What Does It Mean When A Guy Smells Your Neck?

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In my opinion, a woman fantasizes a thousand times more than a man. We imagine every situation that might happen in our growing relationship beforehand. About how will it be when the person we love will hold our hand for the very first time, about how our first kiss will be like, how will it feel when we visit our partner’s bedroom for the first time; Yes! We think about it all. A guy also wants all of this but, then, I doubt if they think about these kinds of stuff deeply. Of course, there are exceptions.

There are times when a guy comes and hug us, or we hug them, we realize that the guy took his time while hugging and what he did was sniff or say smell our neck. And then maybe we try to catch his expression but we fail most of the time and that leaves us wondering, Why?

Sometimes we find the act cute, sometimes we feel weird but this question “Why?” stays in both cases. So, why does a guy do so? What does it mean when a guy smells your neck? See This sends a SHIVER up a man’s spine making him obsess over you

What does it mean when a Guy smells your Neck? Why does he do so?

Yes, the way you smell is as important as how you look. All these perfumes advertisements showing that your smell is attracting the opposite gender makes this thing obvious.

When we start thinking about the reasons why a man would smell our neck, there are many thoughts that would cross our minds.

The very first thought is does he like me? Or was my perfume just very attractive?

If a guy comes closer to you for the first time and you feel he sniffed your neck, there are a few things on which it will depend what his thoughts are.

What does it mean when a new guy smells your neck? (If the guy is a stranger/friend/dating partner) –

What does it mean when a Guy smells your Neck

If a stranger who you met for the very first time or say a guy who you were dating, sniffs your neck while hugging or greeting you, it is not very surprising that you might feel uncomfortable. You might find it creepy or maybe you will think that something is wrong with how you smell. Ladies here is an honest explanation – See The Mirror Technique that will make any man commit to you FAST.

  • There might be a chance you both exchanged looks before and you both are attracted towards each other. In this case when you like the guy, and he comes closer to you and sniffs your neck, it will probably make you blush. The reason why he might do it is very clear. He is giving you hints. He is confirming he is interested in you and likes you. The best way you can make sure is by paying attention to his expression when he pulls himself back from the hug. His smile, the way he is looking, will make things really easy for you.
  • Also, a reason why a guy does it can be that he is simply trying to flirt with you. He finds you attractive and is trying to be playful around you. Men do things that might seem weird to us, but to men, those things are an act of cuteness rather than say, this is how they choose to express themselves most of the time.

What does it mean when your partner smells your neck? (If the guy is your boyfriend)

What does it mean when your boyfriend smells your neck?

When the person you love does any intimate action around you, it is obvious that you will feel the butterflies in your whole body, no matter how your mood is. Even if we are upset with our partners, we tend to enjoy those cute actions done by our partners. Our partner smelling our neck is very common but I understand if you are curious about what do they even get out of it.

  • Our smell becomes our identity for our partner. If you are attracted to a person, their smell will make you feel like nothing less heaven. A reason a man in love sniffs their partner’s neck is to have that feeling which is utterly satisfying to them. This feeling is not all about pleasure, it gives men a sense of security and love. If you already are in an intimate position with your man and he sniffs your neck, that act is totally for your pleasure and to give you goosebumps throughout your body. If you guys are laying together quietly hoping to sleep, and he does it; as I said before, they get a sense of security. It gives them the feeling that the person they love is with them, and also they feel happy about the fact that the woman with them is theirs. Men can be childish in many ways, and this is one. They feel happiness out of things we can’t even expect.
  • If your partner sniffs your neck in public, then again they are trying to give you the feeling they know you will get. It’s their way of telling you that no matter how many more girls are present in the room, what matters to them is you. They probably want to tell you and others that they are proud of having you by their side.
  • Sometimes men sniff their partner’s neck trying to turn them on. The neck is a weak point for most women and any action around it makes us feel excited. It’s very likely that any man who is known to this fact will use this trick.

There are many things about men we don’t understand and it’s okay. When he is the one, it will take you time but you will eventually learn everything about him. Sometimes few actions mean nothing and, be aware of that. You will meet people who will do adorable things around you and you will fall for them and to them, it will mean nothing but just fun. This is why we are so reserved about drawing positive conclusions.

And sometimes, these few small things mean the world to us and any guy who continues to do such adorable things throughout the relationship makes us feel secure too.


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