and as time passes, the attraction will fade. This happens because distance has the ability to make people appear more than they actually are. The same happens to a man when he sees a woman he can’t have. He may have a girlfriend and still be crushing over some Instagram model as if the woman in his life is not enough. The factor in these instances is distance. Distance makes a man wonder in imagination. If that same girlfriend walks away from that guy and becomes inaccessible, there is a huge probability that he will chase that girlfriend because the distance has grown, and now he can’t have her.

When men are in a secure relationship, they often miss that thrill. Chasing is something that maintains that. In fact, having a crush on someone or falling in love, in general, leads to the release of feel-good chemicals. You get a rush of excitement whenever you go after the same person, especially when you are aware that it would not be easy to win them over.

Also, you must have heard that men have fragile egos. However, that is not the case every time. Sometimes it is just the challenge they like. They like the challenge of having a girl who is out of their reach or league in general. They think of it as an accomplishment. You must have heard some random man bragging about his girlfriend’s figure as if his girlfriend is some sort of award he got after lifting 200 pounds. This happens when they satisfy their egos and self-worth through their partners.

Besides, some men have low self-esteem, and they often need validation from others. This desire for validation makes them go after women they can’t have. Generally, this is a result of childhood experiences like body shaming, bullying, or their relationship with their parents. They might have had to put forth a lot of effort to win their parent’s love, or perhaps their parents’ affection was conditional on them completing certain requirements. Regardless of where it comes from, people who chase others look outside of themselves for approval. 

Why does a Man want a Woman He Can’t Have? What does it mean & Show About His Personality?

When you acknowledge the fact that men obsess over a woman they can’t have, you often want to understand their personality. Chasing or running behind a woman is not always wrong, whereas cheating is. Therefore, a man you know who keeps on chasing a woman he can’t have may have some personality traits you should be aware of. 

He might just like the thrill. This shows that he is someone who prefers short-term pleasures over long-term growth. If someone just goes on and on chasing anything that gives him the thrill despite knowing the consequences and still keeps on rejecting long-term happiness, he is not your future buddy. Here the message is not such that rejects the idea of pleasure but rather indicates that working on both short and long-term happiness is necessary, and if the man you want does not know how to balance between the two, he is not an ideal one.

Wanting something that is out of your reach often fills your self-worth gap. It is possible that a man has self-esteem issues, and if that is the case, he may have certain toxic traits. He might just hate himself in some aspects. Even though a lot of people in this world face self-esteem issues, not all of them run behind people, they can’t have. However, in the case where a man does this, there is a possibility that he is someone who is hungry for validation and seeks attention outside of his own circle. Men who deal with such issues believe in the idea of luck. They just feel that just because they got a woman they couldn’t have, they have got lucky and therefore feels unworthy of you. He can also be someone restless who keeps on proving his point in order to feel worthy and validated yet again. 

It is not necessary that if a man wants a woman he can’t have, it is all because of his negative qualities. It is possible that he is actually in love with that woman. When it comes to breakups, men actually get the time to sit back and understand their emotions. So if your ex is making an effort to get you back, it is possible that he realizes your importance and therefore wants you back in his life. Whereas, in a circumstance where a man chases his crush or someone he likes, it can be because of the attraction or certain qualities he likes about that woman. If a man assures you everything, don’t just get mesmerized but rather analyze everything you want in a relationship. Understand if it is the love that drives him towards you or the lust that is making him crazy over you.

How to be the Girl he can’t have & Make him obsess over you? 6 Ways

How To Be a Girl He Can’t Have
  1. Maintain that no-contact policy.

This is among the oldest yet most popular tricks that work often. If you have been on a date with a guy you really like, and maybe you were the one to ask him out the first time, let him chase you the next time. Do not send him a text after a date or after he’s already talked to you.

Instead, maintain the no contact and let him figure out why you didn’t contact him. Now, if he wants to keep talking and get to know you, he will text you back. However, he might also believe you are ghosting him if you wait too long to text him. So, keep the balance. Make sure that you wait for his message and then reply causally.

But if he doesn’t text you back the first time, he might not be that interested in you.

  1. Make yourself a priority.

Continue doing what you are doing and don’t change or skip anything only to make time for him. Don’t let him prevent you from going to the gym or taking care of yourself every day. Don’t give up your aspirations, your interests, or anything else to make him the most important thing in your life. Thus, making yourself a priority will drive him crazy, as it will subconsciously make him believe you as a woman he can’t have.

At the same time, Just don’t overdo it as it may convey the idea that you are always busy, and he will assume you are uninterested. Make a small amount of time for him and appear as if you were able to fit him into your hectic schedule.

  1. Put an end to trying to prove or justify why you two would work well together.

That’s something he will have to figure out for himself. So don’t talk about your dating rules or why the two of you would be a good match, when he asks what you usually do on dates. Instead, you should give him a partial answer to his question so that, if he really wants to know more about you, he will come back to you and try to understand you.

However, avoid giving him empty responses. Refusing to answer a question or quickly changing the subject could come across as odd and suspicious.

Remember, if he is truly interested, he will be the one asking you questions to help him along. The right man will be so captivated and amazing that he won’t be able to imagine life without you.

  1. Become a woman that is confident and classy.

Men like women who seem sophisticated and sure of themselves, who are not easily scared, and who know what they are worth. That’s why it is so important to be comfortable with yourself.

When talking to people in a business setting, don’t be afraid to say what is on your mind. Also, don’t forget to make eye contact. If you act sophisticated, a man will treat you more like a precious gem. You can always carry yourself with dignity, no matter who you are.

  1. Make him aware of other guys and never beg him to stay.

Men take pride in the fact that other men like their women. They will do whatever it takes to hold onto their girlfriends because it makes them feel powerful. Tell them about all the men who are interested in you if you want that man to know that you are special. Also, make sure that you tell him that you are not afraid of losing him over your own worth.

Remember, if you push yourself on him again and again, you will end up being accessible, and that is not really what you are looking for. Don’t let him take you for granted. Make him aware of the fact that your happiness does not depend on him, and see how he will chase you even more. When you make him aware of all this, he will treat you like an investment and not a debt. 

  1. Don’t give him your all.

Don’t settle for less than what you actually want. Don’t just get too close or too far away. Let him know that he can’t own you and that you both still have your own lives. These limits will also help you stay disciplined and in control of yourself. Once he sees that you always follow the rules you set, he will respect you more.

Be a woman with morals. Show your partner that you want the best. So, if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, he has to improve himself. If he looks at this in a good way, it will push him to work hard and set goals for himself. The good things you do are enough to make him crazy about you.

Final Words

People chase after everything they can’t get. Men are no different. Go ahead and keep working on yourself, whether you are just entering the dark feminine phase or are already there. Don’t worry about whether or not that man wants you. Instead, be the one he can’t have and watch how the tables turn.

Don’t let him play with your inner peace just because he is insecure and doesn’t know how to treat you well. If you think he is chasing you because he actually loves you, don’t forget to remind him that you are not someone he gets to play with again and again. Therefore, sit back and understand his intentions, and then take the chance if you want to.

Janvi Kapur