I yelled at my girlfriend and made her cry. What should I do now?

You both were the perfect couple..

You loved her so much.

Everything seemed perfectly alright..

Until one day, when you suddenly yelled at her on the spur of the moment. That’s it She suddenly broke down and started crying.

“I yelled at my girlfriend and made her cry.” This is what many men feel bad and don’t know what to do next?

So In this article, I’ll tell you what to do and what not to do when you hurt your girl so deeply.

What should I do when I made her cry?

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

You need to Remember “she cried”:

Imagine if an unknown person scolds your girlfriend even very badly, will she cry? No, right? So why did she started crying when YOU yelled at her?

i made her cry


When a girl cried for you, then it is a clear sign that she treats you so special. In simple, you mean the world to her. So whenever you treat her badly, She feels completely hurt and her world seems to be shattered. Within no time tears start coming down her eyes.

You need to remember this one point, in order to calm down your ego and get back to her.

The Most important thing you need to do when you made her cry:

If you are reading this article, then most probably the bad incident has already taken place. So if the incident has happened in the past few hours or just a day before the first thing you need to do is “companionship”

Do you know, a person becomes psychologically vulnerable when he/she is depressed. If not why do you think you get a series of many bad thoughts when you are depressed?

On the other hand, women are much more vulnerable when they are depressed. This is when you should not leave her. Though you are angry or she is angry, don’t leave her alone.

what to do after you made her cry


Try not to leave her and be nearby her. Thus even if you yelled, she subconsciously understands that you will be there for her even in troubles. Even if you did not talk, just be present near her and give her some companionship.

If you leave her alone, she starts to think more individually. If you are her entire world, by leaving her alone, you will now only become 90% of her world. This decreases more and more each time you leave her alone when depressed. So sit beside her, move beside her and don’t leave her alone.

Make her understand that your words are just emotions at that moment:

In general, more than emotion it’s the words that you yell makes the woman cry. When an argument happens, you may yell something harsh. In that anger burst, you say whatever comes to your mind like “you are always like this” “I don’t want to be with you” etc etc. This is where she gets devastated.

According to many studies, a woman tends to overthink these words again and again until she breaks down. So when such an incident happens all you need to is make her understand is the reality of your words.

she is crying for my words what to do

Completely assure her that those are just emotional words for that moment of time and no way has any meaning.

For example “If you yelled her to leave you”, you can crack a joke that you won’t leave her even if she does.

So such an assurance can make her feel safe and stops over thinking about the words you yelled.

Show love, when she becomes somewhat normal:

How much she may have been hurt, she becomes normal after a few hours. This is the time when you need to show her some love. Crack a joke, Remember her some cute thing that happened between you, Hug her tightly and kiss her on cheeks.

Thus by showing her the love, you are clearing all the sadness, anger and all the broken pieces in her mind. This is what pushes your relationship to a higher level making it much more stronger.

Finally, Make a promise to yourself:

If this is the first time you yelled at her, it’s fine. But if this is happening, again and again, you need to correct yourself.

Personally, I have seen a number of cases, where a girl who used to cry again and again tend to change slowly. As days pass by, she will try to be more and more independent from you and thus will never cry again.

As I have already mentioned in the article..

If she cried when you yelled at her, this clearly indicates that you mean the whole world for her. As this continues, you will no longer be her whole world but only a small part.

So Take a promise.. Don’t make her cry again and again until she no longer cares you..


I yelled at my girlfriend and made her cry. What should I do now?

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