6 Signs She Loves You Secretly Without Saying

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One day it feels like you both were in a deep relationship…

And the very next day, it almost seems like nothing but just friendship. Yes, even after knowing her for many weeks, you are still in a deep confusion over whether she loves you or not. All because of her silence to reveal her true feelings.

So, Whatever may be your situation, Now it’s time to end all your confusions and bring out the real truth about your relationship. So hold tight, while I tell you the 6 psychological signs to know if she is loving you secretly without saying.

6 Psychological Signs she loves you without saying:

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. Her behavior in your Lonely time:

biggest signs that she is in love with you

If you want to know a girl’s true feelings, you need to observe her, especially in the lonely times (when you both are together). Yes, In fact, it is the time when a woman’s true emotions get activated making her intelligence totally numb. So, If you both went somewhere to a lonely place. And when you are sure that No one was around you. Tell me how is she behaving?

Is she leaning on you? cuddling you? hugging you? Then it is a clear sign that she loves you silently without saying. This is because, when your girl’s emotions are active and if she is truly loving you, then she will surely get submissive and naturally tends to gets closer to you as a woman.

2. The Possessive Jealousy Factor:

signs she loves you without saying

This is one of the most common signs to find out whether a woman truly loves you or not. Yes, when we love someone, we never want them to be lost. Thus, as a result, couples naturally get jealous when their partner keep talking to others.

So, Next time when you are talking to another girl, or when you bring the topic of another woman, try to observe her feelings. If you can clearly observe her jealousy and anger, then it is a clear-cut psychological sign that she loves you seriously.

3. Not stopping when you get into flirty romantic talks or acts:

signs she loves you deeply

According to psychology, If you are in a dreaded friend zone, or if your girl is truly not interested in you, then your girl will definitely stop you, whenever you go into the romantic zone. In fact, this happens at a subconscious level, as women tend to have a discrete line between just friends and the potential romantic partners.

So, this can be anything like changing the discussion all of a sudden whenever you start romantic talks, or even talking to some others just as to avoid you. On the other hand, if she is blushing whenever you go romantic, then beleive me you both will soon be in a forever relationship.

4. She gets so emotional when you ignore her/get into a fight with her:

signs she loves you but is scared

Image:Ion Chibzii via Wikimedia commons cc2.0

If someone gives you a top priority in their life, they seriously get affected whenever you ignore them. Thus, even though, she is hiding her feelings for you, she will definitely get caught when you trigger her emotions. In order to understand this, you need to clearly observe your girl’s emotions, whenever you both get into a fight or if you ignore her.

So, in such a situation, If she is creating a lot of drama, or if she is getting too emotional, then it is a sure shot sign that she is silently waiting for you to be her prince. So, next time, when there is some issue between both, try to observe her emotions.

5. Meet her close friends and see their reactions:

signs she likes you without saying

Friends play a major role in everyone’s life. Unlike men, due to the fear to face problems alone, women tend to share everything with others. This includes friends, relatives and people close to her. So if you want to know your girl’s true feelings, the surest way is to observe the behavior of her friends when you both meet together.

Now, if you observe their friends teasing her indirectly, if you observe them cracking jokes, or if you observe them laughing at both of you, then it is a clear sign that your girl has feelings for you. In fact, they would have already known many things about you and your relationship as their friend has already told them that she loves you.

6. Missing you so much if you go outside the town:

how to know she loves you secretly

“if your absence didn’t affect them, then your presence never mattered” This the reason why couples get so affected when their partner gets distant for a few days.  So, what is your partner’s response, if you are distant from her for a few days?

Is she calling you? messaging you? telling you that she is missing you? or at least constantly asking when you will come back? then it can be considered as a clear sign that she loves you secretly.

Although you cannot come to conclusions by just seeing one or two above signs. All you need to do is look for these signs again and again. Thus the more signs you could see in her, the more there is the probability that she is loving you without saying.


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6 Signs she loves you secretly without saying (Based on Psychology)

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