How Does a Pisces Man Test You? 4 Surprising Ways Pisces Men Test Their Partners

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Pisces is one zodiac sign that is very hard to understand, especially when it comes to the case of relationships.

So if you are dating or is in a relationship with a Pisces man, you often find it very confusing and overwhelming. This is because of the extremely sensitive and tricky nature of the Pisces zodiac sign.

People of this Neptune-ruled Pisces zodiac sign always dig deeper into everything they do. Whether it is a relationship or a work at their office, Pisces people tend to get deeply involved in the things they are committed to. This is the reason why small talks don’t interest Pisces men and they often come up with pretty deep questions in every interaction with their loved ones.

Trust me, if you want to understand a Pisces man, you need to invest a lot of energy, interest, and most importantly your time into him. His friendly smile doesn’t mean that he opens up all his deeper secrets to everyone. Pisces men only allow a few people to get close to them, that too only after testing them in several ways.

Yes, you heard it right.. One of the key characteristics of a Pisces man is his extreme nature of testing others. Yes, he tests you observes you, and analyzes you until he builds complete confidence/trust in you.

So, what kind of tests does a Pisces man do? How does a Pisces man test you? What are the various crazy things Pisces men do to check their partners and love interests? See This sends a SHIVER up a Pisces man’s spine if he’s Testing you

How Does a Pisces Man Test You? 4 Ways Pisces Men Test Their Partners

Being a water zodiac sign, Pisces man never becomes invested in you if he is not sure of your commitment towards him. Thus be ready for a variety of tests a Pisces man would try on you to make or break his trust in you. Here are a few common ways a Pisces man may test you..

  1. The Honesty Test:

Honesty is one of the most important things for a Pisces man to be invested in you. So a Pisces man is more likely to test your honesty and openness whenever possible. No matter how bad the situation, Pisces men don’t like being lied to at any cost.

Truth and honesty are those that can impress a Pisces man to the core. Only when he believes that you are being completely honest with him, he can trust you and get closer to you. On the other hand, if your pieces man finds out that you lied to him even for once, he is likely to be disturbed so much. Moreover, with being deeply hurt, you can expect a clear change in his behavior and attitude from that day onwards.

Of course, with lesser honesty, a Pisces man will be less involved in the relationship and, obviously, you’ll no longer be his top priority anymore. So, testing your honesty is one of the definite tests every Pisces man does on his significant other. So be as honest as possible and never ever lie to your Pisces man. See The Mirror Technique that will make a pisces man commit to you FAST.

  1. Character and attitude test:

Pisces are observers, investigators and testers. They like to know your character, want to observe your attitude, and see how you stand up to yourself.

The more a Pisces man gets closer to you, the more and more he wants to know your mind, thoughts, and what kind of a person you are. Thus he sometimes intentionally puts you in various situations and observes the way you handle those unique situations.

He closely observes your confidence, smartness, braveness, nature of empathy, caringness what not everything that comes under his radar. Thus a Pisces man keeps testing your real character until he completely knows you to the core.

  1. The Intent Test:

This is one of the major tests every Pisces man keeps doing from time to time. Yes, he seeks your validation and keeps testing your “Intent” and “commitment” towards him. He checks how far you would go for him.. He tests how attentive you are towards him.. He looks at how much you actually care for him..

A Pisces man loves to achieve complete unity in any relationship and gives his entire self to the other person. On the other hand, he expects his/her partner to do the same and thus keeps testing his partner regularly. On a deeper level, he wants to be with a person who will give his/her entire self to him.

However, once he smells lesser commitment on your end, he adjusts accordingly and he imitates the same by showing lesser dedication towards you. At times, a Pisces man may go silent and gives you the silent treatment, just to see how much you would fight back for him and the relationship. You can even expect some love games from him, while he keeps on testing the intent and passion you have for him.

So if you want to be with a Pisces man, be ready to undergo tests in which you must prove your complete commitment to him.

  1. Reactions Test:

One of the most common things that come along with a Pisces man is a bunch of mixed signals. One day he may treat you like a princess and the other day he may completely ignore you as if you are non-existent.

This is one of the common things many Pisces men keep doing on people close to them. They keep testing and observing how a person would react to various things they are put up with. A typical pisces man keeps doing different crazy things just to see how the other person reacts and responds.

If you are truly interested in a Pisces man, just show him that you are interested in him even though he uses mixed signals, or if he does some crazy things. Sooner or later he gets more attached and connected to you.


You know that he is an extremely sensitive Pisces man..

He who was so trustful in the beginning, why is he now testing you again and again? Moreover, you can’t ignore the embarrassing fact that he is still not sure of your commitment towards him.

This is what we can consider as a scary sign of an upcoming separation.


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