What Does ‘In a spectrum’ Mean On Tinder?

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Ever since the online space has become bigger, people are taking interest in knowing the other person better, and apps like Tinder are trying to find a more authentic way of doing so. Tinder is a geosocial networking and online dating service. Users of the dating app Tinder “swipe right” to like or “swipe left” to disapprove of the profiles of other users, which contain their images, a brief bio, and a list of their interests.

Ever since its inception, tinder has introduced many tags to get to know the other person better. However, one tag that raised eyebrows among many people is the “In a spectrum” tag.

So, what does ‘In a spectrum’ mean on Tinder? Why does someone mention “In a Spectrum” in their Tinder Bio? Does it indicate one’s sleeping habits? Or does it mean something else? Well, lets find out. See The Direction Approach to make any woman desire for you and ask you on a date FAST.

‘In a spectrum’ Tag meaning: What Does “In a Spectrum” Mean on Tinder?

What Does 'In a spectrum' Mean On Tinder?

The “In a spectrum” tag on tinder created a lot of confusion in the online dating world and left social media in splits. YouTubers also have released videos of people asking them if they are in a spectrum and it has been interpreted as having a particular disability. However, to bust all the myths, ‘in a spectrum’ on tinder refers to sleeping patterns of the individuals.

Yes, you heard it right. “In a spectrum” tag on one’s tinder bio indicates that particular person’s sleeping habits or sleeping patterns.

While there isn’t an official notice by Tinder to clarify this meaning. The icon next to the option makes it easier to understand that it indicates sleeping patterns. Since Tinder recognizes diversity and inclusion, it also made an official attempt in understanding the sleep habits of individuals.

Generally, we all have a particular sleep schedule. Some of us are active in the morning and are referred to as early birds and some of us are especially active in the night and are known as night owls. The ones in between are found to be ‘in the spectrum’.

Why Does a Person Mention “In a Spectrum” in Their Tinder About Me Section?

Imagine that you are someone who likes to party all night, and you meet someone who has the traits that you are looking for, except that they are someone who wakes up at 4 to do Yoga. While this may not look like a trait of conflict, it can indeed influence the time you spend together. See This sends a SHIVER up a woman’s spine and makes her see you as a ‘Man in demand’

Thus, apart from knowing about the other person’s horoscope, education and other personal traits, the “In a spectrum” tag allows you to express and know one’s very basic habits like sleeping.

The Importance of “In a spectrum” on Tinder:

The “In a spectrum” option is visible in the About Me Section as a tag. While a lot of us look at this tag as an irrelevant feature, determining the sleep habits of your potential partner is an important component of compatibility.

In fact, relationship quality has been demonstrated to suffer from some sleep issues, such as snoring, partly because the person who is listening to the snoring gets disturbed sleep.

Also, the study of couples’ sleeping habits reveals an intriguing relationship. When objective indicators like brain waves or eye movements are analyzed, it is told that people generally sleep better alone than with a partner. While Tinder hasn’t given much clarity about their rationale, psychology has been looking at couple sleeping habits since many years.

Various Wrong Assumptions about “In a Spectrum” Circling among People:

While we now know the meaning of ‘in the spectrum’ on tinder, many people thought otherwise. For some people, it represented a paradigm shift with an online dating app introducing mental health spectrums. Mental health concerns like autism and intellectual disability lie on a spectrum. According to them, “in a spectrum” tag basically indicates some mental health concern or special ability. A lot of members from the community were happy about recognizing this change and were glad that a popular company like Tinder is open to inclusion.

Some others felt that it indicates sexuality and gender. The spectrum model more realistically illustrates how a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and other sexual and romantic orientations may not always exist as opposite ends. They can coexist in any arrangement, and where one falls on one spectrum does not necessarily indicate where they fall on the others. Thinking of this, individuals even thought about this spectrum. Unfortunately, Tinder didn’t refer to either of these.


Given the influence of social media and technology, words can be easily misinterpreted and the context can be completely changed. It is important for large companies to be sensitive to issues around gender, identity and other personal traits. Tinder has been an active proponent of gender rights and by actively addressing these underlying themes, it can become an authentic tool to match people. Till then, swipe right.

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