He Unblocked Me But No Contact. What Does It Mean?

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At any point in your life, no matter when you were just 17, 25, or even 63+ you may encounter different people and start making bonding, relationships, that may not direct to marriage but will surely enable you to discover out more about yourself and your environment.

You may hit on someone who will initiate a flame in your heart that is immortal. Nevertheless, the unhappiest, most unpleasant truth you will ever meet is to find that they are not the only person with whom you will be cherishing your memories till the time when you are on the death bed. You will acquire bunches of changes, from receiving a text from them made you feel like visiting heaven to mourn at your situation reading that one message.  

However, one common confusion for many women is to see their man unblocking them again (after a breakup). Thus such women keep on wondering “Why did my ex unblock me but still ignore me?” “Why did he unblock me but maintain no contact?” “Why did he unblock me but hasn’t reached out?” WHY?.

What does it Actually Mean when He Unblocks you But Still Maintains No Contact?

he unblocked me but hasn't reached out

Break-ups can be unbearable as few relationships are not put under the “together forever” domain. As time is the ultimate healer, you will enter a stage where you are mentally, emotionally, and socially stabilized after the end of a toxic relationship, where he blocked your entry to his emotions and as well as to his social media accounts.

But imagine when once you were going through your feed and noticed that your ex’s story is visible to you through your Instagram account. Quite surprising and unbelievable right? Now, you can’t stop your mind to overanalyze and are forced to start your procrastination journey on the thought that he has unblocked you after a span of few months but why out of the blue? And if he had unblocked you then why there isn’t a call from his side? What’s up with him? What does he want from me now? What is he planning to do next? Is this a good sign or entrance gate to a vicious trap? Was this done deliberately or just a mere coincidence? Is his feeling still alive? Are things not over yet? Shall I place a call to him?

You may end up thinking a lot about this small incident of unblocking you and interestingly there are several meanings to this circumstance. As a psychology student, I have picked up the most widespread reasons why your ex has unblocked you but not confronting or placing a call to you. Before moving to this concept, first, let’s uncover the justification behind unblocking you.

8 Reasons Behind Unblocking You:

He Unblocked Me But No Contact
  1. It’s comfortable to say that he has been moved from those preliminary phases of break up. It basically, means he does not hate you nor love you anymore. It’s just a simple feeling or emotion.
  2. He has done(blocking) with his childlike or immature emotions back then and now developed to think in a more wise manner.
  3. Your significance doesn’t matter to him any longer. Your identity to him is just like any other contact number in his lengthy contact list.
  4. Maybe, he wants to check on your progress or achievement.
  5. Unblocking you just to learn more about your reaction and state of headspace.
  6. Providing you an indication of reconciliation.
  7. He doesn’t hold any grudges, resentments against you or your belongings. Thus he doesn’t happen to have any bad feelings for you now.
  8. He feels guilty about his mistimed and inappropriate decisions.

We had a briefing about the reasons behind unlocking you from his social media handles. By this time, you must have started making your fairy tales or wondering why isn’t he calling you like before.

Well, don’t you think that it’s quite late for your ex to suddenly unblock you after few months? Does unblocking you now even make sense? There is no definite or clear-cut answer to this as your situation may differ from others. But, one thing that can be said for sure is that he has been evolved mature, he has moved on to his new life voyage, he has been stabilized enough and it might be his foolish strategy to check upon your development.

Beware, my girl, he might play, those tricks and games with you where he will make you feel that his keys are in your hand but no, it’s manipulated by him. This act has surely blown your mind but dear, do not take the initiative to text or call him first. You need to comprehend and analyze the situation wisely why he is not compelling any contact with you. Let’s touch the topic of why he had unblocked you but not given rise to any contact.

True Reasons Behind Unblocking You But Showing No Contact:

ex unblocked me but ignores me
  1. Take unblocking you and not texting or calling you as a hint of emotional maturity. He has escaped his childhood talks and feelings. He understands or realizes that a mature person can stay as a normal friend with a person they had to break up with.  
  2. His intentions are just to learn about you. For filling their void of his guilt, he is trying to disclose his doors and trying for an opportunity to be linked with you on social media platforms. It would be your stupidity to believe him again and don’t foresee him contacting you as he will never.
  3. He does not think of you as his enemy or rival but also has no plans of communicating or crying his heart out now.
  4. Maybe, old memories created by you both gush into his head. He feels a bit nostalgic and emotional thinking about those sweet memories. But as he does not intend to resume the relationship he will not contact you. He is on a mission to withdraw those mutual feelings and start afresh.
  5. He is uncertain about his own feelings. The worst mistake a person commits is not knowing his feelings, to correct the sentence more precisely, pretending to ignore what he actually feels. He is unsure about his feelings and confuses you too to think in his direction. So, don’t be a desperate, hopeless romantic, romanticizing that he will call a day!

Therefore, live your life like a strong woman and remember that he does not deserve to be a part of your life when he wasn’t in your bad phase.

Riya Mishra