Do Guys Test You By Ignoring? What Is The Real Truth?

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It can seem like the end of the world when a guy you like begins to ignore you. You start to seek reasons, and you might even go back and review all of your previous actions to see where you made a mistake.

Unfortunately, finding the reason why a guy is ignoring you is not always simple. And when you don’t find any reason, you may wonder if he is simply ignoring you to test you.

Well, is this true? Do guys test you by ignoring? If not, why is he playing the ignoring game by not texting you? When does a guy test a woman by ignoring her? And finally, how to deal with this and stop a guy’s Ignoring-Testing act?

Do Guys Test you by Ignoring? The Real Truth

While some of us may think otherwise, men don’t always intentionally sit and plan to ignore a woman just in order to test her.

In fact, when men begin to ignore you, they frequently assume that they never intended to exhibit interest in you in the first place. It may seem easy to convey conflicting signals when expressing interest in someone, despite the fact that it’s not.

For example, a man may compliment you on how you look or how much fun they have been with you, without necessarily wanting to date you. However, later he might try to combat it by ignoring you, if he thinks you are misreading his messages.

Yes, that may sound silly, but it does happen. A male can’t play-hard-to-get as easily as a woman can, unless of course, he’s simply playing with your emotions, in which case you don’t want to be with him anyhow.

So, I have already mentioned that guys generally don’t use the ignoring game to test you. Then what does it mean when a particular guy is ignoring you? In what scenarios do guys sometimes test you by ignoring you out of the blue?

When do Guys test you, by ignoring you and by not Texting you?

do guys test you by not texting

Not so commonly, but some guys might try to test you by ignoring you. Here are a few reasons why a guy might simply be ignoring you to test you.

When he likes the chase:

Men want what they can’t have, or at least what they can’t have easily, as the proverb goes. Yes, men often enjoy the excitement of a good chase. A man will value you more if he has to work at winning you over. Thus, it is crucial for women to let men pursue them because of this. However, women frequently make the error of pursuing the man they are interested in. The issue with that is that it gives him the impression that getting to you didn’t require much effort, which in his opinion diminishes your value.

In such a scenario, he might simply ignore you in order to test your level of interest for him. In fact, chances are that he may have taken you for granted, and now he wants to test and know how far you can go for him. He might also want to know how long you would wait for him if he keeps ignoring you.

When he is irritated with you:

Sometimes it appears that a man is ignoring you, since his natural reaction when he is irritated (with you) is to avoid being with you. He might not even consider it “ignoring,” but simply a desire for some space to let off anger. It’s crucial that you give him some time to collect himself if you believe this to be the case. However, if after a couple of days you still haven’t heard from him, then chances are that he is playing the ignoring game to test you.

If this is your case, chances are that he simply want to test the efforts and patience you bear, to keep him in your life. He might even be ignoring you to check if you would come back to him, when the situations are worse.

How to Deal with a Guy’s Ignoring-Testing Act? How to Pass the Ignore you Test?

Do Guys Test You By Ignoring? What Is The Real Truth?

Now that we know that there are some reasons that guys may be doing this. So it is better you develop coping mechanisms for dealing with a guy’s ignoring behavior.

So, here are a few strategies to deal with his ignoring-testing act..

  • Learn By Experience

When a man begins to ignore you, he isn’t generally in the mood to pursue you. If you have been dating a man for a while, you’ve probably run into this issue before. Refusing the approaches should be your first course of action if a guy is testing you by ignoring you.

  • Don’t Give In

Pull back everything you are hurling at him – communication, availability, time – and make sure you aren’t the one asking him to hang out. This will prevent you from unintentionally chasing him. We play games in all our relationships, but we always have the choice to not give in.

  • Try the Game Too

If his ignoring behavior is not malicious, you can ignore him too. He will text you once he is tired of testing you and when he is feeling lonely. Yes, sometimes it’s best to ignore him until he decides to act, which could take a few days.


This blog gave you some insight into reasons about why some men ignore you to test you. They simply are evaluating you to see if you are deserving of their attention. You shouldn’t become overly agitated by their unreasonable behavior as long as he doesn’t cross your boundaries or does it with a malicious intent.

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