Did He Block Me Because He Cares? What Does It Actually Mean When A Man Blocks You?

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He, who used to talk to you for hours has now blocked you and your number. Whatever may be the reason he is not ready to talk to you at this moment in time.

While thoughts of worry keep running in your mind, your heart says that he has blocked you only because he cares for you and your attention. So what is the actual reality?

Did he block you because he cares for you? Is blocking your number a sign that he is just hurt and angry? What does it actually mean when your man blocks you? What are the real reasons why he blocked you? let us see everything..

“Did he block me because he cares?” The Truth:

Did he block me because he cares?

Logically speaking, if someone blocks you it is a symbolic representation that he/she doesn’t want to communicate with you. In fact, they don’t even want to be bothered by you at any cost. However, relationships are not about logic but mostly emotions.

Generally, people block us when we bother them too much. However, if our loved one blocks us, then it is a whole different story. Many times it is just a representation of his hurt feelings and his passive expression of anger and sadness.

At times we expect too much from someone and when they hurt us unintentionally, we feel bad and block them just to express our anger. The same applies here too. If your man blocks you, it could be that he is just hurt and angry because he still cares for you a lot.

So Yes, if he blocks you.. it subconsciously means that he still cares. However, rarely it could also be because of his secret hatred/loss of interest in you. See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s ignoring you

What does it Actually Mean when he Blocks you? Does that Mean he Really cares?

When your man who loves you blocks you, then there will be a whole lot of thoughts and emotions going on through his mind. Anger, sadness, feeling hurt, fear what not everything runs in his mind and heart.

1. It means that he is hurt:

Unless he is a psychopath, if your loved one blocks you it does convey a lot of meaning with regards to you and your relationship. In most of the cases, it shows that you or some situation have somehow hurt his feelings.

Yes, if your man blocks you, it means that his feelings are hurt deeply and he wants to express this in an indirect passive manner by blocking you.

2. It means he doesn’t have the fear of losing you:

If a man is regularly blocking and unblocking you, it clearly shows that he is careless about the relationship and doesn’t have any fear of losing you.

Simply, he has taken you for granted and thus doesn’t even imagine that he could lose you one day. See Why do men pull away & The Simple Mind ‘TRICK’ that makes him devoted to you forever

3. It means that he is expecting something from you:

If your man is blocking you, he somehow is expecting some reaction from you. It may be your attention, or your apology, or your love, whatever it is.. when your loved one blocks you, it clearly means that he/she is expecting some reaction from you.

So, when your man blocks you, he is expecting you to come back to him, give him the attention and necessarily solve the issue between you both.

4. It means he is tired of you or your behavior:

At times we leave some people and some situations if we don’t want to feel hurt again and again. So if your man is tired by you or your behavior, and when he has no energy to take any more, then he will simply block you.

All he needed was some space and time to sort out his mind/thoughts so that he can feel normal again.

5. It means he is less receptive to your feelings and emotions:

If a man is extremely receptive to his girl’s feelings and emotions, then he will try to discuss and solve the problems in the relationship. However, if he is simply blocking you without encouraging any discussion then it is a clear sign that he is less receptive to you and your feelings.

5 Real Reasons why he Blocked You:

Till now we have seen the thoughts and feelings that could run in a man’s mind when he is blocking someone. Now, we’ll dig deeper and see some of the common reasons why some men keep blocking their loved ones. Some of the common reasons why he blocked you are – See If he’s shutting you out, here’s what’s missing…

1. He wants to bring situations under control:

One of the most common reasons why some men block their loved ones is to just get back the situation under control. It may be a big argument, or maybe something which he was hiding or something he doesn’t want to discuss, then the biggest weapon he may use is ‘The silent treatment’.

Thus instead of discussing the issue, he simply escapes the situation and thus uses it to bring situations and things under control.

2. He wants to show that you made a mistake and prove his point:

Were you in a big argument before he blocked you and your number? Then most probably the blocking is to just show you that the mistake was on your side and indirectly prove that his point was right.

So, by blocking your number he is blocking the way for talks thus indirectly concluding his point was right and showing that you are the one who was on the wronger side.

3. He doesn’t want anymore drama and needs some space:

Did you lately see him feel less interested in you? Is he not showing interest in spending time with you? Then by blocking you, all he wants is just some space from you. Sometimes this is because of the drama you created during a heated discussion or maybe because of the way your relationship is holding him from doing certain things he likes.

On the other side of the coin, this space means a much longer distance from your love and you as a person.

4. He wants attention from you:

If your man is still childish in his mental thinking, then this is the one reason why he could be blocking you all of a sudden. ‘Attention’. Yes, it is the attention that he wants.

Just like a child sometimes do crazy things to get his parent’s attention, your man too could be doing crazy things like blocking you just to get your attention and love. So, if your man blocked you over a silly thing, then this could be the underlying reason for his crazy actions.

5. He wants to trigger your emotions and hurt you:

If he is the kind of person who plays with people’s emotions and feelings, then this act of blocking you too could be a part of his play. Yes, sometimes some men block you just to trigger your emotions and push you to feel guilty and sorry.

They perfectly know which buttons to press to trigger your emotions. As blocking someone is an indirect way of showing rejection on their face, thus he may intelligently use this to trigger your emotions and make you feel bad.

Sometimes it isn’t Care.. its Abuse – Make sure it is not Abuse/Manipulation:

Manipulation and abuse are the no 1 sign of a bad relationship. No matter how hard it is, you must break free of abusive relationships and leave manipulative people at any cost.

So, if your man is regularly blocking and unblocking you, it is a warning sign that he doesn’t really care for your feelings and emotions. Communicate to him how you feel when he blocks you and suggest discussing matters, instead of simply blocking and stopping talking. If he still continues to do so, then it is a sign that he being abusive.

So, if you strongly feel that he is abusing you mentally and you are being manipulated by his extreme actions, then it is time to think over everything and put an end to this relationship forever.


Everything was fine in the beginning. But What’s happening now?

He who was so sweet in the beginning why is he turning colder and colder. Moreover, you can’t ignore the serious fact that He simply blocked your number even though he cares for you today.

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