What Happens When You Give A Narcissist The Silent Treatment?

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Narcissists and silent treatment almost go hand-in-hand

If you have a narcissist in your life, you may have already seen how he/she uses silent treatment on people to achieve the things they want.

If you wonder what a silent treatment actually is, it is nothing but the intentional act of ignoring someone for a certain amount of time. The silent treatment is the no1 weapon used by narcissists during which the narcissist acts as if you are non-existent and even refuses to communicate, even if you tried doing so.

So, what happens when this silent-treatment is reversed? What happens when you give a narcissist the silent treatment? How does he/she react to being ignored? What are the things to expect when you give silent-treatment to any narcissist? Let us find out everything

What happens when you give a Narcissist the silent treatment?

What happens in the initial days

what happens when you give a narcissist the silent treatment?

When you start to give the silent treatment to the narcissist, the narcissist immediately finds it offending and hurting. As narcissists can’t tolerate being ignored, the act of silent treatment strikes the narcissist much harder than the normal people.

As you start with the silent treatment, you can see the narcissist’s immediate responses kick-in. He may act arrogant, angry, and even show his attitude towards you. The narcissist in this stage generally acts as if he doesn’t care (whether you talk or not) and may try to convey this via social media posts or through direct messages. He may even demean you by branding you as childish and further claims that it doesn’t matter to him in any way.

We can call this stage, especially in the initial days after you started giving the silent-treatment, as the response stage. While narcissist acts and responds mostly due to his hurt ego, on the other side he/she go on expecting that you would soon return back. The narcissist may even believe that you can’t live without talking to the narcissist.

So, when days start to pass by and if you still continue to give the silent treatment to the narcissist, the actual drama start to begin..

What happens after few days

can you give a narcissist the silent treatment

We can consider this the attention-grabbing phase. In fact, this is the stage when you can see the actual cruelness and lack of empathy of the narcissist clearly.

Firstly, why we call it the attention-grabbing phase? This is because the narcissist starts to do everything, just to grab your attention and make you come back to him.

As the narcissist understands that you are intentionally ignoring him, this triggers serious emotional turmoil in his mind. His already inflated ego gets deeply hurt and the narcissist feels like he must make you end the silent-treatment at any cost. Thus the circus of events starts to begin…

Firstly, the narcissist may start to give back the silent treatment. The Narcissist may even block you on all his social media accounts and try to act extra friendlier with others, so that he can get more eyeballs from you. His routine bragging and show-off start to begin, just to show you that he is the most valuable person and prove that you are missing a great treasure ignoring him.

This is the stage where you need to bare with more and more drama of the narcissist. In fact, it is not uncommon for a narcissist to demean you or abuse you in front of others and even at the back of you. Also, the narcissist may replace you with another person, just to trigger emotions of jealousy in you.

As more and more days pass by, more signs will start to appear. All with the motive to grab your attention at any cost. However What if you still continue giving the silent treatment? Let us see.

What happens after weeks

ignoring a narcissist who ignores you

As more and more days/weeks pass by, the narcissist starts to feel weaker and weaker. His vulnerability starts to get exposed. This is the final stage, and we can consider this the vulnerable stage.

This is the actual time when the narcissist starts to feel the lack of narcissistic supply. Unable to feel being ignored, his inflated ego starts hitting him harder and harder. So, after giving silent treatment for a few weeks, the narcissist will likely come back to you. He may start chasing you so that he can get back his narcissistic supply like before.

Depending on the narcissist and the situation, the narcissist may even play mind games like, making you feel guilty for the silent treatment. While some narcissists may beg and request you while some others may shout and begin a fight with you. The hurt ego of the narcissist makes him vulnerable and pushes him to do weird things just to get you back.

If you still continue the silent treatment, the narcissist may finally abandon you and move on with new narcissistic supply and new victims.

What more can you expect from the Narcissist?

We have already explained all the sequence of events that will likely occur if a narcissist is given the silent treatment. However there are a few more things, you must embrace yourself if you are thinking to give a narcissist the silent treatment.

The Narcissist stalks you

The first thing you can expect from a narcissist is continuous stalking. Yes, you heard it right. Although the narcissist acts as if he doesn’t care, deep down, his mind continuously haunts him and this results in constant stalking. So, all your social media posts, Instagram stories, the places you visited, the people you are hanging out, what not.. everything will be under the radar of the narcissist.

Narcissist do many problematic things during silent treatment

One thing you must be careful, if you are really thinking of ignoring your narcissist, is the problems he would likely cause to you. Yes, one needs to be very careful as some malignant narcissist can go to any extent and create several problems just to get your attention.

May speak bad about you

Most of the narcissists have the general habit of demeaning others. This demeaning gets even more intense if you are the one who hurt his ego. So by giving the silent treatment, expect your narcissist to speak extremely bad about you with every person he knows.


So, what if you started hanging out with some other person? What if you looked and seemed happy in the eyes of your narcissist? That’s it, your narcissist gets intensely jealous. Yes, the narcissist’s jealously will be clearly visible and is manifested in his different actions. It can vary from demeaning your character to even the narcissist himself trying to trigger your jealousy too.

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