Do Guys Like When You Send Them Pictures Of Yourself? 7 Reasons Why Guys Always Want Pictures

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Many guys ask for pictures of women they meet online. Many men also ask for pictures of their girlfriends every now and then. Thus many women commonly think that guys like it when you send them good-looking pictures of themselves, whenever possible.

So, is this true? Why do guys ask to send pictures of women they know? Do guys like when you send them pictures of yourself? why do guys always want pictures? See This sends a man’s pulse racing and makes him obsess over you.

Do Guys like When you Send them Pictures of yourself?

Do Guys like When you Send them Pictures of yourself?

Men across many forums and online communities clearly agree that they like it when women send you pictures of themselves whenever possible. Many men also openly express their liking for pictures (that women send them), which keep them interested especially in long-distance relationships.

So, The answer to the above question is ‘Yes’. Yes, guys do like it when you send them pictures of yourself. However, you may still wonder why a guy actually likes seeing your pictures?

Don’t worry, here are a few reasons that proves why guys ask for pictures and why they actually like it when you send them pictures of yourself. See The Mirror Technique to ignite his heart and make him commit to you FAST.

7 Reasons Why Guys Always Like Pictures

Why Guys Always Want Pictures?


Validation and mutual interest are two of the core factors for any relationship to blossom. No matter whether you are in your dating stage or you are in a long-distance relationship when your partner shows interest in you, it is a big turn-on for any guy.

So, what’s the best way to show that you are interested in your man? It’s by sending them pictures of yourself, whenever possible. Yes, when a man is romantically connected to a woman, it is reassuring for the guy to keep receiving pictures and selfies of that girl. It makes him feel that the girl is really into him and loves him. Any man feels happy and gets more interested in a girl who is keeping efforts to send good pictures of herself (to him).

Seeing the sexual side:

This is one common reason why many guys like it when a woman sends them pictures. When a man finds a particular woman attractive, he obviously will damn love to see the s*xier side of that woman.

Sending some s*xually attractive pictures will increase his s*xual desires thus making him feel excited and exhilarating. So when a man finds you attractive, sending some pictures can instantly turn him on and will be super-loved by him

Trust and intimacy:

Compare a girl who is ready to send pictures of herself whenever asked, with a girl who always denies sending any picture of herself to you. Tell me whom would you trust more and feel intimate with? Obviously with the first girl, right?

Yes, sending pictures to each other is a confirmation of trust and is obviously considered as an intimate act, that keeps the couple more closer to each other, at a deeper level. Moreover, when you keep seeing the face of your partner, again and again, it subconsciously builds trust and intimacy thus making you feel more connected with the other person.

Guys are Visual lovers:

How many times have you heard that “Guys are visual creatures” “Men are visual” etc? To be honest, every man strongly agrees with these statements no matter whether they are in a relationship or not. In fact, this is the reason why men always try to see a woman again and again, for whom they are attracted to.

So, when you compare men and women, obviously men are the ones who like it more when they see pictures of their partner more often. So as a woman, when you keep sending pictures of yourself to your man, you are acting in accordance with a man’s original nature, thus making him fall more in love with you.

Feels as if you are sharing every piece of your day:

This is more of a reason in cases of long-distance relationships. When you and your man are in a long-distance relationship, or if you are dating a man who is outside your town, then sending your pictures can have a huge impact on him and the relationship you both share.

When two people are distant from each other, it is always assuring to know all the things happening in each other’s day. It makes the other person feel secure and subconsciously close to you. So, what’s more appealing than receiving texts of every small detail happening in your girl’s day? It’s receiving Pictures..

So, if you are going grocery shopping, click him a picture of you walking to the store. If you are getting ready for a party, just send him how good you are looking in your new outfit. Similarly, share pictures of small details in your day and just see how your man feels more connected and feels so assured and secure.

Feels special:

This is another common feeling every man will experience when his girl sends him pictures. Whenever you send a picture to your man, he gets to feel that he is the only man on earth who has got exclusive permission to see your pictures. This is the reason why guys feel so good when you send them cute pictures, even though there are hundreds of pictures of women online.

He feels special, he feels like he’s an exclusive person who can see your private pictures when no other men can see them. As a result, he feels so happy and elated, which not only makes him feel enjoyable but also extra special.


Sending your pictures to someone requires a lot of confidence and self-love. If at all you think that you are ugly, would you even dare to send your pictures to others? Definitely, Not. Thus if you send pictures of yourself to a guy, it clearly exudes your confidence and high self-love, which is instantly felt by the guy.

Of course, confidence is one quality that many guys find attractive and appealing. So, by sending your pictures, you’ll obviously come-up as a confident self-loving girl, which is a characteristic every guy gets attracted to.

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