Is Spitting In Someone’s Mouth A Soul Tie?

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It’s not always simple to tell what’s going on in a relationship, when you’re the one in the middle of it. In fact, we can have a variety of connections with the many different people in our lives, from soul mates to soul ties. So today, let’s understand soul ties a little more.

Although sex can undoubtedly strengthen or enhance a soul tie, soul ties aren’t just about sex. A soul tie is a relationship that is ingrained in your soul. So what creates a soul tie? Well, one trend that became viral is the creation of soul ties with spitting in someone’s mouth.

So is it actually true? Is spitting in someone’s mouth a soul tie? Is it something related to witchcraft? Let’s find out, today..

The Viral Trend: “Spitting in Mouth is a Soul tie”

Is Spitting In Someone's Mouth A Soul Tie?

The term “soul ties” can be used to refer to any form of relationship between two people that is based on a spiritual connection. These don’t necessarily need to be romantic connections. You can be from the same soul family, have known each other in a previous life, or are simply people who were meant to experience this relationship together.

On TikTok and among Generation Z, who are increasingly searching outside the walls of established religion for answers to the big problems in life, a unique idea of a soul tie has gained traction. According to the trend, people have been mentioning that “Spitting in someone’s mouth creates a soul tie”.

Soon this trend went viral and many people started making videos on the formation of soul ties that happen when you spit in someone’s mouth. While most of them are comical in purpose, some of them are created just to catch up with the trend.

So, is Spitting in someone’s Mouth a Soul tie?

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To be frank, there is little to no information on this topic. Not many people had explained on this topic, and no one even clearly claimed that spitting in someone’s mouth creates a soul tie. In fact, there is no spiritual meaning or any spiritual significance associated with spitting in someone’s mouth and a formation of soul tie.

However, according to some folklore, spitting in someone’s mouth is a witchcraft practice and it acts as a love spell. It may be a form of ultimate submission to the other person. So does this indirectly mean an indication of soul tie? Well, may be.

Despite decades of research, those who study the science of kissing, known as philematology, claim that the explanation for why people kiss is still up for debate. It might be a natural, subconscious action that is evolutionarily encoded in our DNA, or it might be a creation of humans.

While spitting in someone’s mouth is not natural or typically accepted, TikTok trends have made it popular if not acceptable. It’s an excellent illustration of a behavior that has both innate and learned characteristics.

What can Spitting in someone’s Mouth Indicate?

Spitting in someone’s mouth, either in reality or dream can be indicative of numerous things (that also indirectly signal soul ties). While there isn’t a single meaning or interpretation, here are some possible indications:

1) Projection

Spitting in someone else’s mouth could be a sign that you’re putting pressure on them to accept your thoughts or viewpoints. Another possibility is that you’re projecting your feelings onto them, which isn’t a good foundation for a relationship. Projection is a defense mechanism in which unwanted feelings are displaced onto someone else since they are too painful for the other person to accept.

It takes two people to communicate. Thus, during projection, although you may not realize it, you are imposing your beliefs and feelings on other people. This form of unnaturally imposing your beliefs, gradually creates a negative soul bond (a kind of dependency) between two people, which may be considered a soul tie by some.

2) Need for a deeper connection

We converse with many individuals over the phone, and online. However, having meaningful, sincere, compassionate, and empathic discussions is often challenging.

Yet, if you dream that you’re spitting, it’s possible that you’re yearning for a more intimate relationship. It does mean that the small talk isn’t cutting it for you, and you need something more.

So, are you sick of your significant other making small talk? Well, spitting in someone’s mouth may indicate that you feel the desire to communicate with them in person, but are unsure of how to do it. The TikTok trend also stems from the same philosophy of building a deeper connection and forming a soul tie between two people.


One of the numerous types of partnerships we might have during our lives is a soul tie, and these connections are prevalent. They’re not always a terrible thing though, despite the fact that they are frequently marked by unhealthy attachment.

It is entirely feasible for two individuals to share a soul connection and to establish a solid, fulfilling relationship. In order to find that significance in their lives, younger generations are turning to spiritual ideas, but TikTok may not be the most reliable source. So who knows if spitting in someone’s mouth may or may not create a soul tie with them.

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