5 Famous Leo and Capricorn Couples: How Happy Are They?

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Do you think the zodiac signs hold relevance in your love life? This article will introduce the couples of two very interesting zodiac signs and their compatibility.

The Leo & The Capricorn..

Well, Leo and Capricorn are two highly practical signs by nature. You may find it unusual that Leo and Capricorn signs would share anything in common, as they appear to be two very different people.

However, there is a good chance that a Leo and Capricorn couple will have a happy marriage. Since both individuals are achievers and independent, they will work hard to advance their own careers. Nevertheless, marriage cannot live by itself if you do not work on it, thus it is crucial for this Leo and Capricorn pair to not overlook their partner in this quest for success. The ability to accept one another, compromise, and let go of egos are all skills that Leo-Capricorn partners should develop.

So today, we’ll reveal 5 famous Leo and Capricorn couples that are quite popular of all time. Furthermore, we will also have a deeper look at their compatibility and find out how happy they are together.

5 Famous Leo And Capricorn Couples

Celebrity couples aren’t the best representations of what successful relationships look like. They don’t always stay together, their issues are made public and scandalised, and they are frequently swarmed by fans who wish to know more about them. They frequently end up estranged and have their personal identities clouded by all the rumours and the public image they present, regardless of whether they are partnered with some other star or have a non-famous spouse.

Leo and Capricorn fit under star-matched couples, even though they’re not as well-known as the Scorpio X Capricorn couple! The following is a list of notable Leo X Capricorn celebrity couples of all time:

1. Barack Obama & Michelle Obama (Leo man – Capricorn woman)

dbking via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most famous Leo-Capricorn couples we know is Barack Obama and his wife. In this Leo-Capricorn pair, Barack is a Leo, while Michelle is a Capricorn. When Barack joined Michelle’s company in 1989, they became mentors for one another. She declined his several invitations to go out on dates. Michelle was not drawn to him, and she chose to put more effort into building a career. Finally, she consented to go on a date, and that’s when she started to fall in love.

Barack Obama referred to Michelle as his “rock” and claimed she “had the power of veto,” which means he wouldn’t have run for president if she had told him not to. Michelle has stated that the two are “constantly balancing each other” and that time, love, sacrifice, and difficult struggles make you stronger. Barack is still highly romantic, according to Michelle. Even after 16 years of being married, they go on date evenings, and he still presents her with flowers. After winning the election on November 4 only a few days earlier, the pair went on a date to one of their preferred Italian eateries in Chicago.

With all these sweet gestures, this popular pair can be easily considered one of the most happiest Leo-Capricorn couples we have come across till date.

2. Oliver Martinez & Halle Berry (Capricorn man – Leo woman)

John Irving via Flickr

Halle is a Leo, while Olivier is a Capricorn. This famous Leo-Capricorn couple initially met in 2010 while filming for the movie Black Tide. They got married in France three years later, while Halle was already carrying their first child. Halle had already gone through two divorces at the time. The pair appeared to have finally found bliss; they were spotted together frequently and gave off the impression that they were inseparable.

But, Halle announced her split from her husband after just two years. She felt bad about her choice, since she made her wants and needs a priority.

3. David Bowie & Iman (Capricorn man – Leo woman)

If you notice, the Leo-Capricorn couples that do end up being together, remain with each other for a very long time. One such famous Leo-Capricorn couple that lived together forever is the pair of David Bowie and Iman.

In this power couple, David was a Capricorn, while Iman is Leo. After courting for two years, this Capricorn and Leo pair wed in 1992. Up to David’s demise in 2016, the supermodel and rock musician had a long-lasting and joyful relationship. They share a daughter named Alexandria, born in 2000. Although it wasn’t simple because Iman was always being trailed by paparazzi, Iman and David managed to keep their romance a secret.

Iman claimed she feels lonely now that David has passed away, but she won’t get married again. She still has no other husband but Bowie. The unconditional love between this couple is a clear representation of deep chemistry between Leo and Capricorn zodiac signs.

4. James Cameron & Suzy Amis (Leo man – Capricorn woman)

Marina Silva via Wikimedia commons

Suzy is a Capricorn, and James is a Leo. On the Titanic set, the couple got acquainted. At the time, James was already married to someone, but meeting Suzy made him question his beliefs. He began dating her, but he was still deciding between the two. Despite this, he went back to his ex-girlfriend, married her, and they had a brief union.

After divorcing, he took the step to marry Suzy in 2000 and they have been together since. Three kids were born to the couple. This popular Leo-Capricorn pair have been at peace with each other throughout their marriage for more than 20 years.

5. Greg Lauren & Elizabeth Berkley (Capricorn man – Leo woman)

vwilsonroberts via Wikimedia commons

While Elizabeth is a Leo, Greg is a Capricorn. In 2000, the couple got engaged after meeting in a dance lesson. Their first son, born in 2012, was born to Elizabeth.

This wonderful Leo and Capricorn pair make the happiest of couples from more than a decade. They are often seen holding hands and smiling, and the media refers to them as “wealthy hippies” because they favour simple, practical attire, date nights with sushi, and meditation. They appear to be content with one another and grateful for their relationship.


Leo and Capricorn couples follow their own set of rules. They are a sophisticated power couple and definitely look great together. They are most dependable and supportive of one another when they are at their finest.

Leo & Capricorn has the potential to be an excellent pairing as long as they don’t attempt to control each other, periodically flaunt each other at some fancy and romantic occasions, and keep things lighter.

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