What Does It Mean When My Boyfriend Doesn’t Text Me Much Anymore? 5 Reasons Why Guys Text Less After A While

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Your man used to keep on texting you during the initial days of your relationship. It felt like as if you are on his mind 24/7 throughout the day.

However, things started to change, and now he no longer texts you like before. Hours started to reduce to minutes, and it clearly feels like he isn’t texting you much like those beautiful initial days.

So, why is this happening? Is he losing interest in you gradually? Is it common for the texting patterns to change as the relationship progresses? What does it mean when your boyfriend doesn’t text you much anymore?

“My boyfriend doesn’t text me much anymore..” To be honest, this is one of the most common complaints many women make on their partners when the initial days of the infatuation end and as the relationship progresses. So why do guys text less after a while? Let us see..

What does it Mean when My boyfriend Doesn’t Text me much Anymore? 5 Reasons Why Guys Text Less After A While

My boyfriend Doesn't Text me much Anymore
  1. He feels settled and thinks that a chase is no longer necessary:

This is THE MOST common reason, in many cases where women complain that their boyfriends are not texting them much like before. We need to accept the fact that, everything feels super excited in the initial stages of dating. Both partners, and more especially men keep chasing their woman, with the thrill of getting to know each other.

However, this changes once the relationship progresses and you both already have understood each other completely. Your man now settles in a comfort zone and is completely secure in the relationship. Since he is now sure about this relationship, he thinks that a mad chase is no longer necessary while his life routines take the center stage.

Here, you need to understand that this behavior is in no way a sign of weakness in your relationship. It also doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like texting you or spending time with you. It just means that you both now have a deep understanding, and therefore constant conversation and attention-grabbing is no longer necessary.

This is common in every relationship. Once the infatuation stage is over, your man feels settled and gets into a realistic routine instead of a mad chase like before. This is completely alright and you need not worry about your man or your relationship with him.

  1. He Needs some space and freedom:

Sometimes when we are overwhelmed with the quick things happening in our relationship/life, we often feel like we need some space and time. Moreover, men tend to crave manly freedom even when they are in a relationship. Yes, every man wants some alone time, freedom, space, or whatever we call it.

So, when your man wants space, he may reduce texting you and try seeing things beyond the relationship. He wants to sort out his thoughts, emotions, and get to understand the things going on in his life. This is the reason, you must always give the space your man craves for. Giving some space not only makes him feel less restricted but also some time to miss you. Thus once he gets the space he wants, he gets back to normalcy again, misses you again, and gets back to texting you like normal.

  1. He started losing interest lately:

This is the worst scenario any woman can ever imagine. When your man who used to shower you with daily messages, is no longer messaging you like before, then it can be a warning sign that he is losing interest in you. Yes, many men after losing interest in their partners no longer feel like messaging them. They feel bored, irritated and look for ways to end the conversations as quickly as possible.

Although texting less doesn’t directly prove that your man is losing interest in you, however, it is considered as a warning sign to keep your eyes on your relationship and to start looking for other warning signs.

  1. He may have got busy with some other aspect of his life:

Whether we accept it or not, love is only a part of a person’s life. Thus when life-things start to take center stage, we tend to get less time for our love life. So, tell me is your boyfriend focusing on some new aspect of his life? Is he preparing to take a new course? Did he get a new job? Did he take on some family responsibilities recently? Is he facing some family issues or financial issues? As you can see, there are hundreds of other aspects which sometimes can take center stage thus making us busy.

Thus if your man has been busy recently, then there is quite a big chance that this could be the reason for the change in his texting patterns. Since he is busy dealing with other aspects of his life, he now has less time to focus on his love life and thus doesn’t text you much.

  1. He is only up for the chase game and is slowly backtracking now:

Although this is not a common scenario, however, it could be a reason too with respect to few men. Few men only love the chase in the relationship and thus be interested only as long as the chase is on. Thus once you both are committed to each other and the chase is over, such men start to look for other women and for a new chase again.

Men who are Players tend to bombard you with constant contact throughout the day, and once you started loving them, they start to move on to another chase game repeating the cycle again. This is also a common scenario in toxic relationships, where the toxic man tends to love-bomb you in the beginning, and pulls away as the relationship progresses. Whatever may be the reason, if your man is a toxic individual or a player, he may be now backtracking from the commitment of the relationship and hence trying to text you lesser and lesser

Few Factors to keep in mind:

Why do Guys Text Less After A While?

If you want to know the real reason behind changes in your boyfriend’s texting patterns… If you want to actually know why he doesn’t text you much anymore.. then you need to keep other factors too in mind.

Look for more signs: Instead of just observing the texting patterns, try to see how he actually behaves when he is with you. Is he not interested in just texting or is he not interested in even spending time with you? Is he trying to actually make plans to go out with you? Is he being affectionate and being attentive to you, when you both are together? Thus by observing the above-said signs you can better understand the reason behind his less texting lately.

The amount of text messages he sends you is in no way reflective of his interest in you. A particular man may be simply texting you for hours just because he is bored. On the other hand, another man could be madly in love with you but still doesn’t prefer texting as a mode of communication. So try to figure out if he is comfortable with other modes of communication. Like, ask him if he loves talking on the phone than texting, or maybe with other modes of communication available.

What should you do when your boyfriend doesn’t text you much anymore?

Good honest communication is the most effective solution to any kind of problem in a relationship. So honestly communicate your feelings and tell him how you feel about the things happening (without blaming him).

If he’s a keeper he will talk to you about it properly and try to clear away your doubts & fears. Also if you prefer texting him at least a few times a day, let him know that rather than just being silent. Thus you both together can find a solution that is practical and happy for you both.

So, among the above discussed 5 reasons, unless your man is losing interest or is some kind of a toxic person, you need not worry about anything much. Honestly communicate your feelings to him and you both together can discuss what to do, even if your man feels no need for a chase, or really busy with some life aspect, or even if he wants space.

On the other hand, if you feel like your man is losing interest, or if your man is a toxic player, then there are bigger things happening and you need to do something to handle your relationship.

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