Why Does Michael Schmidt Always Wear That Jacket?

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Many tweets have surfaced and pictures of Michael Schmidt always wearing the same black jacket went viral on the internet. Jokes aside, people almost thought of it to be a coincidence, however, it pointed out that even in his video call reports from home, he always has the same black trench coat. So, could it be just a matter of preference?

Well, Michael S. Schmidt is an American journalist, two-time Pulitzer prize winner, and current correspondent for The New York Times. Schmidt is best known for his winning articles about sexual harassment in the workplace, and also for the coverage on former president Donald Trump’s campaign and his ties with the Russian government.

As a journalist, he has contributed immensely on taking down several high profiles and making a career for himself. He started in 2005 at The Times as a young apprentice and has risen since then to be an author, correspondent, and a figure of belief in journalism.

Now whenever an intriguing figure such as this takes the big screen, people always are curious to view every single little detail of his looks and personality, that makes him the serious brilliant journalist that he is today. Having said that, in most of his appearances in reporting, he is seen wearing a black trench coat along with a shirt and tie.

Thus, it triggered everyone to wonder why he always keeps wearing that jacket. So, if you are among them, this article is for you.

Why does Michael Schmidt always wear that Jacket?

One can argue and say that a jacket is something normal to wear, since in New York, temperatures always tend to be a bit on the colder side.

Also historically speaking, the trench coat itself as a clothing item has a meaning. It’s called the Gentleman’s Coat of Arms. It got this name because initially, only British officers could wear them, as a mark of rang and setting them apart from the aristocracy. After the devastation from the war, to promote the working class and the “temporary gentleman” (as they were called), the trench coat became a symbol of status and was associated with class and range.

With that being said, this particular choice of wearing by Michael Schmidt, becomes a much more important thing to view, than just a normal outfit for someone who chooses to wear pretty much the same style of clothes.

Why Does Michael Schmidt Always Wear That Jacket?
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Schmidt is known for taking up stories about high-profile personalities such as former president Donald Trump, the Hillary Clinton private email server, and even the sexual assault allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein that later on initiated the Me Too movement. Thus, maybe this jacket is more used by him, as it gives a formal look that always seems serious and timeless.

As mentioned in the brief description of what makes the trench coat jackets so timeless, they were a symbol of power given to the officers, who are common people that rose to status by merit and not by inheritance or by blood. That’s why this symbolism of power can be seen and identified by seeing someone wear such a coat. Hence, this trench coat or jacket’s importance is great for someone who knows their history and takes attention to the public image presented by one’s clothing.

Now, judging by Schmidt’s career, it would not be too far-fetched to think that this is a well calculated choice that speaks about his image and how he chooses to address his cases when appearing on camera.

And thinking on his choice, it was a serious choice indeed and goes to show how much symbolism is used to give voice to certain causes. This was our take on the whole matter at the very least. The other approach would be, as said, that he just likes these kinds of coats and feels comfortable wearing them.


Success stories always make people curious about what makes the individual who they are. Everyone wonders if everything they do and say is well thought out or just a random choice to go on by the day.

Nevertheless, this does not take from the fact that Michael Schmidt is an amazing professional journalist that fights for people’s causes every day, to do what a journalist must do. Michael S. Schmidt is an inspiring model for people to look over, especially young journalists, in their difficult but so important and rewarding careers in journalism. So for the time being, let us set aside observing his Trench coat and its symbolism.

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