Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks To Miss You? The 8 Week Rule

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Whether it is your boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend or a man who is pulling away from you, many relationship experts suggest giving an 8-week break to make any guy miss you.

Many forums online, are filled with true stories where their man started missing them within 8 weeks of no contact. So why does this happen? why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you? Why is an 8 week/60-day no-contact rule strongly suggested to make your ex-boyfriend come back to you?

Let us see everything..

Does it Actually take 8 weeks for any Guy to Miss you? The Truth

Although many women claim that their man started missing them in or around 8 weeks, however, there is no general hard and fast rule for this.

Yes, every man is different and every relationship is different. For example, a sensitive man may start to miss his girl more quickly when compared to a less sensitive man. Similarly, a man who is more emotionally involved in a relationship may miss his ex more when compared to a man who has just a casual relationship.

So, of course, the time a guy might take to miss you may differ from one case to another. However, if you see real-life stories where men come back to their exes, most men started missing only from 6 weeks – 8 weeks after breaking up with their partners. Hence the 8-week rule is very much popular in making any man miss you.

So, why does this happen? Why doesn’t a guy start to miss a woman right from day 1? Why does it take guys 8 weeks to miss you? What is the real reason behind this unusual act of many men? See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s pulling away from you

Why Does it take Guys 8 weeks to Miss you?

The 8-week rule also called the 60-day rule became quite famous when Dr. Pat Allen (couples’ therapist and relationship expert from Los Angeles) explained the way a man’s mind works after leaving him alone and why it always takes 8 weeks for him to miss you.

Let me explain this in a phase by phase manner so that it becomes clear for understanding.

Suppose, your man left you and said that he is breaking with you.. So now let us see how his mind works and the feelings he goes through… See The Mirror Technique that will make your man miss you like crazy

Stage 1: Man’s Mind during Day 1 to Week 2:

This is the sensitive stage immediately after the breakup. As breakup is a stressful procedure for anyone, he now experiences the release of pressure and feels relaxed for a while. On the other hand, if he is not sure of leaving you, he tries to convince himself that he will no way be affected by the breakup. He affirms to himself that he can still be happy even without you.

Stage 2: Man’s mind during Week 2 to Week 4/5:

The positive feelings & affirmations of stage 1 continue for around a couple of weeks. With days passing by, slowly reality takes over and mixed emotions start to set in. This is the stage when memories knock on the doors of his mind and your thoughts start to fill in his mind.

This is the phase when he stays in mixed emotions at completely random times. While at times he still affirms that he is happy for the breakup, while at other times he may keep digging out the old memories and conversations.

While mixed emotions continue throughout this phase, he will then move on to the next stage… The Missing stage…

Stage 3: Man’s mind during Week 5 to Week 8

This is the time when he really starts to accept the reality that you are no longer available to him like before. The new reality makes his emotional reserves run out, and things can get desperate. He slowly starts to miss you and the sweet memories he used to share with you. This is what we call the missing stage as he genuinely starts to miss you during this time.

While he keeps missing you, on the other hand, emotions like anger, sadness, and, resentment kick start in his mind. At times out of the blue, he may try to contact you by sending you a random text message or making a phone call. If he doesn’t get enough response from you, soon ‘fear of losing you’ may start to worry him further.

We consider this the most critical stage as this is when your man will decide either to make or break the relationship. As he is filled with a roller coaster of emotions, he desires to settle down and keep his emotions back on track. Thus he will eventually come back to you and try to repair the relationship again.

Stage 4: Man’s mind After week 8

By now, your man will either come back to you or may completely move on forever. If he decides to move on and break the relationship, then he may not come back again as his extreme emotions now start to lower as days keep passing by.


You could have now understood why it is not common for guys to miss you within the first days of giving them space. He may take time, his mind may go through all the emotions (during the stages discussed above) until he finally starts missing you after 8 weeks. This is the reason why it takes 8 weeks for guys to miss you and come back to you. So be patient and if he is ought to come back to you, he will definitely come back to you.


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