Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them?

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You both were texting from the past many days..

Although he texts back in a responsive way, you still have the doubt that if he really cares for you or not? So you just want to stop texting him for a few days and see how he reacts.

Sounds similar? This is the common doubt many women have regarding guys. They want to know whether the guy texting them really cares and feels bad if they stopped texting them all of a sudden.

Some women, even want to get a guy’s attention and make him miss them by stopping texts. So, whatever may be the reason, if you stop texting a guy, does he notice it? Does he get worried and keep thinking about you? Or Does he simply ignore it and forget you?

Let us see.. and find out the answer to the question that’s lingering in the minds of many women.. “Do guys notice when you stop texting them?”

Do Guys notice when you Stop Texting them? The Psychology of Priming

Do Guys notice when you Stop Texting them?

The straight answer to this question is “Yes”.

Yes, just like women, guys also notice when someone stops texting them all of a sudden. To understand this you need to first know the psychology behind why someone actually misses a person if he/she stopped talking to them all of a sudden.

James had a crush on Emma. Every day, he used to call Emma at a particular time. He continued doing this at the exact same time every day for almost a few weeks. Soon, Emma started expecting a call from James, and once he didn’t call her and she started thinking about him. He herself made a call to James and asked what’s wrong with him, as he was not looked like his usual self. Soon they started getting attracted to each other. Psychologically speaking, James kept doing the same thing and trained the other person to respond in a particular way. This is what we call ‘Priming’.

So, if you implemented priming on a guy, (i.e texting him every day, and then stopping all of a sudden), it is obvious that he notices and starts thinking as to why you have stopped talking to him all of a sudden.

How do Guys Feel when you Stop Texting them?

To be honest, They’ll probably feel the same way as you do.

So, if you stopped texting with a guy all of a sudden, here are the sequence of emotions any guy would likely will go through.

  1. Firstly, the guy start to assume that you’re busy with your life and that you’ll text her within a couple of days when you’re free again.
  2. Next, once a couple of days pass by, he starts thinking more and more and starts self-evaluating himself. He starts wondering if he had mistakenly hurt your feelings or if he had done something wrong, that made you go silent.
  3. As the guy might have already developed attachment and got used to your priming, he may start feeling a sense of loss.
  4. The more and more he feels the loss, he starts missing you more.
  5. In the end, after days of missing, pain, and grief he slowly starts getting back to normalcy and starts forgetting that you ignored him.

Here you need to understand that, although the sequence events 1 & 2 are common in any guy, the events 3,4,5 depend on the feelings the guy has for you.

Think like, what are the emotions the guy used to feel when you both were texting? Is he loving the attention? Does he love texting you? Is he texting because of boredom? This is what determines if the guy would undergo the sequence of events 3, 4, 5 described above.

To be honest, this is the most important thing one needs to consider if you are wondering whether a guy would notice/miss you if you stopped texting him.

So, no matter if the guy is your boyfriend, or a new date or just a friend, it’s all about the emotion that is triggered in him that determines the intensity he notices and feels when you stopped texting.

4 Scenarios to Determine Whether a Guy Would Notice (and feel bad) if you Stopped Texting:

stop texting first and see

If he loved your messages and communication..

This is obviously the best case anyone expects. If he loved communicating with you, he feels good whenever you text him. So if you have been messaging him from the past many days, most probably he might have already developed feelings of attachment with you. With psychology of priming, he might even have already got used to communicating with you every day.

So, after experiencing such positive emotions, if you stopped texting, it would trigger intense thoughts in the guy’s mind. He might start wondering why you suddenly stopped texting. He might even start chasing you and know the reason for not texting.

Obviously, he may experience pain, sadness, depression, and even get angry with you. So to be short, it affects him so strongly, that it affects his entire thoughts.

If he just Loved your attention..

Another scenario is when the guy may not be interested in you, but just likes the attention you give him. So if that’s the case, you are simply his ego-booster and attention-giver. So if you stopped texting such a guy, he might not miss you as a person, but will likely miss all the attention he used to get all these days.

With the sudden loss of attention, he may feel a bit irritated and may even message you himself. However, the guy would likely get used to the new reality and may easily cope up with the lack of attention in a few days. He might soon forget the negative emotions and may forget you with time if you don’t come back

If he texted just because he’s bored..

Whether you agree or not, we sometimes keep texting with someone just because we’re bored. So, if that’s the scenario and the guy is texting you just because he’s bored, then he likely might not experience any emotions.

Of course, he might notice that you stopped texting him (because of the priming effect), however, he might not experience any loss or grief, just because you stopped the conversation. The guy might simply start talking with some other people and would likely text you, only if you come back again.

If he was irritated to text you everyday..

This is likely the worst-case one would expect. Sometimes, you might unknowingly irritate someone with your excess texting and he may find it hard to express that he is irritated. So in such cases, he will definitely not miss you if you stopped texting the guy.

The bitter truth is that, he might even feel happy that he finally got rid of your constant messages. Thinking that he no longer have to get bothered by your everyday texts, he might happily forget you forever.

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Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them?
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