5 Real Reasons Why Do Girls Wear Chokers

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If you look up #choker on Instagram, there are over five million hits.. Yes, literally five million hits which include a number of top models, and trendsetters; all wearing them and mentioning it in a hashtag.

So, Where did this sudden and very specific style come from? Why do girls wear chokers actually? Why are many girls going frenzy about this new fashion, even though it is a lot bit uncomfortable? And finally, is there any subliminal meaning behind a girl wearing chokers?

Well, believe it or not, there are answers to everything..

Ask Guys what they think of a Girl wearing chokers… And Beleive me, You’ll find some very awkward answers:

why do girls wear chokers?

Yes, this is the reality. Many people even today claim that girls who wear chokers are sluts, they want sex, they are prostitutes, etc etc..

But this is not the actual Truth..

In fact, to understand why girls wear chokers, you need to study several aspects starting from the history of chokers to the girls deeper psychological wants.

So now, Put down all the things you have read, and heard about chokers.. while we give out the real actual reasons why girls prefer to wear chokers.

5 Real Reasons why do Girls wear chokers:

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

#1. Chokers continued as a part of culture right from our Ancestors:

Who said chokers are a new culture? In fact, the chokers were a culture even before several thousand years ago.

The earliest known instances of women wearing chokers date back as early as 2500 BCE in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

There have even been references made to the item being commonly worn in holy texts! These neck pieces could be worn for either fashion or spiritual reasons, such as invoking protection form the gods.

why is everyone wearing chokers | History of chokers

Gradually, their purpose and symbolism continued to evolve over the centuries. Choker became a popular fashion trend among high society in Europe, (Anne Boleyn having famously donned the monogrammed ‘B’ choker in multiple portraits). During the French Revolution, the trend became particularly popular as women donned blood-red ribbons to symbolize the revolution.

Later during a short period of history, a black ribbon around the neck denoted prostitution, but despite this, royals continued to endorse the trend. In the United States too, this style of necklace became popular in the 1920s (as a sign of luxury), the 1940s (as a sign of rebellion), the 1970s (as a sign of androgynous self-expression), and the 1990s (as a symbol of grunge and goth sub-cultures).

So yeah, they’ve been around for a while.

#2 Girls think chokers Highlight their Necks:

A lot of women do simply think chokers make their necks look pretty, and that is why they wear them. This is especially common in women having long necks. Such women having slender necks strongly beleive that wearing a thick band like chokers (around their neck) can hugely accentuate the shape.

what does it mean when a girl wear a chokers

Moreover, wearing a choker around a neck obviously grabs the attention of people’s eyes. Thus wearing a choker unconsciously make a girl feel like, she is the center of attraction.

#2 Their simplicity makes them DIY for Girls:

Chokers are simple. In fact, some of the most basic forms of chokers, have been fashioned out of a simple strip of ribbon or lace.

Generally, when an idea, fashion or otherwise, is complex, it leaves little room for continued growth. But, what happens when a trending fashion is so simple..?

why do women wear chokers| DIY chokers


Obviously, It gets into the necks of everyone. The same happened with chokers too..

Although, some chokers have elaborate strings of pearls or Swarovski crystals, (as Paris Hilton once donned on the red carpet), just tying a string around one’s neck also constitutes a choker. Yet the choker simultaneously exists as both the simplest home-made article of clothing and a complex statement piece.

#4 Their Versatile and Customizable nature tricks a girl’s mind to wear it for every occasion:

There are few articles of clothing that can be mixed and matched with various different styles while still making a statement, and the choker is one.

different kinds of chokers


The necklace can be adorned with diamonds and pearls, expressing high class and sophistication. On the other hand, it can also be studded or spiked to indicate the edgy rock or gothic subcultures. Thus, by mixing and matching different styles of chokers with alternative outfits, you can add an edge to an outfit or simply use it as a pretty accessory.

#5 Because when Fashion Just Happens (You derive Confidence pursuing that trendy look)

But the simplest reason women wear chokers? Because that style is in. Fashion trends sometimes seem to be without explanation- just look back at the big hair from the 80s and the enormous wide-legged jeans of the 90s for proof.

Some trendsetter somewhere says “this looks good,” and before you know it, that item is everywhere. And it is as simple as women blindly buying what magazines tell (though there certainly may be some girls who do that, and that’s ok). Well, not just women but any human being sees a style that they like (and if it is popular), they gain confidence in pursuing that look.

chokers and why girls are wearing it as a new fashion

Tying a piece of ribbon around your neck when such a look is not in vogue can be risky; if others do not think it looks as good as you do, you run the risk of becoming a meme. Contrary, when many are doing a particular same fashion, you can try and fit in easily, even when it is not your best look.

Thus, Fashion lets you explore different forms of self-expression safely, experimenting with the ‘in’ styles and seeing what does and doesn’t fit your personality. And right now, a lot of girls are trying out their choker personalities.

Finally, the Actual Truth about Girls wearing chokers:

Back in 2016, Taylor Swift was all about the choker, going as far as to call it “the new flower crown.” And if T-Swizzle is on a fad, you had better be prepared to start seeing it everywhere. There are a ton of great reasons to try this fad on for size. So, why shouldn’t someone wear a choker?

Thus.. Contrary to rumored implications, there is no inherent meaning associated with wearing a choker. Though centuries ago it indicated prostitution, that is no longer the subliminal message, nor are those who wear the piece indicating unpaid promiscuity.

There is even no secret homosexual message associated with the jewelry, nor is it an indication of interest in be a submissive in a BDSM relationship. It also does not denote any interest in erotic asphyxiation.

Simply put, a choker is just another necklace. It really is as simple as that. Don’t go looking into hidden meanings or worry about implications; the Illuminati won’t suspect you of spying just because you clasp something around your neck, I promise. Yes, girls, try out a few styles and see what works for them (while writing this article, I ordered a 6-pack of different styles to try on, because hey, I deserve it!). Let this item be a tool to help one express the best version of themselves.

5 Real Reasons Why Do Girls Wear Chokers | Based on Psychology

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