Do Guys Cuddle With Just Any Girl? What Does Cuddling Mean To Guys?

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Can guys cuddle without feelings? Do guys cuddle with just any girl? What does cuddling mean to guys? Before digging deeper, first, listen to the talks of a couple of guys in online forums..

I like to cuddle, I spend a lot of time doing it… with my sex partners. Even if we aren’t having sex today, for whatever reason, that’s fine, and I’m comfortable with that. None of those things apply to a “just friends” partner, and I am actually aware of that the entire time. I’m not going to be relaxed, or comfortable, or happy, although I can of course fake all of the above.

So, what do you think after listening to the above man’s words? Wait… Hold on for a second.. Before you make any conclusions, listen to the thoughts of another guy with regards to cuddling..

I don’t really get why there’s no such thing as friends cuddling. It’s not dangerous (as long as people are mature enough to control themselves), it feels nice… it seems rather innocent actually. For me, it is inherently gendered (I could only do this with a woman) and connected to sexuality, but I don’t see how this is problematic.

Confused, right? Why do different guys say different things about cuddling? What is the actual truth? Do guys cuddle with just any girl without feelings? Do they only cuddle if they love someone? Let us see the actual reality. See This sends a man’s pulse racing and makes him obsess over you.

Do Guys Cuddle with Just any Girl? The Truth

What Does Cuddling Mean To Guys?

The straight answer to this question is… “It completely depends on the guy.”

Yes, there are guys who are not interested in cuddling with just any girl, on the other hand, there are guys who love/enjoy cuddling with any woman out there. Contrary, there are some more guys who cuddle girls without any feelings.

Thus a guy’s thoughts behind cuddling, depends a lot on himself, the girl, his mindset and also the situation. See The Mirror Technique to make him skip all the games and commit to you FAST.

So, let us see how different scenarios and how guys with different mind sets, generally expect with regards to cuddling.

1. Guys who want touching of a woman:

Desperate guys who are so needy, see everything as a door to get closer to women. So, they don’t care whether it is a cuddle or a simple hug, all they see is a possibility they get to touch a woman. In fact, they may see sex in everything.

Thus even though they are not in love with a particular woman, they express interest in cuddling with her and are ready to cuddle with just any girl they find.

Of course, in most cases, they expect that the simple cuddle may somehow turn into sex which is the main thing they are interested in.

So, if you know a guy who is desperate/needy for woman, he might give a green signal to any girl, who is looking to cuddle.

2. Guys who have strict boundaries

This is one category of guys who may see cuddling as a major part of physical intimacy. Generally, they are in a deeper belief that cuddling is ‘one important thing’ that needs to happen only with your special ones.

Thus if a guy who have strict boundaries is asked by a random girl for a cuddle sleep, he definitely feels irked and thus may reject the proposal for sure.

So such guys are only interested in cuddling with their girlfriend/ new love interest, and they would definitely don’t cuddle with just any other girl. In fact, they may feel uncomfortable and uninterested in cuddling with a girl he is not in love with. In some cases, a guy of this kind may sometimes even fake as if he is enjoying the cuddle, even though he is completely uncomfortable cuddling with other women.

3. Guys who are more into physical intimacy with many female friends (with no intention to sex)

Have you seen some guys who are extremely casual (who share good physical intimacy) with many female friends? Have you seen some guys who think that physical intimacy is also a part of friendship too?

Then these are the guys who love to cuddle with many number of girls, however without any sexual intention. Just like hugs, hand shakes, some guys do consider that cuddling is also a part of sharing good intimacy with someone.

In fact, these are the guys we call as the cuddle-buddies. Of course, these guys too, don’t like to cuddle with random stranger girls. However, they may enjoy and cuddle with female friends, close female companions, and any other female who shares a strong bond with them.

Of course, they love cuddling with their romantic partners, however, they also happily cuddle other female friends without any thoughts of romance or sex.

4. Emotional guys with a lot of empathy:

Is a guy extremely emotional? Is he too much empathetic to other people? In either case, such guys may be interested in cuddling with just any girl, when they are filled with emotions.

If the guy is too much filled with deep sadness or any other strong emotions, he may expect cuddling from someone. This gives him happiness filled with comfortableness and warmth.

On the opposite case, when such guys see someone who is undergoing some deep trauma, or someone who is feeling sad, then they might love to cuddle them and give them the support they need. Their empathetic nature may push them to cuddle and give some happiness to others.

Of course, even though a guy is too emotional he might not be interested in cuddling with a man. Men and women are oppositely born in nature and thus if a guy is straight he will be interested in cuddling a woman, even if he doesn’t have any sexual thoughts.

What Does Cuddling Mean To Guys? Romantic vs Non-Romantic

Do Guys Cuddle with Just any Girl

Another classification that can be done when a guy is cuddling with a girl is based on the intentions he has while cuddling. Whoever may be a guy, when a guy cuddles with a girl he only has one of the two intentions..

I.e Romantic intention or Non-Romantic Intention

A guy may cuddle with his girlfriend, colleague, female friend, neighbor, affair partner, random one-night stand girl, or even wife. So, whoever may be the person, the situation, and the kind of person he is, a guy will only have either of the two intentions running in his mind while cuddling.

When he has romantic intentions running in his mind, he will definitely have sexual thoughts, feelings going through his mind during the entire time of the cuddle session. He may even make moves to make it a complete sexual encounter and sex.

On the other hand, if he has no romantic intentions, he may be just enjoying the feeling of warmth and care by cuddling with a girl. Of course we humans are social animals and human touch affects our state of mind. As cuddling is the deepest human touch, it will surely bring upon intense happy chemicals in one’s body and mind. So, if a guy doesn’t have any romantic intentions, he might just be enjoying the human touch/warmth.

So, How to Know what Cuddling Means to a Particular Guy?

Can guys cuddle without feelings?

After reading the true stories discussed above, and various scenarios considered, one doubt may be still lingering in your mind. So, we told that whether a guy cuddles with just any girl or not, depends on the mindset of the guy. So how to know this? How to know what cuddling means to a particular guy?

To be frank, it’s quite simple to figure out whether a particular guy cuddles with a girl or not, and what his intentions could be. All you need to do is carefully observe his mindset, cultural patterns, past relationships with girls, level of physical intimacy with other female friends, etc

Also sometimes it also depends upon the kind of society in which he has grown up. A guy who grew up in an open society may have a different mindset when compared to a guy who grew up in a conservative society. So all you need to do is carefully observe his behavior, reactions and thus you’ll understand better what cuddling means to a particular guy.


We explained how guys with different mindsets in different scenarios think differently about cuddling. However, with respect to any guy, you can keep one general thumb rule in mind.

Guys, in general, enjoy and are interested in cuddling with only two women. Firstly, it is with the woman who he is in love with, where he has romantic thoughts filled in his mind. Secondly, a close female friend/companion whom he loves cuddling in a friendly manner.

Else in all other cases, a guy may not feel like cuddling with just any other woman. Contrary if a guy is still interested to cuddle with just any other random girl, then most probably he could be a desperate guy or a playboy.


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Do Guys Cuddle With Just Any Girl? What Does Cuddling Mean To Guys?
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