How to Compliment a Guy on his Personality? Here are the 14 Perfect Ways

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Compliments are integral to any relationship.

Men appreciate compliments same as women, despite the hyper-masculine stereotypes prevalent in society. However, you won’t find them fishing for compliments. But a little reassurance from their significant other can put their insecurities to rest.

Men like nothing more than sincere compliments. Compliment him on his looks to make him feel more special. Believe it or not, male self-esteem can take a hit if you fail to verbalize your appreciation of them at the right time. What’s worse? They may not share this brewing discontent with you. If he happens to have a troubled romantic past or body image issues, your compliments will help restore his confidence in himself.

Now, comes the biggest problem. While Men frequently compliment their woman’s looks, women almost do it rarely.. Thus when a woman compliments a man’s personality, it often seems embarrassing and awkward. So, How to compliment a guy on his personality? How to express your opinion in a classic manner such that it strikes the chord, making him blush?

Now, After a lot of scenarios and true stories, we have compiled a bunch of realistic compliments you can give your guy, especially on his personality and Looks..

8 Perfect Ways to compliment a Guy on his personality and Looks: (With Examples)

How to compliment a Guy on his personality?

See, you may have already seen many websites which bombard you with some absolute non sense, which are no way practical. But I at crazyJackz only give you practical conclusions that are true to real life.

1. Compliment him on his smile:

Does his smile warm your heart? Maybe you’re having an especially rough day, and you come back home to his winning smile. Are you instantly comforted? Let him know.
Examples: Sweety, I love your smile!
You have such a wonderful smile, love.
All it takes to make my day is one look at that smile.

2. Compliment him on his basic hygiene:

Many men don’t take their hygiene seriously. They let the dirt settle on their nails. They allow their faces to go gruff by not shaving regularly. If your man is particular about his hygiene, you should probably encourage him to keep it up by leaving him a compliment or two.
Examples: You look so good clean-shaved.
Hey! You smell really nice today.
Your nails are so well groomed.

3. Compliment your guy on his body:

If a woman has to work hard to keep herself in shape, a man ought to too. If your man eats healthy and hits the gym on a regular basis, he will be happy to have you compliment him on his dedication to keep fit.
Examples: Your muscles could rival Dwayne Johnson’s.
Damn! Those abs make me weak in the knees.
You have a ridiculous amount of strength.

4. Compliment him on his voice:

Tell him how the sound of him makes you come alive. How your day instantly lights up when you hear him on the other end of the phone.
Examples: Your voice comforts me like nothing else.
Your voice is so sexy!
I wish I could just listen to your voice all day.

5. Compliment him on his dressing skills:

Some men tend to think that fashion is more of a female domain. They content themselves with wearing the same old t-shirt and jeans day after day. If your man takes the effort to dress up for you and ditches his ripped jeans for a smart pair of trousers, he’s a keeper. Maybe he knows how to dress for what occasion. Perhaps, he color-coordinates with you on a date. Appreciate his fine dressing skills and watch him blush.
Examples: That shirt is perfect for you!
You couldn’t have picked out a better tie.
I love how you know just what to wear when.

6. Compliment him on his grooming skills:

Men are as concerned about their physical appearance as women. The only difference is that they don’t express it as much. Complimenting him on his hairstyle and how he wears his beard is sure to win you brownie points with him.
Examples: Babe, not many men can pull off No-Shave-November as well as you do.
I love how you’ve styled your hair today.
That beard looks good on you.

7. Compliment him on his eyes:

They say eyes are the window to your soul. Does your man have deep blue eyes that you just want to keep looking into? Maybe you love the way his eyes crinkle when he laughs? Go ahead and tell him that!
Examples: Every time I look into your eyes, I fall for you a little more.
Your eyes are so deep; I could drown in them.
Honey, you make me all flustered when you look at me like that.

8. Compliment him on his body language:

Women love to have their hands held. Men don’t often prefer to hold hands in public. If your guy holds your hand when you both go out or casually hangs his arm around your shoulder, and you like this, let him know. If you enjoy him putting his arm around your waist and holding you close, ask him to do it more often.
Examples: I love how you hold me close when I’m nervous.
I love holding hands with you.
You know how you have your arm around me when we’re out? It makes me feel so protected.

What compliments do men actually like?

how to compliment a guy on his looks over text

Although women love it when someone compliments their personality, it’s not the case with men. Yes, many men tend to like compliments which trigger their masculinity instead of those that just mention their looks.

So, compliment him on a task well done rather than his looks to make him feel more special. So I’m including some more classic ways you can compliment your man beyond just his physical personality..

9. Compliment on his effort towards the relationship.

Perhaps, he took out the trash or fixed a leaky pipe. Let him know about a job well done.
Examples: Thanks for organizing the medicine cabinet. That was so thoughtful of you.
You cleaned out the garage! I love you so much!
Thanks for fixing that broken bulb. You are a darling!

10. Compliment him on his problem-solving prowess:

It is important to recognize that you both are of the same team. So, instead of always trying to be in the “right,” compliment your partner occasionally on his thought process and how he tackles difficult situations.
Examples: I love the way your mind works!
Nobody thinks the way you think.
You have such a beautiful mind.

11. Compliment your guy on his strength of character:

Men crave respect from their partners. They most often express their emotions through their actions rather than words. So, if you focus on his character traits while complimenting, he will know you pay attention to the person he is inside rather than just going by his external characteristics.
Examples: I’m impressed by how you handled that argument with the bank official. I couldn’t have done that in your place.
You made so many friends at the party! How do you do that?
I love how you’re sending your old clothes to goodwill.

12. Compliment him on his advice-giving skills:

Maybe you had a rough day at work, and want to quit. Your man talks you into weighing the pros and cons of taking such a decision. Once you put things into perspective, you realize you were probably overreacting a little. His wise words have saved you the regret that comes with making a bad decision. Tell him how thankful you are for his patience and support.
Examples: How do you always know what to say?
Thank you for putting things into perspective for me.
I would have been at a loss for what to do if not for your advice.

13. Draw comparisons between him and your favorite celebrity:

Maybe his courage reminded you of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Perhaps, he looked as attractive as Mark Ruffalo. Think up celebrities that remind you of your boyfriend/husband. He will be flattered as you think so highly of him.
Examples: Dwayne Johnson has nothing on your muscles!
How could I ever think Enrique Iglesias was hot when I have a man like you in my life?
Brad Pitt should watch out if you ever decide to join the movies.

14. Compliment him on his intelligence and wit:

Men love engaging in intelligent conversation as much as women do. If he smartly resolved a budgeting issue you were stressing out about – tell him this. You’d do good to compliment his witty wisecracks while you’re at it.
Examples: You’re so sharp. I couldn’t have figured out that problem for the life of me!
What a wise comeback on your part. I need to learn how to think on my feet like you.
Do you even realize how intelligent you are?

These are some of the ways you can win your man’s heart. Hope we included every possible way to compliment a guy. Try them out and share us your results! Yeah, of course, save up the list of examples included, who knows, when they will come into handy for you..

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