Do Narcissists Come Back After Silent Treatment?

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It will always be a roller coaster ride when you are with a narcissist..

This is even more, out of the bounds if the narcissist is your partner..

Today, In this article, I’ll reveal some deep things about narcissist’s silent treatment, why they do it, and most importantly answer the question “Do narcissists come back after silent treatment?”..

What is the Narcissist silent treatment?

To be frank, the silent treatment is one of the narcissist’s cruel weapons used on people who love him. In other words, on the people from whom he gets that narcissistic supply.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you might already know how the silent treatment is like..

do narcissists come back after silent treatment

No calls.. No reply to your messages… Ignoring as if you are non-existent.. acting as if the narcissist doesn’t care even if you die.. and much much more.

Next comes another big question..

When do the Narcissist give you the silent treatment..? Why is he/she doing it now?

To be straightforward..

Narcissists give you the silent treatment when they feel that you not treating them specially. In other words, whenever the narcissist feels a decrease in their narcissist supply, he/she uses the big weapon of silent treatment on targets.

So, if you want to know why your narcissist is giving you the silent treatment, you gotta trace out the incident that made him feel less valued. Here you need to understand that, for a narcissist, it may not be a big undermining incident, but even a simple small act like a late reply, can trigger the narcissist’s silent treatment.

Why do they do that? What do they expect in silent treatment? (The inner motive)

Tell me..

What will you feel like when you are ignored all of a sudden completely? What will be your feeling if the person who treated you like a princess/prince, now treats you like an enemy?

You get irritated, you get disturbed, You lose control of yourself and finally, You chase the narcissist and come to them..

narcissist silent treatment

And exactly this is what a narcissist expects and wants.

By doing so, the narcissist automatically gains control over the relationship..

Moreover, with the narcissistic supply you give, he gets back the power of feeling special and gets his ego satisfied.

Now, The big question.. Do Narcissists come back after silent treatment?

Though this can’t be 100% accurate..

Narcissists do come back in most cases after the silent treatment.

If you clearly observe narcissist patterns and deeply understand a narcissist’s past behaviours, you’ll figure out one thing.

No matter how many new people narcissists meet..

No matter how much rude they can be..

The narcissist never ever leaves a person from whom he gets the narcissistic supply. This is the reason why many narcissists even try to get in contact with their exes even years after their breakup.

The 3 Reasons why Narcissists come back after silent treatment:

See, you may have already seen many websites that bombard you with some absolute non-sense, which are in no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. Their fragile ego finally gets satisfied:

This is the key.. This is the reason.. This is everything for the narcissist. For the gratification of his/her ego, the narcissist will do anything and go to any extent.

So, during the silent treatment, you get confused and chase back the narcissist. Even if you did not chase, the narcissist knew that you are wondering and thinking about them continuously.

This is what makes the narcissist’s ego satisfied and his longing for the narcissistic supply will be fulfilled. Thus the narcissist comes back without any obligation and that too happily.

2. The narcissist can’t afford to lose their narcissistic supply:

The most important thing to a narcissist is the narcissist supply he/she gets. The narcissist can’t afford to lose this supply at any cost.

In fact, the deeper motive of the silent treatment is also to get back the narcissist supply which he/she was expecting. Thus the narcissist can’t bear losing you, as you are his/her biggest narcissistic supply. Thus narcissist silent treatment only lasts for a few days and the narcissist will most probably come back soon.

3. Get’s more ego boost expecting the love after silent treatment:

Beleive me it feels like a treat to the narcissist when he/she comes back and you shower them with love. The silent treatment which created confusion and irritation feels like a great victory to the narcissist. Your showering love after the post-silent treatment is like the Treat he won for his victory.

Thus all the post-silent treatment’s effects like – getting more control over you, more love showered from you and finally more narcissistic supply, is what that forces the narcissist to end the silent treatment and come back to you.

When will the narcissist come back to you? How many days does this silent treatment last?

How many days does this narcissistic silent treatment long

This is a somewhat a complex question and also difficult to answer..

Narcissists have a huge patience in waiting for the narcissistic supply. Thus the narcissist’s silent treatment can long for days, weeks, months and even years also.

Either if the narcissist is completely satisfied, or if the narcissist fears to lose you, he/she may return back to you.

Also at times, the narcissist returns when he is completely devoid of the narcissistic supply. On such a day when he is completely low, depressed and doesn’t have any supply available, he/she has no chance, except to come back to you immediately.

And Finally, when the narcissist returns back, everything will be like before.. The love, the relation, and the ego too..


You know that he is an unpredictable narcissist..

He who was so passionate in the beginning, why is he now turning colder and colder? Moreover, you can’t ignore the alarming fact that He is now giving you the silent treatment.

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Do Narcissists come back after silent treatment? (Based on Psychology)

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