My Husband Thinks He Does Nothing Wrong: Why & What Can I do?

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Everyone does mistakes. While some people accept their mistakes & change their attitude, others don’t agree upon their mistakes and deny to change.

It is obviously annoying if you are ought to meet someone who thinks he does nothing wrong. However, if the person who thinks that he is always right is the closest person of your life, then it is a much bigger concern one must look upon and act upon.

So, What if your husband thinks he does nothing wrong? what if you are the only one he blames for everything? What should you do? Does he ever change? Let us see everything..

3 Common Reasons why your Husband Thinks he does Nothing Wrong

what to do when your husband thinks he does nothing wrong

Whatever may be the situation, if you want a clear solution to someone’s behavioral problem, you need to first understand the root cause causing it.

“Why does your husband tend to think that he is never wrong?” This is the one question you must dig deeper in order to know whether you can change him or not and what you must do to change him.

To be honest, if someone strongly thinks that he does nothing wrong, then most certainly there must be some sort of psychological issue going on in his/her head. Although the core issue causing it can vary from person to person, however, there are a few common scenarios/reasons why your husband may have such unique behavior.

Your husband maybe a Narcissist:

This is one of the most common reasons why your husband could be having this “I’m always right” kind of behavior. If you don’t know who a narcissist is, a narcissist is a person who has an extreme sense of self-importance and entitlement.

In general, a person having narcissism tends to have low levels of empathy and mostly are unable to handle rejection/criticism. Thus they never agree that they are wrong and oppose taking the blame, even though it’s completely their fault. Narcissists are expert manipulators and whatever may be the situation, they conveniently blame the other person, by simply playing the victim card.

So, if your husband is thinking that he does nothing wrong, then chances are high that he could have narcissistic traits. Thus husbands having narcissistic traits, fail to take criticism for their wrong doings. Instead, they don’t agree with the facts and claims that are always right, no matter what.

Gender Stereotype Thoughts:

This is another common reason why your husband might be thinking that he is always right. Some men, especially in stereotypical families are raised as dominant personalities. They are conditioned to thinking that strong men should not do any wrongs and need to be very powerful with respect to every aspect of their lives.

Thus with such kind of raising, many men (as husbands) tend to think that they should always do the right things. In fact, some even fear that doing wrong may make them look feminine in others point of view. Thus this kind of gender stereotyping could be the reason why your husband may think he does nothing wrong. Whether he is actually thinking he is always right or simply acting to be right may depend on various factors, however, this is mostly seen in husbands rather than in wives.


Feelings of insecurity is another reason why a person would always fail to agree for his mistakes. A man who has insecurities is always afraid of his flaws and thus constantly suffer from fear of rejection. Thus if your husband is insecure, then he would likely have immense fears about his weaknesses, making him behave in a manner where he always tries to prove that he is right. This is because he fears and believes that accepting he is wrong, may make him look weak in your eyes or in the eyes of others. Thus a typical insecure husband fails to show his real self and also constantly struggles to trust you.

What to do when your Husband Thinks he does Nothing Wrong and How to deal with this?

My Husband Thinks He Does Nothing Wrong

Once you are sure about the reason behind your husband’s “I’m never wrong” mentality, it is now time to think what you must do to deal with it and change him.

However before thinking what to do, you need to first question yourself “How much is it affecting you?”

So, even though your man thinks he never does anything wrong, if he rarely does any mistakes or if he doesn’t blame you for everything, then you could simply ignore his strange behavior. However you need to make sure that his attitude is not draining you out emotionally and is not affecting you psychologically in any manner.

On the other hand, if he is constantly manipulating his wrong deeds by throwing blame on you, and if you are constantly annoyed and feeling terrible for his “Always Right” attitude, then you must do something right now.

If you are guessing what actually you must do, then let me tell you “Don’t worry!”. This is because by properly identifying the reason for your husband’s unique behavior, half the puzzle is pretty much already solved.

For example, if you feel that the reason behind your husband’s behavior is narcissism, then most probably you must look for further signs. You need to clearly trace out whether he is actually a narcissist or just having a few narcissistic traits. So if he is just having a few narcissistic traits, then you can try to create a environment where accepting his mistakes doesn’t affect his image or ego. On the other hand, if you feel like he has narcissistic personality disorder, then it is better you consult a therapist and look for various options.

If you feel that his gender stereotype thoughts could be the reason behind his nature, then you need to understand that it is a global problem and has been in the society from years. However discussing things directly and making elder men giving advice to your husband may help.

Lastly, if you feel that his insecure nature is the reason behind why he never agrees that his wrongs, then you need to deal with him carefully and with a lot of patience. You need to clearly communicate that even though he does a mistake or two, your love for him won’t decrease in any way. You need to properly identify the root of his insecure behavior and constantly help to heal his childhood wounds so that he feels truly secure being with you.


Whatever may be the reason, and how much bigger may be the problem, One thing you need to remember that is quite vital in dealing with such behaviors is communication. Yes, clearly communicate how you feel and make him truly understand the emotions you are going through because of his “I’m never wrong” attitude. Remember, this is not a blame game and thus you can clearly explain all your feelings, without necessarily blaming his behavior as a problem.

So, once you clearly communicate in a gentle peaceful manner, he may definitely rethink his actions and may try to change his behavior. In the meantime, clearly identify the reason for your husband’s distinct behavior and thus act accordingly or seek a therapist’s help, if necessary.

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