Do Narcissists enjoy kissing? Why do they feel a weird aversion?

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You knew that he was a narcissist. In the beginning, he used to passionately kiss you like you are his whole world.

As days pass by, he seems to be less interested in kissing. He kisses you artificially that too only once in a while.

So what is happening? Is he losing interest in you? Do narcissists enjoy kissing actually?

First of all Who is a narcissist?

If you are reading the article, most probably you might already know who a narcissist is. A Narcissist is a person who feels excessive worth for himself. This excess self-worth makes him feel on top of the world and makes his thinking somewhat peculiar than other normal people.

So coming to the main point..

Do Narcissists enjoy kissing?

Does he enjoy kissing? Then he might be a narcissist


The answer to this question is…

Yes, But only if this boosts his ego and high feeling.

Confused right? Let me explain. A narcissist feels that he is so great and that he deserves everything best in the world. A particular narcissist generally tends to expect all the riches, popularity and greatness in the world.

This is what makes him ambitious and desirous of every great thing. Listen carefully now..

This peculiar thinking of narcissists makes his life a “cycle”…

Initially, he desires something great…

He then tries so hard and hard to achieve that..

Finally, as he achieves that, he feels high and this makes his ego satisfied..

He again sets another great desire and this continues..

Now you need to understand that the same is happening with your relationship too..

Initially, narcissist desired you and want to get you at any cost…

Then he tried so hard and hard and finally got you..

He then felt high when you gave him the first kiss and at the beginning of the relationship. (This is what feeds his ego)

As days pass by, even though you kiss him, he no way feels the initial high and no way satisfies his ego, And this is what makes him feel nothing. Thus he may sometimes claim that he doesn’t like kissing too much or he just does it artificially.

Sometimes, this can even happen even at the beginning of the relationship too. This is because all the narcissistic supply to the narcissist is achieved by him by winning a relationship with you. So once his ego is soothed, he may even lose the interest even if it is the first kiss. Read How to know if a Narcissist is finished with you? Here are the 8 signs

Why is this actually happening?

Let me be honest..

Unlike other people, narcissists consider people just as things and sources of their narcissistic supply. So a narcissist’s needs in a relationship may be completely different from the needs of a normal person. While a normal person’s main needs in a relationship may be loyalty and love. On the other hand, for a narcissist, all he mainly wants is the narcissistic supply from you and the relationship.

So when the relationship is in the beginning, he gets all the narcissistic supply from you, each and every-time you kiss him. However, as days pass by, your kisses no longer satisfy his ego and thus he not at all feels like he wants them anymore. Read Why does he ignore me if he likes me? Here are the 6 Key Reasons

3 Things you should do to make the narcissist excited for the kissing:

See, you may have already seen many websites that bombard you with some absolute nonsense, which are in no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. It must be an achievement for him:

do narcissists romance?

When you have a narcissist who doesn’t seem to enjoy kissing, all you need to do is trigger his narcissistic supply so that he enjoys kissing you every time forever.

In simple, he should feel that he must always try very hard to achieve a kiss. So once he feels that he needs to try hard for a kiss, he eventually feels it as a great thing and starts doing everything to achieve that one kiss from you.

So in such a case, when he finally gets the opportunity, he feels so happy and gives the best passionate kiss ever. Thus he gets his narcissistic supply and feels the kiss, a most satisfying thing. Read Will he come back if I Leave him alone? 6 Reasons it’s going to work

2. You should make it exciting:

Do Narcissists enjoy kissing?

Remember, once you make the kiss exciting, everything changes for the narcissist.

For example, if you kiss him in front of his ex, if you kiss him on a rainy day, teasing him before the kiss, etc such things make everyone feel excited. And this is more in the case of a narcissist.

Once you start making the kisses exciting, this makes him feel high, and ultimately the romance with you feeds his narcissistic supply.

3. Understanding the Perfect Timing:

Narcissistic love patterns and romance

Like many others, Narcissists do have, different changing emotions. So at times, they may feel low due to his unfulfilled goals. On the other hand, when he feels great and meet his goals, he feels super excited. Thus all you need to do is observe his moods.

So, at times when he is low, even if you try harder, he may not seem interested in the kiss. This is because narcissists tend to get obsessed for things they wanted. Contrary, when he is happy and excited, even a small initiating is enough to make him the most romantic person in the world. So all you need to do now is understanding his perfect mood and thus kissing him when he is excited.


You know that he is an unpredictable narcissist..

He who was so passionate in the beginning, why is he now turning colder and colder? Moreover, you can’t ignore the embarrassing fact that He no more enjoys kissing you.

This is what we can consider as a scary sign of an excruciating breakup.


If you want to unlock all his initial stimulations such that you both will be madly in love again. If you want to strongly make him feel like you are the most important person ever.

Here is what to do..

Watch the VIDEO Presentation that helps trigger your narcissist’s real senses thus making him feel the deep relationship..

Do Narcissists enjoy kissing? Why do they feel a weird aversion?

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One Comment

  1. Inasmuch as during the honeymoon period of a relationship it is normal to drink heavily from the cup of human bonding. Be that in the form of passionate kisses or spending long hours engaged in deep conversation. It is that very behavior which many experience as an expression of love. Rightfully so, since these are easily identified overt behaviors. But they are more an indicator of falling in love, rather than the ultimate definition of loving behavior.

    As relationships continue over time this level of investigation and affirmation slow. This does not mean that any less love is being felt, only that the expression of love has changed. Whether this comes in the form of being weighed down by responsibilities of work, children or even a favorite hobby the change of levels of attention are not directly related to a loss of affection. i.e. being focused on the success of your children may inadvertently cause less mindful attention in a spousal relationship or a friendship relationship. We all have limits on our time that can easily perceived as lack of caring if viewed from an improper perspective.

    That being said, I have been exposed to the needy, social undermining goals of sub-clinical narcissism. So I am not attempting to defend their behaviors. But I don’t believe the level or frequency of passionate kisses is a good indicator of this phenomena. Thinking this is the case can throw a misconceived light on otherwise normal behavior. This mindset could lead to demanding behavior that ‘if you truly loved me you would kiss me passionately like you did at the start of the relationship’. These types of expectations that lead to demands are exactly the type of feelings that tend to separate relationships rather than bring them closer together.

    Not to be overly critical. Perhaps the goal of the article was to give easy justification to someone who’s relationship was failing. If that were the case then this bit of insignificance could surely fit into many relationships to the point where it could be used for self affirmation and vindication for either partner’s feelings of discontent with the relationship.

    IMO, there are many more overt and dangerous methods employed by the sub-clinical or clinical narcissist and those behaviors are much more definitive and harmful than a subjective analysis of the perceived quality of a kiss.


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