Why do I Attract Guys Who Just Want to Sleep With Me? 5 Reasons Why Guys only want to Hook up with You

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Losing people is a part of life. We meet people, get attracted to each other, and then most of the time we lose them. And honestly, it’s okay! We don’t get “the one” that easily. But just because we don’t have forever with everyone, it doesn’t mean that we cannot have good memories with them.

I mean do you regret being with guys you were within your past? Do they just leave you without any appropriate reason? No, this is not how you are supposed to lose people.

You met a guy and, both of you felt that vibe and came together. Spent time doing things every couple does and then when finally, you guys came to that point of intimacy and hooked up, he left! This happens, and not only to you but to almost everyone. Every woman at least has this horrible experience in their life when they realize they fell for the wrong guy. People do it all the time. Sadly, taking advantage of others’ feelings without any remorse is very common now. But, if this is happening to you more than it should, then it is obvious that you will feel that something is wrong with you that men do it to you all the time. Maybe, that’s the case, maybe it’s not. But looking into it is a good idea.

So, why do you attract guys who just want to sleep with you? Why do guys never want a relationship with you? What are the real reasons why guys just want to hook up with you? What you might be doing wrong? Let us see now..

Why do I attract Guys who just want to Sleep with Me? 5 Reasons why Guys only want to Hook up with You

Why do I attract Guys who just want to Sleep with Me
  • Reason 1: Easy to get –

When you meet a boy, being kind and humble is another thing, and letting them know that you’re being flattered is different. You meet a guy and in the first meet if he asks you for your number or contact, don’t be desperate enough to give him. Do you do this enough? If yes, then maybe it’s time you change it. I am not saying that you need to play really hard to get him but at least know his intentions before letting him close. If you cut yourself loose on your very first meet, that is what impression you’re giving to him.

  • Reason 2: Compromising standards –

Speaking in a very blunt way, do not fall for every other guy who compliments you or smiles at you. Maintain your standards. Know what you want and also know that every person you get attracted to isn’t worth it. Yes, looks matter, it totally does but judging a person only on their looks is your loss. You don’t have to be rude or show off your attitude, you just need to be yourself. Do not adjust with your standards unless you’re sure he is the one.

  • Reason 3: Dressing sense.. Seriously? –

No, I am not denying the fact that your dresses don’t say all about you. But honestly speaking, it does matter. When you go for the first date, dress elegant, dress classy. Classy is the new sexy ladies. Your dress will define your personality, it will show off your attitude, your elegance, your beauty, and above all what kind of person we are. Not only our dresses, but every small thing we do defines who we are.

  • Reason 4: Having Less Control on what you talk & what you want –

It is said that “the way you talk – the way you walk” is very important. As I have already mentioned, it’s all about your first impression of somebody. Nobody forgets how she was, how she looked, what she said, how she sat, and how she smiled when I first saw her. Choose topics smartly when you talk to him for the first time. Give him clear ideas about what you want, how your experience has been till now, and what you want to change. My suggestion will be, even if you like the guy too much, wait before you express it all. Don’t show yourself desperate. Make decisions for yourself, don’t give him the control very soon.

  • Reason 5: Men want keeper –

If you are very easy for them to get, they will stop valuing you. I do not know why this happens, but it does. Don’t just focus on their looks and money, give attention to every small action they do. Let them know that you notice and you care. Do cute and adorable things for them, spend time doing things you think will make both of you happy and will also get you closer.

What you might be doing wrong? Avoiding such Men

why do guys only want to Hook up with me

If men consider you to be a legacy, they’re extremely anxious to seek after you until they get the treat. They will adore messing around with you. They will appreciate you, yet they will not focus on you.

They will attempt to cause you to feel and think like they’re into you, however the second you give them the main thing that they truly needed, they’re speedy to vanish. Or on the other hand, all things considered, whenever they’re burnt out on the treat.

However, by understanding and correcting the above 5 things, you can quickly stop attracting the guys who just want to sleep with you. They’ll start considering you to be one of the sorts of ladies that men need to wed. So, if they’re still at the stage where they actually need to explore and not prepared to settle, they will stay away from you.

They realize that on the off chance that they attempt to screw up with you, the main thing they’ll get is dismissal. Also, men fear dismissal, so they will make an effort not to burn through your time.


No matter how emotional you’re, do not start expecting things out of people very soon. Make sure you’re not the only one making efforts. Do not ignore the red flags just because you like them.

It’s imperative to specify that not all men are players. While numerous men are sports fishing, there are likewise numerous quality men who are looking for genuine or serious relationships and are not intrigued by sports fish.

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