“Why am I such a Failure?” – 8 Questions you must ask yourself Today

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One of the most devastating things that can torture a person is the feeling of worthlessness.

How hard you may try.. How many times you may attempt.. Sometimes all you see is just failure..

This literally start screwing your confidence making you feel like “why am I such a failure? Am I a loser for life? Why is this always happening to me? Or am I really the most worthless person?”

STOP!!.. Yes, stop your flowing thoughts of hopelessness, worthlessness, and depression. And just read this article which includes some psychological questions you need to ask yourself right now.

“Why am I such a Failure?” – 8 Striking Questions you must ask yourself Today

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

See, I not here to tell you the same routine motivational stories which are way distant from reality. But Today all I want to do is make you know the reality. Yes, the 8 Questions which clearly show you the reality around you.

1. Are you really a Failure?

Although this question seems weird, just close your eyes and ask yourself are you really a failure? In fact, many people consider themselves a failure just because their friends/relatives are doing better than them. This is the reason why, even many successful people still feel like a failure, when they compare with their millionaire friends.

why am i such a failure in life

So, Tell me, with whom are you comparing and considering yourself a failure? What if you are living in a very backward society and all your friends are completely homeless. Then definitely you will start feeling successful.

Thus the answer to your question “why am I such a failure?” is just because you are feeling so, by comparing with people around you.

2. What is the trigger right now?

Every emotion that is generated in your mind, is caused by a trigger that made a series of thoughts in your mind. Although you may say that you always feel like a failure, there will be always a degree of variation. For example, you’re definitely more hopeless today than yesterday, if not why do you think, you are searching it online.

why do i feel like a failure

So, ask yourself what is the trigger that caused this thought in you today? For example, is it an Instagram post of your friend making you feel alone, or a phone call from your successful friend making you feel unsuccessful, or anything other.

Thus, you need to trace out those triggers and consciously stop your sad thoughts from flowing, whenever the trigger happens.

3. Do you think you are worthless?

Do you know, depression from failures is completely different from depression from feeling worthless? So, honestly, ask yourself whether you are just depressed about your failures or you are completely feeling like a worthless person.

why am i such a failure at everything

If Yes, then you need to definitely correct your thought right now. Remember, success is no way a measure of one’s worth. If not why do you think many intelligent people are still working in a 9-5 job every day… If one’s success is directly related to one’s worth, all these worthy people would have already become presidents of the country.

Yes, You need to assimilate this truth, that success is no way related to one’s worth. So, maybe you are a failure but that doesn’t mean you are worthless and useless.

4. Do you think everything is in your hand?

One of the biggest mistakes many people do.. is they think that everything is in their hands. But No, You are living in a world of 7 billion people, where each person does different things every day. So, based on the various things that happen each day, your life will be somehow impacted directly or indirectly.

Why am I such a Failure in this world

For example, what if Steve jobs didn’t go to college and had not met Wozniak (with which he had started the apple). Just like you, he could have been sitting in his house, thinking that he was a failure for life. There are hundreds of more successful people whose life changed just because of some uncontrolled things that happened in their lives. Source

So, there are many uncontrollable forces that control your life every day. So if you are a big failure, that does not mean that you are the only person responsible for it.

5. Did Time targets make you think that you are a failure?

People tend to keep strict targets for their goals and tend to feel like a failure if they don’t reach that goal on that target. Although keeping targets is good, you need to be flexible, if it is making you feel depressed. For example, you may keep a target that by the age of 25, you must get a job. Or by the end of the month, you must have more friends. or maybe you must earn more money before the age of 40.

i am a middle aged person and feeling like a failure

So, when you keep such time targets, you’ll start feeling like a complete failure, once the time frame passes by. Additionally, the pain goes on adding up on each passing day. So, try to flush all the time targets in your life. Remember you are in your own journey of your life. Some may get earlier than you, that doesn’t mean you too must get that by that time. So, stop keeping time targets and enjoy life as it goes for you.

6. How many times did you actually fail? Why did you stop your journey and came to a conclusion?

Although this is told by many people, it needs to be repeated as many times as possible. Take a paper immediately. close your eyes and start writing all the things that made you think as a failure. Write all of them, including your career failures, relationship failures, and everything.

feeling like a failure in my career

Now, count the number of failures that made you feel like you are the world’s biggest failure. How many are there? 20, 30, or maybe 50. Then imagine the thoughts of Edison, when he failed for the 499th time discovering the bulb. So, why did you come to a conclusion that you are such a failure? Maybe this low time could be, just a part of your journey (to success). Who knows? Not even Edison.

7. Imagine, what if you have a right plan in your hand?

Tell me, how you would feel if you got a huge lottery overnight? How would you feel, if you got all your works right and you started experiencing success? How would you feel that all your career, life, and relationship troubles go away all of a sudden? Definitely, you’ll start feeling happy, successful and a lot more confident.

questions to ask if you feel like a failure

So, what does that mean? Your depression, hopelessness, sadness, pain, and everything are thoughts which are temporary. So, if just something changes, your thoughts do change completely. If not, even if you start planning for your goals your thoughts start to change immediately.

8. WTF happens if you are such a failure:

Finally, even if the above 7 questions did not change your current mood, you can go ahead and ask yourself this 8th question. Now.. Fine, you are a failure.. Fine, you have not achieved anything in life.. Fine, you don’t have anyone to share your feelings…. Soooo What? What will happen? You will not die. zombies won’t attack you tonight. All that happens is, You’ll be much stronger than before.

 how to copeup when you are feeling like a failure

Till today, you are living a righteous life. You are not cheating people around you and you are not at all going any illegal ways to become successful. So, That’s enough to keep your chin’s up and be arrogant as you are. This is you.. and don’t need any one’s approval to live a life of respect and self-esteem

Why am I such a Failure - 8 Questions you must ask yourself Today

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