Itchy Right Palm: Does Right Hand itching indicate Money into your life?

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Is it just me?

Most, if not all of the superstitious tales we know about today, are tales we were told in our childhood days.

I vividly remember tales such as the itchy right palm, the man in the moon, the sinister bush-baby, the ghostly high-heeled shoe lady on rampage (madam koi, koi), to mention a few.

To kids in my childhood days, none of these tales were thought to be fabricated. Every kid in the block back then believed these tales to be true,

Although they were actually supposed to imbibe real moral lessons into them they also did the part of tickling of their fancy dreams..

Yet, Only one thing still lingers in our minds..

As an adult that I am today, most of these tales may have faded into oblivion in my memory but a particular tale built up around, still lingers on in my memory.

Yes, I am talking about the Itchy right palm belief. In fact, it has had a shaping impact on my idiosyncrasy as a person for all these years.

Even now, when I get an itchy right palm, I think to myself “I will receive money soon”. This thought is registered in my sub-conscious and would most often than not pop up whenever I get an itchy right palm. In such, I now consider it positive thinking, thanks to the old superstitious tale anyway.

But where has this belief come from? Is it actually real? What should you really expect when you have an itchy right palm?

What does an itchy Right palm mean? The History behind it and how it started

The itchy right palm superstition is an old wives tale well known in different climes around the world. It is believed that an itchy right palm indicates fortune (money) into your life while scratching the palm on any wooden object makes the belief come true.

Even though this belief continues to gain traction in contemporary times and cultures, where it originated from still remains vague. However, a certain set of pundits believe that this old tale emanated from a few pre-Christian European groups; mainly the Saxons and Celts.

history behind itchy right palm does it bring money into your life

According to history, the Saxons are the Germanic tribe that arrived British soil in the fifth century, following the exodus of the Romans. They are mainly attributed to the creation of the first United Kingdom of England.

At that time, the Saxons had a cultural practice (based on a superstition) which entails rubbing one’s skin on silver in order to cure any topical diseases at the time.

On the other hand, the Celts traditionally upheld a superstition that touching wood fetches a person good luck.

The Celts and Saxons later, in a course of time, met and pitched tents together in a commonplace known today as the British Isles. It was during the course of the co-existence between the Celts and Saxons, that their two superstitions got tangled.

Gradually, their cultural practices without even knowing metamorphosed into a superstition that one with an itchy palm will come by a silver soon. Added, it was also believed that the sure way to scratch an itchy palm without nullifying its good luck was by scratching it on wood.

This culture and superstitions upheld by the Saxons and Celts eventually rubbed off onto the local cultures all over the world.

So, What do Right palm itching mean to you in Today’s world? (According to Palmistry)

what does it mean when your palm itches on your left hand according to palmistry

In palmistry, an itchy right palm is a result of the circulation of new internal energy through the right hand. This new internal energy, in circulation through the right hand, spells an imminent positive experience with money.

According to the hypothesis put forward by palmists, I understand that an itch in the right palm indicates the likelihood of a financial windfall or what we may call lucky money. Surprisingly, this likely will come true if only the person with the itchy right palm bears the irritation by not scratching the right palm.

It is believed that there is a transfer of active energy through the right hand, thus, the influx of good fortune in the form of a financial windfall fall into the person’s life.

Other Beliefs on the Itchy right palm/hand:

In many climes across the world, this superstitious belief about the itchy right palm is pretty much common. Although most of them believe itchy right palm indicates money into their lives, there are a few other beliefs too..

For example, In Nigeria, it is believed that getting an itchy right palm means that someone is about to gift you some money. In Ireland for instance, it is believed that an itchy right palm means that someone new will come into your life.

Whatever may be the point of view, an itchy right palm in every sense bears a good omen.

From a mental viewpoint, freethinkers may argue that the itchy right palm superstition is illogical on the ground that it is not rooted on any proven truths. On the contrary, there are those who strongly believe this old wives tale for reasons best known to them.

While pundits may not have any proof to substantiate some trace of truth in this superstition, one thing is very clear though. This belief has had a very strong psychological impact on the all minds of people that subscribe to it. Thus, an itchy right palm makes them feel good.

Really, does an itchy right palm indicate money into your life or Na? I leave that to your discretion.

Itchy Right Palm: Does Right Hand itching indicate Money into your life?

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