When Your Boyfriend Says Another Girl is Pretty, What does it Mean?

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“She looks quite pretty.” That’s when a stream of thoughts starts haunting your mind.

Although it is common for men to call a woman pretty, but what if it is your boyfriend who said this.. and what if you are already in a deep relationship with him.

That’s when you start thinking about his true intentions. That’s when you keep wondering about his thoughts, and his inner feeling behind those hard-hitting words.

So, When your boyfriend says another girl is pretty, what does it actually mean? Is he communicating something? Is it common for men to think and call other girls pretty, even if they love their girlfriend? See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine if he’s seeing other woman

What does it mean when your Boyfriend says another Girl is Pretty?

is it ok to call another girl pretty? boyfriend

Whatever may be the reason, when your man says that some other woman is pretty, it may make you feel bad, uncomfortable, and most importantly worried about his inner thoughts.

So, first, let us consider various scenarios why your boyfriend would say that some other woman is pretty.

She could be a known person:

This is the most common case, why your man could be calling a woman pretty. If she is a friend of him, or a colleague of him, he might already have a good rapport with her. So when talking with you, he might have unknowingly told you that she looks pretty in a general routine manner. See The Mirror Technique to make him devoted to you forever.

Unlike women, men are less sensitive about the small things they say. Thus most probably your man could not have perceived, that you have been offended by his comments.

He feels like he is being honest with you:

Although it depends on individual to individual, some people only feel the depth of the relationship when they are completely honest with each other. So did he express that he loves being very honest with each other? Did he ask to express everything you feel? Then most probably he is just trying to be as honest as possible, with you.

One needs to accept that, even though we are in a relationship, it is obvious that somewhere, at some time we may feel someone is cute/pretty. Although it doesn’t mean that we are attracted to them or will go on a date with them, but it is just a feeling one may experience whether we are in or out of a relationship. So, if your man loves being very honest, then he could be just sharing his feeling with you. He doesn’t mean to hurt you, or be rude to you or is expecting any reaction from you. That’s it.

He wants to make you jealous:

This is another common reason, why your boyfriend may call some other girl pretty in front of you. He clearly knows that complimenting other women makes you feel jealous and thus he may be intentionally calling other women pretty.

Thus he wants to make you emotional and could be expecting a strong reassurance from you that you want to be with him. In such a case, calling a woman pretty just shows his insecurity over the relationship. Thus when you respond and react, he feels the reassurance that you adore him.

Does he speak his mind always?

As said, men are less sensitive, when compared to women psychologically. Thus even though, he said something out of the box, he may not be realizing that he’s upsetting you.

Think in these terms like, is he a little bit insensitive while choosing his words? Does he always speak whatever comes to his mind? Does he always fail to think before talking about something? If your answer is yes, then this could be the case of why your boyfriend might have called some other girl pretty.

Is it Ok for a Man in a relationship to call another girl pretty?

As a general thumb rule, it is obviously not common for anyone to call some other person pretty, when he/she is already in a relationship. Of course, a man may share this with other people like his buddies, or male friends, but telling this straight to his partner is mostly seen as offending and being mean.

I do agree, that this is completely dependent on the couple’s understanding and the kind of bond they both share, but still, most people in relationships may find this completely inappropriate, and being mean to their girlfriend.

What should you do now?

when your boyfriend says another girl is pretty

So, should you ignore his comments? Should you express your feelings? What should you do if your boyfriend says another girl is pretty?

Before thinking about what you should do, you need to first think about whether it is okay for you or not. As said, there are no general rules in a relationship. It is always up to you both, to decide how and what should happen in a relationship.

So, is it okay for you, if your boyfriend says another woman is pretty? If yes, then overthinking “what he means” is not necessary. Of course, it could be any one of the reasons mentioned above, and worrying too much about, he cheating upon you, is not necessary.

On the other hand, if you are not okay with his compliments on other girls, this is when you need to focus on how you can communicate this to him.

Firstly, think about why it’s not okay for you. Then clearly trace out what is triggering you and making you upset. Thus once you understood everything, clearly communicate this to your boyfriend in a polite manner. You need to make him understand that it is not okay for you, if he keeps on telling his feelings about other girls.

Thus if he really values the relationship, he doesn’t repeat this behavior and will be a changed man. On the other hand, if he still continues doing this, then it shows that he is trying to manipulate you or he is intentionally making these comments to make you feel insecure. If that’s the case, it is a warning sign telling you to re-think your relationship again.


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