Why Does My Boyfriend’s Snapchat Score Keeps Going Up? Here are the 5 Reasons

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We all know that Snapchat shows a particular snap score on everyone’s account, based on the amount of activity they are doing on Snapchat. Although sometimes it is fun to see one’s high Snapchat score, however, things may get complicated when you are in a relationship.

Yes, there even goes a random saying that – you must never trust someone who has a huge snapchat score.

So, what if your boyfriend’s Snapchat score keeps going up gradually? What does it actually mean? Is he cheating on you? Are you seeing an increase in his snap score, even though he claims of not sending snaps to anyone? What could he be actually doing? Let us see everything

What is the Snapchat score actually? How does it keep going up?

So, before understanding why your boyfriend’s snapchat score is going up, you need to first understand what this score actually is,

According to the Snapchat official website, “Your Snapchat score is determined by a super-secret, special equation that combines the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a couple other factors”

So barring other factors, broadly, a person’s snapchat score increases

  • If he/she sends snaps to someone
  • Reads his/her received snaps
  • If they post stories.

Although it is unknown how many points actually add up for each thing, metro.co.uk mentioned that every person receives 1 point if he/she sends a snap. Similarly, a person also gets a point if he/she opens a received snap. Also upon evaluating, it was found out that every person receives a point for posting a snap to their story.

However, there was no change in points for just messaging on Snapchat and also for simply watching other’s stories. Another thing that was found by many people using Snapchat was that they were awarded a bonus score when they sent their first snap after being inactive on Snapchat for a few days or so.

So, we have seen how Snapchat score actually works. But what about your boyfriend? What could be the actual reason why your boyfriend’s snapchat score is going up? What could he be doing? Let us explore various real scenarios why your boyfriend’s Snapchat score keeps going up..

Why is My Boyfriend’s Snapchat score keep going up? Here are the 5 Real Reasons

Why is My Boyfriend's Snapchat score keep going up

Your Boyfriend Could be Mass snapping everything:

Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social networks, especially among the younger generation. We all know that person who excessively uses Instagram/Facebook, and posts everything online. Similarly, there are some people who excessively use Snapchat and sends tons and tons of snaps all day.

So, if your boyfriend is a serious Snapchat user, then most probably, you might observe your boyfriend’s Snapchat score going up every day. Most probably he might have a habit of mass snapping and thus could be sending mass snaps (of all his random pics) to people he likes. Sometimes, he could even be in the game of “STREAKS’ where he might be even sending blank snaps just to keep his streaks higher and higher.

Understand that Team Snapchat sometimes give away some points too:

Yes, you heard it right, team Snapchat themselves send promotional pictures and videos (about their all-new features) to several users across the globe. So, even if it’s a snap from the ‘team Snapchat’, opening those snaps triggers the Snapchat algorithm thus adding points to one’s overall Snapchat score.

In addition, Snapchat also has the habit of offering more point to inactive users, in order to promote using their app more. So, if your boyfriend doesn’t open Snapchat regularly, then he might see increased Snapchat points if he snaps something after a few days of inactiveness. Some people even claimed that they have seen 6 additional points if they have sent a new snap after being inactive on Snapchat for a while.

One thing you need to remember that, this case only applies if you have been seeing a small increase in your boyfriend’s Snapchat score. On the other hand, if you have seen a huge increase in his Snapchat score (like an increase in 3-digit number), then it could be not just team Snapchat but something more happening and definitely another case discussed in this article

He might have friends who sends him snaps of everything:

We have already discussed, how some people mass Snapchat to their friends. But what if your boyfriend doesn’t have the habit of mass snapping? Is there still a possibility that his snap chat score could be increasing?

The answer to this question is – Yes..

Yes, your boyfriend’s Snapchat score might still continue to go up if he has some friend who has a habit of mass snapping every random thing. Thus even if your boyfriend has a couple of friends who have the habit of mass snapping, then most probably by just viewing those snaps, his score tends to increase day after day.

So, how can you find this out? How can you find out whether your boyfriend is both sending & receiving snaps or just only receiving them from others? In order to find this, you need to open his Snapchat account, and then pay close attention to his Snapchat numbers. Here you can see two numbers, where the first one indicates the snaps sent and the second one indicates the number of snaps received.

If there is a large difference between the no. of snaps received and no. of snaps sent, then the above-discussed scenario could be the potential reason for his increased Snapchat score. Contrary if they are almost in balance with each other, then it could be definitely something else.

He could be posting stories specifically excluding you:

This could be another most common reasons, why you could see your boyfriend’s snap score going up. Yes, if he is not into sending/receiving snaps, then most probably he could be posting stories on Snapchat. Yes, posting Snapchat stories too increases one’s Snapchat score. But what if you haven’t seen any stories that are posted recently on his Snapchat? Then he could be simply hiding those stories from you.

As we know, in Snapchat there is an option to specifically exclude someone from seeing your stories. So whatever may be the reason, if he is specifically excluding you and posting regular stories, then there might be a huge chance that his score might keep going upper and upper, while on the other hand, you could not see his stories and also find no snapping on his end.

He could be cheating:

Last but not least, if your boyfriend’s Snapchat score is increasing in a steady 3 digit number, let’s say more than 100 each day, then most probably something more is going on. Of course, one cannot judge his/her partner based on Snapchat score, however, it clearly shows that your boyfriend is continuously sending and receiving snaps from some other person.

So, who sends more than 100’s of snaps to someone without any special interest? That is why it is not uncommon for many women to have doubts if their boyfriend’s Snapchat score is increasing in hundreds each day. On the brighter side, if your boyfriend’s Snapchat score is just increasing in small numbers, then you need to reevaluate your thoughts and have trust in him and your relationship.

Whatever may be the scenario, communication is the key thing in any relationship. Honestly sharing all your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with your partner can always show you the right path towards solving your relationship issues.

Don’t judge your Boyfriend by simply seeing the ‘Time’:

This is another common misconception many women have in their minds. If you see your boyfriend’s Snapchat score increasing at midnight, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that he might be sending snaps to someone at that time of the night.

Yes, nowhere it was clearly mentioned by team Snapchat that its point system adds points to one’s account as soon as they earn them. So, in most cases, it definitely may take some time or delay for one’s Snapchat score to show up on their account, from the time they have earned them.

So, next time when you see your boyfriend’s Snapchat score increasing at midnight, don’t panic it’s just the working of the Snapchat points algorithm.


As you have read, there might be several possibilities and reasons, why your boyfriend’s Snapchat score keeps going up. Nevertheless the reason, we can conclude that he is either sending snaps or receiving snaps or posting stories. Find out what’s actually happening and clearly communicate your thoughts and fears, so that he can sort out all your doubts.


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