6 Real Reasons Why Do Guys Hook Up With The Same Girl?

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Have you seen guys who keep on hooking up with the same girl again and again? On the other hand, I’m sure you may have also seen guys saying that they are in no way interested in hooking with the same girl repeatedly.

So, what is the reason behind these different behaviors? Why do guys hook up with the same girl? On the other side, in what scenarios do guys avoid hooking with a girl even for a second time? What goes through a guy’s mind that pushes him to hook up with the same person multiple times?

Let us see everything,,

Why do Guys Hook up with the Same Girl? Here are the 6 Reasons

Why Do Guys Hook Up With The Same Girl
  1. High Level of excitement in the first hookup:

This is the most important and common reason why guys choose to hook up with the same girl again and again. Yes, how a guy felt while hooking up with a particular girl, decides whether he will or will not hook up with her the next time.

So, did a guy feel extremely excited and thrilled during his initial hookup with you? Then chances are that he would crave to experience that thrill again and again, and thus try to come back with another hookup proposal within no time. On the other hand, if a guy felt simply bored and normal during his initial hookup, then most probably he might look for a new hookup the very next time.

Thus if a guy, after the first meet, felt that it was fun hooking up with a particular girl, then in all cases, he will likely feel like hooking up with the same girl again.

  1. If he felt that you are his most beautiful hook up:

We all know men are visual creatures. When a man feels that a particular woman is beautiful, he lusts her and obviously wants to hook up with the same woman again and again.

So, does he feel that you are one of the most beautiful women he hooked up with? Then he is ought to feel that he shouldn’t miss you at any cost. As a result, he is likely to repeatedly hook up with you no matter the situation. In some cases, such a man may even go further forward, and propose an FWB relationship or even a real romantic relationship.

  1. When there is no emotional drama involved:

This is another very most important factor that makes or breaks whether a guy repeatedly hooks up with a girl or not. Yes, when a guy thinks of hooking up with a girl, he most probably wants to have romance without any strings attached to it. So the first thing that can push away a guy during hookups, is when the girl starts getting serious.

When a guy felt that things are very relaxed, friendly, cool, and don’t involve any emotional burdens (in a hookup), he is ought to love having repeated hookups with such a girl. So, when a guy truly believes that hooking up with you can be soo casual and don’t require any hard feelings & emotional aspects, then he dreams of hooking up with you as often as possible.

To be straight, the more a man feels comfortable, and the more he believes that he can have this hookup without any emotions being attached, the more is the chance of him having repeated hookups with you.

  1. If he is less confident of getting new hookups:

Self-confidence is one reason that can affect relationship dynamics in a huge way. If a guy has less self-confidence and is not sure of getting new hookups, then he may look to hook up with the same girl whom he already has hooked up in the past. Doing so, he doesn’t have to do the hard work of approaching and trying a new hookup, thus subconsciously avoiding facing rejection.

Thus if he believes that he can’t get many hookups so often, he may settle with the girl whom he already hooked up in the past and go with her multiple times.

  1. If the romance was sparkling:

One main reason people go on hookups is to just enjoy romance and lovemaking. So, when there is intense romance and passionate lovemaking involved in a hookup, a guy will surely be obsessed with such a kind of hookup. He neither feels like hooking up with a new girl nor try any more new things, since all his needs/desires are super fulfilled by the current hookup.

Thus feeling obsessed with such a sparkling romance, he thinks of hooking up with the same girl again and again in expectation of the same sparkling romance.

  1. More ease of Access:

How often do you see this guy? How often do you both meet on certain occasions? How easily can you reach out to each other? These are a few questions you need to ask yourself if you are expecting a guy to hook up with you multiple times.

Can you expect a guy to have repeated hookups with you, if you are staying miles away from each other? Obviously, No. Even though the guy believes that you both share great chemistry, he may not be ready in investing so much energy to travel so many miles just to have a casual hookup. So the more there is an ease of access between you and the guy, the more are the chances that you both can hook up repeatedly from time to time.

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