Do Your Ears Ring When Someone Is Thinking About You?

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Are you hearing a ringing deep in your ear? Before you dismiss it as a coincidence or sign of some problem, consider the spiritual significance of this phenomenon.

While it may be annoying or catch you off guard, many cultures worldwide have given spiritual significance to the phenomenon of ringing in the ears. One common belief that is quite popular among people is that your ears ring when someone is thinking about you.

So, Is this actually true? Do your ears ring when someone is thinking about you? What does it mean when your left ear rings vs What it means when your right ear rings?

Ringing in the Ears and Someone thinking about you – Origins:

Do Your Ears Ring When Someone Is Thinking About You?

When you hear a ringing in the ear, the old tale goes, someone somewhere is talking about you. Other variations are that someone is thinking about you, especially in a favorable way. Others associate it only with negativity and gossip.

Chances are, if someone is thinking of you and has a message for you, they’ll reach out and send a text and you’ll know right away. But if you pay attention, you may notice a number of occasions in which your ear starts to ring, and then your phone sends a notification that you’ve got a text or message from a loved one far away.

Where did this belief originate? You may be surprised to know its origins are ancient. Pliny, the Roman philosopher, wrote in his comprehensive encyclopedia, Natural History.  As a result, this belief was prevalent in regions influenced by Roman culture and has even carried down thousands of years to the present.

Though this belief originated long ago, you’ll still find some wise elders advising that when your ears are ringing, it means someone is talking/thinking about you. But what are they thinking? Is it cause for alarm? It turns out, there are even spiritual beliefs to address this.

One thing you’ll always want to consider is whether the ringing is happening in the left or right ear. Also, pay attention to what is going on around you when this phenomenon occurs.

Ringing in the Left Ear or Right Ear?

Many believe that there is additional spiritual significance depending on which ear is ringing. If you pay attention to a ringing in your ears with this in mind, you may be able to develop further interpret the signs you receive when your ear is ringing. One of the folk sayings alludes to this. It is believed that ringing in the left ear is fortunate, but only if it happens at night.

The saying “left at night, better than right,” sums it up. When your left ear is ringing at night, it means someone has good things to think about you and they’re talking about you, no need to worry about slander or gossip.

Others believe that if you hear the ringing in your left ear, someone is speaking/thinking about you in practical ways or in ways that impact your mundane life such as your work or daily routines. If someone is talking/thinking about your ideology, beliefs, or in terms of higher moral or philosophical issues, you’ll hear the ringing in your right ear.

Some believe a ringing in the ear connotes gossip or negative thoughts by others, according to old folklore. Of course, if your ears are ringing, especially your left ear, and it isn’t nighttime, you may be wondering who is thinking about you or what you can do about it.

Fortunately, another belief is that if you bite your tongue, you can make the conversation/thoughts stop. You may wonder how the mechanics of this could possibly work, but if you understand folk beliefs about magic, especially sympathetic magic, it will make more sense.

How Ear Ringing Corresponds to Someone thinking/Gossipping Metaphysically?

When your ears ring does it mean someone is thinking about you

Believers in folk magic understand that everything is connected by energy and energy can also be manipulated. Yet physical triggers can also correspond to the energy that can influence things even miles away. This is why someone who is thinking about you in another city or even a different part of the world can make your ear start to ring.

This phenomenon mirrors the process of someone actually whispering in your ears. According to the rules of magic, you are picking up on the energy of the person talking/thinking about you. You’re hearing the ringing in your ears because ears correspond naturally to communication and conversations.

Likewise, biting your tongue to stop the gossip corresponds to interrupting the communication because in this case the mouth and tongue represent speech or in this case, the interruption of speech. When it comes to metaphysics, the modern descendant of folk magic, ringing in the ears is an energetic “notification” signaling there’s something you need to hear. Someone is talking/thinking about you and you need to pay close attention.

Ear ringing – A Loved one in the Spirit world Thinking about You?

Other variations regarding ear ringing include the belief that a loved one in the Spirit world is thinking or trying to break through & communicate with you. Though this communication can occur in many ways, a ringing in the ear can indicate a notification from your Spirit Guides.

Thus, if you pay attention to a ringing in your ears with this in mind, you may be able to develop a closer relationship with your Spirit Guides. So, if you hear a ringing in your ear, pay particularly close attention. Your loved ones in Spirit and Spirit Guides are trying to get your attention.

Some also view this as a sign that your Guardian Angel is signaling to you with an important message. While you may be accustomed to verbal communication, conversations with your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides can be much more subtle. Our guides give us a series of hints and clues, often through sensations in our bodies such as ringing in the ears.


Ringing in your ears is a unique phenomenon that can have spiritual implications. When you hear a ringing in your ear, take note of which ear and how often this happens. It is likely someone is thinking about you or talking about you.

Some believe that if your ears ring while you’re thinking of a particular person, it means that particular individual too is thinking/talking about you. Others try to find other synchronistic cues to help them discern who is thinking about them. Yet if you follow this belief, you’ll know you’re on someone’s mind and your name may even be on their lips.

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