Have You Ever Kissed Horizontally? What Is A Horizontal kiss?

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Kissing is one of those actions that always helps us when we’re at a loss for words. It is a very lovely way to convey affection.

Throughout our life, we kiss frequently and in diverse ways. We also occasionally kiss our loved ones, including our parents, siblings, and friends. It is said that everyone enjoys being kissed.

But, what is a Horizontal kiss? What does Horizontal kissing actually mean? What is the difference between a vertical kiss and a horizontal kiss? Finally, Why are some people into Horizontal kissing? Let us find out.

What is a Horizontal Kiss?

Have You Ever Kissed Horizontally? What Is A Horizontal kiss?

Have you ever considered the possibility that a particular type of kissing while lying down might have a name? Well, that’s what we call as the “Horizontal kiss”. Yes, Horizontal kissing is the act of kissing while both partners are lying down. It is called as a horizontal kiss since both the partners involved are in a horizontal position while kissing.

Generally, your body is in a relaxing position when it is horizontal. Thus, this form of kissing enables you to feel every inch of your partner’s body. Also, you have the opportunity to kiss your spouse passionately when you kiss horizontally.

Furthermore, Horizontal kissing has many positive effects, in addition to bringing you and your lover closer together. In fact, it has been expressed by many couples that horizontal kissing makes a relationship more exciting. See The “Game ON!” Signal That Makes Him Obsessed With Winning Your Love

Horizontal kiss vs Vertical kiss: What’s the Difference Between a Horizontal Kiss and a Vertical Kiss?

A horizontal kiss occurs when two individuals kiss while lying down, as opposed to the more usual vertical kiss, which takes place while standing up.

According to its name, a conventional kiss performed vertically is not a highly passionate or romantic kiss. It is typically exchanged by partners who have been together for a long period. Just kissing the girl’s lips by a guy will do. Vertical kiss may depict a variety of kisses, including quick kisses, French kisses, forehead kisses, neck kisses, and more.

On the other hand, due to the necessity of the pair being in close proximity to one another, the horizontal posture (during horizontal kissing) is frequently more intimate than the vertical one. Also, the quality of horizontal kissing may be hugely improved by using pillows or blankets as props.

So, instead of kissing vertically like you usually do, why not try kissing horizontally. This will also enable you and your companion to experience various new feelings. See The Mirror Technique to Trigger your Man to See You as a Romantic Princess

How Did Horizontal kissing Start & Why Did It Become Famous Recently?

The exact inception of horizontal kissing is difficult to determine. Have you heard the phrase “Kiss like the French”? While this is a popular phrase, when people became familiar with the term horizontal kissing, it transformed into a wave on the web. Famous depictions of these scenes in movies can also be considered an important factor.

Many adults also express that they may have an innate bias towards tilting their head to the right while kissing, which can also explain why many of us would naturally be inclined more towards horizontal kissing. While this is not a new trend or something that didn’t exist earlier, people were fascinated by the term used to describe it and wanted to know if it’s something they may not be familiar with.

Why Are Some People Into Horizontal Kissing?

For a variety of reasons, people favour horizontal kissing over classic kissing. For instance, picture yourself and your partner sharing a regular kiss while standing up and needing a change. You can then therefore try kissing horizontally. That’s when you’ll experience how flexible a horizontal kiss is and how much freshness & excitement it brings to both of you.

However, depending on the intimacy and connection you share with your partner, you may prefer one type of kiss over another. In fact, a romantic relationship has different levels of intimacy, whether it is emotional or physical.

While there is variation at these levels, one common theme emerges in all relationships: proximity. So some people do prefer horizontal kissing since it involves a deeper level of connection and proximity. Contrary, if you are someone who requires a little more space in relationships, this may not be the best option for you.


In a way, the level of comfort in a relationship may be directly proportional to the intimacy you share in the relationship.

Although you may prefer to kiss vertically, kissing horizontally enhances your romantic experience more. However, irrespective of which style has the best experience, it is important to determine what works for you and your partner.

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