This is what happens When a Libra woman is Hurt: 7 Things to Expect

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There goes a saying.. “Libra’s are very simple. They treat how you treat them. Show them your heart is in the right place and they will give that back. Show them you don’t care, they’ll act like you don’t even exist”.

Although the quote was a bit exaggerating, it is almost true.

Yes, Libra women are so loyal when coming to people’s feelings and relationships. They do nurture the relationship to push it as forward as they can.  On the other hand, tables get turned away when they are really hurt.

So, what happens when a Libra woman is Hurt?

A Libra woman is a patient and logical human being. She is neither quick to anger nor frustration. In simple, a Libra woman even lets her hurt get the better of her.

So if you’ve managed to hurt her, she will think things through rationally first. If she’s put time and effort into the relationship, she will try to make things work before she decides to give up on it. On the other hand, She will only choose to let a relationship go if she realizes that it’s going nowhere.

Now, Firstly..

What hurts a Libra woman the most?

There are certain feathers you shouldn’t ruffle when you’re dating/spending time with a Libra woman. They are –

Being unjust: Librans value fairness and consider unfairness as a major turn-off.

Arguing more: If you’re at a crossroads, have a quiet, peaceful discussion to chart out the path ahead instead of shouting at her or behaving in a rude manner.

Being selfish: Libra women are selfless and they value the same quality in their partners. So behave a bit selfish, and you can clearly see your Libran woman feel disgusted.

Now, coming to the main point..

How does a libra woman behave when she is literally mad and angry at you? what can you expect from her when she is hurt? And finally, why you should never hurt a Libra woman?

7 Things to expect when a Libra woman is hurt:

When a Libra woman is Hurt

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. If a female Libran is hurt, she will try to put up a brave front:

Like the scales depicting her sign, she is all about balance. If you’ve managed to tilt the scales off balance – she will attempt to resettle the scales into balance. She will employ her problem-solving skills and work to get to the root of the problem and solve it before it grows in magnitude.

2. She will become detached:

A Libra woman can become disappointed and even disinterested in the activities she used to enjoy if the problem she encounters refuses to get fixed. She stops herself from caring for anything at all, to deal with the hurt.

On the flip side, she can also be very optimistic. If she is able to navigate through her hurt to reach out and ask for help – it’s a good thing. It will help them find their lost equilibrium.

3. She may behave unapologetically honest:

You won’t find the Libra woman mincing her words. She chooses to tell it like it is, especially when she is hurt. She will not riddle you with half-truths, giving you the full picture instead.

Most of the times, Libra women are not apologetic for this – so you can expect utmost honesty from them and avoid irritating them if you’re on the sensitive side.

4. The Libra woman starts calculating:

If you manage to end up on her wrong side, the Libra woman starts looking for the right time. she will take time to methodically think through how they can act to deal you the biggest blow. You don’t want to mess with her.

5. She will avenge herself:

A Libra woman is above petty transgressions, but if you’ve committed a grave wrong in her eyes, she will not let things slip easily. She will make sure that you feel the same hurt and humiliation she has suffered in your hands before she lets you go.

6. At times, She may even leave:

The Libra woman will not play victim for you. If you repeatedly abuse them mentally or physically, they will simply walk out on you and never return.

7. It won’t be forgotten by your Libra woman:

They have a sharp memory and tend to remember if you’ve hurt them even if they’d forgiven you at the moment. Libra women keep their dignity about them, but they can rake up dirt from years ago if you’ve managed to hurt them in the present somehow.

They are forgiving, but they will never make the same mistake twice.

Reasons why you should never hurt a Libra woman: (Understanding Libra woman traits)

what happens when a libra woman is hurt

• Libra women are fiercely loyal to their friends, family and loved ones: Since they are as honest as they are, they expect this same level of honesty and respect from others too. So, if you are hurting them, you are directly affecting her loyal belief and trust in you.

• Librans are often perceived to be more innocent than they actually are: They use this to their advantage. The Libra woman knows more than she is willing to let on. So, before saying any word, remember she thinks a good deal too.

• They keep playing the same movie again and again: Libra women are natural thinkers. This makes them over-think and analyze each and every situation. So, hurting a Libra woman can make her think about the happened fight/discussion again and again until she ends up in depression.

• She can detect your motives right off the bat: Libra women do not take long to figure out what drives a person. If your intentions are anything but sincere, they will be able to sense this almost instantaneously. Thus your meaningless apologies/explanations (later) will be completely useless.


A Libra woman can cope with her hurt quite well and reason through it. However, avoid hurting her one too many times, if you still want to stay together with her. She can decide she’s had enough of you and leaves. Be honest with her and try to strike a compromise if you’ve managed to hurt her – she will gladly give in as she dislikes the prospect of a break-up just as much.

This is what happens When a Libra woman is Hurt: 7 Things to Expect

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