5 Simple Ways to Spot a Fake Vaseline Lip Therapy

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It’s spring time and our lips tend to feel a bit more dry than usual. Many people love to use products that contain petroleum jelly, the so-called Vaseline, to help maintain the moisture of the lips.

The Vaseline lip therapy balm is a scented, cute-looking version of the good old Vaseline, refined with other ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, and cocoa butter to make it even more moisturizing.

But, as it has become a very popular product, it has become normal for the market to be overflowed with cheap, fake versions of the original Vaseline lip product, under other names and packages. The thing is that these cheap versions out there add cheaper additives that are hard to identify that do more damage than good.

So, How do you know if Vaseline lip therapy is real? What are the differences between an original Vaseline lip therapy vs a fake Vaseline lip therapy? Well, Here are five ways how you can spot an original Vaseline lip therapy from a fake one.

5 Ways to Spot a Fake Vaseline Lip Therapy:

5 Simple Ways to Spot a Fake Vaseline Lip Therapy

Distinguishing an original Vaseline Lip therapy has become quite difficult nowadays. Especially if you are purchasing it online, it’s more difficult to tell whether it is real or fake. So here are 5 quick ways to spot a fake Vaseline lip therapy balm.

1. A Distorted ‘Vaseline’ Petroleum Jelly logo.

The original one always has the logo in blue and silver, contrary to other products in the market that can have variations of the logo. So keep in mind that the original Vaseline lip therapy balm will always be the blue and silver one.

2. A difference in ‘Lip Therapy’ trademark.

Another fool-proof way to know that you have purchased the original Vaseline Lip Therapy product is the trademark of originality. Other copies of Vaseline don’t bother to put the trademark, so if you spot it, that means you most likely have the original product.

3. Unusual scent.

Vaseline Lip Therapy balms are known for their scented versions such as rosy lips or cocoa butter which tend to have a sweet, soft aroma, especially the rosy lips one.

Contrary, If you buy a version of Vaseline that has a strong rosy smell that is unusual for the product or that doesn’t feel comfortable to put on the lips because of the smell, rest assured it is not a Vaseline Lip Therapy original product.

4. An incorrect spelling of the name Vaseline.

Sometimes, as odd as it may seem, scam products that try to mimic Vaseline don’t even get the name right and spell it wrong, such as ‘Vaseina’.

Thus, such changes in spelling are a clear indication that it is not an original product. Since the company cannot market a wrong-spelled item, so this alone should be enough proof that you are not buying a Vaseline original product.

5. Trying to sell at a Cheaper price.

Vaseline lip therapy is a fairly cheap product on its own to buy, but the fake versions of it cost a quarter of the original price. This may seem like a deal when you first want to purchase the product but doesn’t seem safe to put on your lips as it is something that is way too cheap to even be produced under the right regulations of safety for clients.

Remember, most of these cheap versions of Vaseline lip therapy balms, that you find everywhere, are not approved by the FDA. In fact, they do not possess a certificate of product notification and are not sustained to various product regulations to determine whether these other versions are formulated with skin-friendly ingredients. These unqualified products may contain heavy metals that put to risk any consumer that is using these kinds of products.

Thus, to avoid all of these, the FDA urges consumers to not buy any product with the specifics mentioned in this article and that is not labeled as the original version of Vaseline Lip Therapy. You may think that you got a deal and got the original for half the price, but this can result in a painful ride that could have been avoided by paying for the real product in the first place.


Vaseline is one of the many brands that is currently suffering from this kind of rising-copying market, and consumers should be extra careful and read more information than usual about what they buy and consume.

To end on a happy note, Vaseline Lip Therapy is the perfect solution to maintain luscious, soft lips all year long. You get to choose between the simple unscented version and the new rosy lips or cocoa butter ones. Whatever it is, as long as you memorize these five steps every time you buy, you won’t end up with a fake Vaseline lip therapy balm. Other than that, you got a great product in your hands and your lips will thank you for taking care of them.

Eralda Baholli