How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him? 6 Thoughts that Go Through his Mind

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Whatever may be the reason, blocking someone has a huge psychological impact on the person’s mind. Whether it is your ex, a guy who you were attracted to, or even your neglecting boyfriend, whomever it may be, blocking a person shows a direct and harsh indication of your disapproval.

Thus when a guy is disapproved and ignored in such a harsh manner, it triggers a turmoil of emotions in his mind. Yes, blocking a guy does create a string of emotions in the guy’s mind.

So, what are these emotions? What does a guy actually think when he’s blocked? How does a guy feel when you block him? Let us see..

How does a Guy Feel when you block him? – His 6 emotions & Thoughts

How does a Guy Feel when you block him

1. Feels the sudden loss:

Just like women feel shocked, sad and lost when someone blocks them, guys also feel the same. Any guy would feel this sudden loss of attention and love completely devastating.

We tend to get used to things and people, as we spend more and more time with them. In fact, we develop a deeper level of attachment, and they almost become a part of our lives. Thus if such a woman whom a guy got used to and got attached to, blocks him, it may hit the guy truly hard. It disturbs his daily life and creates a shallow emptiness. Thus, no matter how strong the guy maybe, if you ignore him, the guy would definitely start missing you and start feeling the loss. See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s pulling away from you

2. He feels he might have done some mistake and starts to overthink:

Another common thing guys do when you block them (especially if you block them suddenly), is digging into the past. Yes, he starts to think and think about all your previous interactions to check if he might have unknowingly hurt your feelings. He surfs through all your previous messages and cross-checks if he had done any mistake in the past couple of days.

In fact, this might turn into overthinking and the guy keeps wondering and wondering about all the things he had done, that might have triggered you to block him.

3. He might get angry too:

One of the most common emotions that is biologically rooted in men from the past many centuries is aggression. Yes, If you block a guy, he starts to feel ignored and dejected, which might at times cause anger in him. Moreover, if the guy thinks that you are playing mind games, or if you are intentionally blocking him, then this could trigger feelings of revenge and irritation too.

This could be even more intense, if your guy believes that he hasn’t done any wrong or in case if you have blocked him without expressing any reason.

4. May be filled with guilt:

Although, whether the guy feels guilty or not depends on his overall thinking and beliefs, in many cases guys do feel some sort of guilt, if they are blocked by a woman.

However, this emotion of guilt can vary from individual to individual. For example, one guy might feel guilty of a particular mistake he has done, while another guy, on the whole, might feel that he should have given more importance to the girl. Likewise, He might feel guilty of a particular incident in which he has hurt you, or he might feel guilty of not telling you something. Of course, there are many more examples too and what the guy would feel guilty off, varies from one individual to another.

5. He obsess over solving the puzzle with the possible exceptions:

Our minds cannot tolerate incompleteness. Thus blocking a guy places the biggest puzzle in front of him, that he must solve. Thus his mind comes up with all the reasons and conclusions. While initially, the guy might think of positive possibilities like you’re busy, or you might not be feeling well etc. However as days pass by, these positive possibilities start turning negative, thinking if you are hating him, or that you are a player and cheater etc.

The guy’s mind comes up with tons of possibilities and conclusions just to make him feel satisfied with solving the puzzle. Thus the guy obsesses over conclusions each day just to crack the puzzle as to why you blocked him. See The simple ’12 Word text’ that will make your man obsess over you like crazy

6. His Self doubts start to haunt him:

How much confident a guy may seem, blocking him, directly affects his self-esteem. Being ignored by a woman triggers numerous self-doubts starting from his behavioral problems to even his past relationships.

If the guy is too sensitive, he may get into “Is something wrong with me?” thoughts, ultimately effecting his personality and confidence.

You’ll get to know what he Feels.. only when you keep these Factors in mind

what does a guy think when you block him

We’ve already discussed a few things a guy feels when you block him. However, you need to keep in mind that this varies from one guy to another guy and is also dependent on several other factors. See How to “activate” his male ego to make winning your love an irresistible challenge.

However, Two of the most important factors you must always keep in mind are –

The relation you have with the guy

Is he your ex? Is he your current boyfriend? Is he your date? Is he your friend? As a matter of fact, the relationship you have with the guy is one of the key factors you must always keep in mind if you want to clearly understand what a guy feels if you block him.

Moreover, you also need to keep in mind the attachment you both have, the intimacy you both share, and the frequency you both talk, for properly evaluating how the guy is feeling. As a whole, the more love he has for you, the more above-discussed emotions the guy would go through if you block him.

Depends on the maturity and mind of the guy

The next important factor that impacts what a guy feels when blocked, is the mindset of the guy. Yes, if the guy is an immature guy he might get too emotional and even develop serious depression and self-doubt. Contrary if the guy is a player, he might simply replace you without going through much of the emotions discussed above.

Just like the mindset, the maturity levels and age of the guy also impacts how he would actually feel when you block him.


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How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him? 6 Thoughts that Go Through his Mind
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