How To Give Him Butterflies? 5 Ways to Give A Guy Butterflies In the Stomach

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From fairytales to romantic movies, you may have come across the phrase ‘butterflies in the stomach’.

A belly full of sparkling monarchs that light up when your loved one enters the room—is a poetic vision, but it’s also a real physical occurrence that illustrates the close connection between the body and the mind.

Would you want to do the same for your partner? Well, then this article is for you..

So, how to give a guy butterflies in the stomach? What gives guys ‘the butterfly feeling’? How to give him butterflies instantly? Let’s see..

What gives guys ‘The Butterfly Feeling’?: The Science behind the Butterflies

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In the early stages of a blossoming relationship, you could feel overwhelmed by strong emotions. In fact, Excitation and anxiety have very similar sensations. Thus, butterflies in the stomach are a companion of the body’s fight-or-flight reaction, which has its roots in how humans developed.

Generally, the pleasure regions located in the basal ganglia are activated when someone falls in love, or more accurately, when someone falls in lust, which results in an immediate physiological reaction. Thus, your hands will grow cold and clammy, your heart will race, and you will be intensely preoccupied with that individual. Basically, not only your mind, but your body falls in love as well. This is what we call as the feeling of butterflies in stomach.

Dopamine may also play a part in the release of your butterflies. Also referred to as the “feel-good” chemical, it is released when you engage in pleasurable activities like having sex or spending time with a potential mate. It helps you feel motivated and pleased.

How To Give Him Butterflies? 5 Ways to Give A Guy Butterflies In the Stomach

How To Give Him Butterflies? 5 Ways to Give A Guy Butterflies In the Stomach
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  1. Invest in him

The more committed you become to him, the more important he feels to you and the more he feels connected. It’s crucial to get compliance early and regularly. Make sure to move him as well. Whether it is time, money, energy, or efforts, investment becomes crucial to make him feel butterflies.

The main component of desire is investment. You can have attraction without investment, but not desire. That is, he won’t normally have a strong desire for you if he thinks you look beautiful, but you have not done anything with or for him. That’s why he may not start to actively desire you and feel butterflies until you start to invest in him.

  1. Remember the details

During conversations (even over texts), mention something he told you about himself in a fleeting chat. What school did he go to? Does he have a favourite car? What is his favourite food?

It can be the smallest of the details, but bringing it back can make him feel heard and listened to. While we expect men to always listen, they find it very pleasant and get butterflies when you do it too.

  1. Bring in freshness or newness

The reason the first text, the first date, the first kiss, and the initial conversations are special is because they brought in newness in both of your lives. One aspect of these first experiences is romance. Much of it is the result of discovering something for the first time. Therefore, setting aside time to try something new as a couple should cause the same neurological (and consequently emotional) reactions as the first time.

So plan an event you have never done before for the two of you every so often (every few months). This can be something that he particularly finds thrilling, enjoyable, or captivating. These kinds of encounters will activate those mental regions and revive the passion you had earlier in your relationship.

  1. Make good eye contact

A study was conducted in order to determine how much time lovers would spend staring into one other’s eyes. It was discovered that people who aren’t in love with each other make eye contacts for 30 to 60 percent of the time. While those in love, exchanged intense looks. They stared into each other’s eyes 75% of the time when talking.

Hence, a little tip for genuinely winning someone over or to help him feel butterflies in his stomach is to stare into his eyes 75 percent of the time. He will interpret this stare as affection. Why? Phenethylamine is released in response to this pleasant encounter. It is also referred to as a love drug.

  1. Dim the lights

It would be a good idea to choose a spot with low lighting for your upcoming date. In a crucial study, researchers displayed two images of the same woman to male participants. Researchers modified one of the photographs so that she had slightly smaller pupils, while the other image showed her with slightly larger pupils.

None of the males claimed to have noticed this minute alteration, but they all agreed that the lady with the narrow pupils was cold, rigid, and self-centred. So of course, your lover might become even more attracted to you during a candlelit supper, especially if there is chocolate present. So choose the lights wisely!


Here’s the deal! Women and men experience the same kinds of butterflies in their stomachs. We are aware that these things make ladies feel special. And despite the fact that our culture has taught males to hide their vulnerable side, they also adore these tiny things!

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