How A Guarded Man Tests You? 10 Ways Guarded Men Test A Woman

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That frustration you feel when the man you love is not emotionally connecting with you. The distress on the thought that it’s only you who is trying for the relationship to work out. Had been in a relationship with this man for many years and still, he is a stranger.

Don’t you see the irony, well! This is exactly how a guarded man will make you feel. He might have been in a relationship with you for many years but still, that emotional bond might be missing. A guarded man assures you that he is available for you physically but unavailable emotionally. See This sends a SHIVER up a guarded man’s spine if he’s testing you

Psychology of a Guarded man: How a Guarded man Tests you?

Someone who is unavailable emotionally but tries to shower you with his love in a zillion other ways can be called a guarded man. You might not be able to realize this at the early stage of the relationship. No one opens up at the initial stages. It is after a few meet-ups and occasions that you and your man start connecting. A guarded man always gives you a vibe that he is not ready to open up or share his feelings and emotions with you. He might make you feel like a total stranger at times.

Your actions or character attracts a guarded man to you, but not the cuteness or romantic plays or words. He always waits until he is convinced that it is your true self that you are showing.

So how does a guarded man tests you? What are the various ways a guarded man test a woman in dating/relationships? Don’t worry, Let’s have a quick look at the different ways a guarded man tests you. See The Mirror Technique to make a guarded man skip all the games and commit to you FAST.

10 ways a Guarded man Tests you in Dating or in Relationships

How A Guarded Man Tests You? 10 Ways Guarded Men Test A Woman

1) He tests by Getting into the details:

There is always a reason behind a person’s behaviour. The guarded man might have gone through any such experiences in the past or may have been a victim of a traumatizing incident that made him draw back into the tiny corner of his mind. He might find everyone unreliable and non-trustworthy.

Thus he might constantly ask about your past relationships and what went wrong. This might make you feel uncomfortable. All he is trying to do is gather information about what you are expecting from the relationship. He would also ask for details about your family and other relations to know the bond and strength of your relations. Asking a lot to get information about your family’s financial status and their jobs will all be uncomfortable.

2) He tests you if you are okay with multiple relationships:

An emotionally unavailable guarded man will be always scared to commit and reciprocate your love. He has the fear of getting hurt in a relationship or the fear of losing you after commitment. It is just because he is not ready to endure the pain and sufferings an unsuccessful relationship might cause.

Thus he might speak to you as if he is okay with having multiple relationships. This is just to know how you react to this. He tests you to know if you are the type for a closed relationship or an open relationship. Thus based on your views he would decide whether he can commit to you for life or not.

3) He tests you for compatibility:

You might be thinking, compatibility checks are for devices, then what relation is it here? By compatibility I meant, the man would like to know how compatible you are with his thoughts and area of interest.

Thus he would test you in different ways to know if he and you have similar thinking or solution for a problem. Moreover, it is very hard to convince a guarded man. He will not trust you until he realizes it is your true self that you are showing. Thus sometimes he just brings up a random topic, which you may or may not agree with. You might find it weird or like a serious discussion, but all he wants to know is how you take things and if he and you have the same wavelength of thoughts.

4) How good a social being you are?

A guarded man finds himself very uncomfortable in any social gatherings. He might love to isolate himself at gatherings and parties. Showing the least interest in meeting up with your friends and colleagues is another sign of his introverted personality.

Since a guarded man himself is introverted, he may be intrigued by you if you are a good social being. Thus he would like to test you on your social tolerance. He might accompany you to gatherings to test and see how well you are adjusting in his/your friend circle or colleagues. He will be noticing you to see how comfortable you are with all this.

However, later once he is done testing you, he might also be uncomfortable about your social circle and might make you feel controlled by his actions. He will not hesitate to complain about your friends and colleagues.

5) Testing your Tolerance:

Whether it may be due to his trust issues or may be due to his emotional unavailability, being with any guarded man does require a lot of tolerance from your end.

A guarded man knows this truth and thus constantly tests your tolerance. He might be teasing or flawing your hobby or job, just to see how much tolerant you are to these. He might also act abusive and rude and show the least interest in your activities. You might feel disheartened as the man who you choose to date is not at all interested in knowing about your job and interests. He might also make fun of your job in front of his friends and colleagues.

He will also like to know how tolerant you are to be questioning or contradicting your views and opinions on a particular subject. Be it political, social, or any other relevant topic he might come up with an argument to stir you up and may even end up in a fight with you. If you are a religious person, you might find him questioning the thoughts and principles and also mocking the entire system.

6) Testing your financial handling:

A guarded man would always be skeptical about you and your actions. Guarded man has a lot of trust issues. Whatever you do will imply something else to him. Thus Men who are guarded would like to know how good you are with your finances. In a world that is almost in the grip of a recession, a partner with good financial management skills will always be appreciated by a guarded man who has trust issues.

He will be checking your spending habits. Also, your readiness in helping. Demanding gifts and other favors from him will make him reconsider his thoughts. He might also be judging you as a person who spends a lot. On the other side, not being ready to spend, when required, will leave an impression that you are a pessimist. But how much ever you try there will be some points when your real character surfaces and a guarded man who is testing you will easily pick it.

7) Testing your loyalty:

Another way guarded men test you is by putting you on a loyalty test. A guarded man is a cynic. He believes that you are doing things for self-interest and do not entertain any actions or gestures that attract peer attention and gazes. He may not open up till he gets convinced that you are genuine.

Thus he might create unnecessary arguments with your friends or colleagues and might demand your success. This is to see if he could gain your support no matter what the circumstances. Calling you up and wanting your presence or help at odd hours can also be a test of your loyalty. Making you entertain his friends and colleagues is also part of this test.

8) He tests you for your knowledge:

Playing cute, dump, and innocent are all ways in which girls act out at times. But not all men are interested in these. In fact, Guarded men would like their partners to be knowledgeable and to have a better understanding of things.

This does not mean that you should be having a very high IQ level. Men who are guarded would like to see if you are smart with technology and gadgets, your quick responses, and also have information and idea about what is happening around you. He would be checking if you can reciprocate a communication. A guarded man will never appreciate a girl who does not know how the world around her functions.

9) Your readiness to do anything for him:

Getting a high-paying job and being settled in your favourite city is everyone’s dream. A guarded man might test you on this factor. He will be talking about moving to a new location or country and might ask you to join him.

He is testing if you are ready to leave your job, city, friends, and all your connections to be with him. He will be considering his job, interests, family, and connections as prime and you will be asked to join and resettle at a new location and start afresh.

10) Giving you unwanted suggestions and opinions:

Sometimes in a relationship, a guarded man might also try to correct you on the way you do things and also insist on keeping things in the intended position. In fact even the slightest change can annoy a guarded man and you might end up wondering why to create a fuss for such silly things.

At times he won’t hesitate in showering you with his opinions on your matters. He might force you to accept those. This is a way guarded men test how much value you are giving to their words and actions.

How to Successfully pass the Tests of a Guarded man?

How A Guarded Man Tests You?

Remember, one cannot trust a guarded man to be open and active in the relationship. But one thing is for sure, if you could crack his complex mind he sure will swipe you off your feet and make you feel like the most loved and treasurable person in the whole world. He might hold onto you as the precious belonging of his life. But you should also take steps to reassure him that he is the only one and your life is happy and bountiful because of him. The resentments and insecurities might show up at times, but that can all be dealt with if you know your man well.

Here are a few tips you can follow to successfully pass the tests of a guarded man with whom you want to share your entire life.

  • Rather than pushing him off his comfort zone, try learning about him.
  • Reassure that you want a healthy relationship and commitment.
  • Make your guarded man feel secure and comfortable around you.
  • Do not do anything that makes him doubt your actions.
  • Communicate with him and make him realize he is required in every part of your life.
  • And of course! Should I be saying that if you know your man pretty well, you could play him well as well? Take control dear. He will be yours forever.

Being in a relationship with a guarded man is not a hard thing. But you should be aware and have deep learning about his character and personality. If you are someone who is looking for an all-lovey-Tovey relationship then he is not your man.

There are more ways in which a guarded man can test you. He might simply tease you for a fun or might be serious about it. All he is trying to do is to get more information on you and your character. But always remember, if you start to feel suffocated in that relationship, never hesitate to take a step back. Be in a relationship that makes you feel happy and where you can be the person you are, choose the man who likes you for what you are. I mean the one who loves your raw self.

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