Why He Keeps Adding Female Friends on Facebook: What Should You do?

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He may be a caring partner.. He may be loving you so much.. He may not be cheating on you..

But if your man keeps on adding female friends on his Facebook, of course, it becomes a matter of concern. It will trigger so many doubts about your man and his commitment to the relationship.

So, what does it actually mean if he keeps adding female friends on Facebook? What are the reasons behind your man’s awkward behavior? Does it mean he is not into you anymore? Is he waiting for a chance to leave you? What should you actually do now? See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s seeing other woman

Don’t worry we’ll discuss each and every question you have in your mind, and bring out the true answers you are waiting to know.

Firstly, Question whether it is actually happening or are you just overthinking:

Before digging deep into why your man is adding more and more female friends on Facebook, you need to first question yourself whether it is actually happening or not.

Yes, in some cases, without finding out the facts, we may simply draw conclusions based on our fears and imaginations.

So, gather some facts first..

Is your man adding both male friends and female friends, or only just female ones?

Is your man adding adding complete stranger females or only those who are his colleagues, acquaintances?

Are the female friends on your man’s Facebook just from your neighborhood or are they females who are even miles away?

So, once you find out the answers to the above questions, you can then get a clear idea if your man is intentionally sending friend requests to new females online. Once you are sure that he is sending friend requests to random good-looking females online, then you can move on to the next piece of this article. Yes, i.e figuring out the real reason behind this behavior. See The Mirror Technique to make him devoted to you forever.

So, Why does your Man keep on adding Female friends on Facebook? Here are the 4 Reasons

He Keeps Adding Female Friends on Facebook

Although the reason why a man keeps adding female friends online may depend on his inner thoughts, however upon deep understanding we can figure out a few common reasons why men do this. Here are a few listed –

1. He’s not serious about the relationship:

Whether you agree or not, this could be the most probable reason why your partner is searching for new females online. For example, If he is still not sure about you or if he has lost interest in you or if he is not emotionally attached with you or if he is trying to leave you, Whatever could be the case, this behavior clearly shows that your man is currently not serious about the relationship.

Chances are that he is not giving the necessary value to the relationship and thus could be simply trying different things out, like checking other women, initiating new contacts, finding new people nearby etc.

2. He likes showing off:

This is an age of narcissism and showing off. Many people are obsessed with their follower count and the number of friends they have on their social media accounts. Thus this underlying thinking of feeling great by having more online friends could be the reason behind your man’s insane behavior.

He might be in a belief that having more female friends on Facebook is a sign of increased attractiveness and desirability. Maybe he wants to feel proud in front of others by showing off his huge list of female friends.

3. Probably he is just bored:

This is another reason why your man’s female friends list could be increasing day after day. Yes, he might be simply bored and thus have been trying to add more and more friends that are suggested on his Facebook feed. Thus even though having no intention of chatting with those girls or meeting them in-person, however, he simply could be trying to add those people whom he found scrolling on Facebook.

If you think that this could be the case of your man, then probably your man might be adding some guy friends too along with those female friends. So, simply check if he’s adding random guys too along with those girls online. If you found it to be true, then maybe you are thinking too much and simply focussing more on a small part that you are concerned with rather than seeing the full picture.

4. It could be his self confidence Boost:

We as humans always love a little bit of attention from the opposite sex. Getting the required acceptance from other women always makes a man feel good, whether he is in a relationship or not. He simply enjoys the reverence he is getting, which indirectly boosts his self-esteem and ego.

So just think, what else can be an easier way for a man to get acceptance from women, rather than simply sending friend requests that are as simple as a click. So, when some women accept his request and become friends online, he gets the self-confidence boost he was seeking for.

Although he may not have any intention of cheating on you, this acceptance from other women makes him feel good and desirable in his own eyes. This is more commonly seen in men who have insecurities and have self-esteem issues. However, it is also commonly seen in aged men who feel confident getting attention from young women.

What should you do if he keeps Adding Female Friends on Facebook?

Being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you or your man should stop living their lives or avoid talking to people from opposite gender. However, the couple needs to trust each other and have the necessary belief in his/her partner. In fact, this trust on each other is the foundation stone for any romantic relationship.

So, coming to the point.. What should you do if your man keeps on adding female friends on social media.

Firstly you need to understand that, ‘he does this because he wants to’. On the other hand, you don’t want your man to send friend requests to women because you don’t like it.

So in a relationship, the best solution for any conflict of opinion is by proper communication. Yes, just communicate and tell him clearly that it doesn’t feel good if he keeps on adding unknown girls on Facebook. Many people, especially men are less sensitive to emotions and thus may not know what’s going on in your mind. So, if you have an issue with something your partner does, then it is best to directly talk to him and explain why it is concerning you. However make sure you are not judging or blaming him for his actions, as this may turn him more defensive and less understanding.

Upon communication, if he truly cares for your emotions and understands your feelings, then he will definitely try to change his behavior or at least make you feel secure with necessary acts.

What should you do if he keeps Adding Female Friends on Facebook?

Remember, even after communication you do need to keep an eye on this issue if there are past trust issues with your man. Although you can not simply draw conclusions by just seeing his Facebook profile, you need to keep a check on his history of actions. For example, if he has cheated you or his ex in the past, it is better you find some more pieces of evidence, whether he is talking or flirting new women online.

Contrary if he has no past issues, you can simply trust your boyfriend and your relationship. All you can do is clearly tell him that it doesn’t feel good for you or simply ask him why he is actually doing it. Thus you as a couple need to understand, talk and decide what is happy for both of you.

On the other hand, if your man keeps on repeating this behavior even after proper communication, then you need to clearly tell him that it is not good for their relationship. You can even ask him how he would feel if you do the same by accepting friend requests from random guys online.

However, you need to remember that if you want your man to stop doing something, then it is also your responsibility to stop doing it yourself too. So, if you don’t want your man to add random female friends on Facebook, then you must prepare yourself to not add any random guys on your profile too. Only then he can respect you and feel that everything you were talking about was only for the good of the relationship.

Important Study You must keep in mind:

Before concluding everything, I want to reveal one study you must always keep in mind if you see your man adding new random girls on Facebook.

According to a new study, people who try to add new friends while in a relationship tend to have a lower level of commitment to their partner. In simple, men/women who were not serious about their relationship were more likely to add new friends (with romantic interest) on Facebook when compared to the ones who are serious about their relationship.

Michelle Drouin, a psycholgist at Indiana University, and her team even found out that one’s current friends, including all the old flames like exes, existing opposite gender friends etc, didn’t have any impact on one’s commitment to the relationship. On the other hand, adding new people day after day from opposite genders does have a clear relation with one’s commitment to their current partner.


You both used to be the happy couple in the beginning.

Now tables are completely turning around. His behavior towards you is changing day after day. Moreover, He seems less interested in you nowadays.

And, adding other females on his Facebook is an absolute warning sign that your man is getting attracted to new women around him.


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